Top 16 Compete, Part 2 - Recap

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Last episode, we saw a team challenge that caused the losing Red team to fall apart and attack each other. All four of the lowest-ranked competitors head into an overtime pressure test competition, as last week's pressure test failed to produce a clear loser.

The home cooks are heading to a showdown on the Las Vegas strip!

We see Natasha, Luca, Beth and Kathy approaching a beautiful restaurant in Las Vegas; one of these four is going home.

Gordon welcomes the four competitors to his personal restaurant. Tonight, the four will be tested in Burgr, at the Planet Hollywood resort.

Usually, the food at Burgr is served by one executive chef, three sous chefs and nine cooks--but tonight it'll be Luca, Natasha, Kathy and Beth in the kitchen. Split into two teams of two, they will be responsible for creating their own specialty burger. Every diner will vote on whether they prefer the Red team's burger or the Blue team's burger. Then, the losing pair will go head-to-head in an elimination challenge.

Some high-rolling Vegas VIPs have also been invited to try the burgers as well. The pairings are: Luca & Kathy as the Red team and Natasha & Beth as the Blue team.
Gordon is the expediter and will not let anything substandard be served in his restaurant.

The 60 minute prep time begins now and Luca begins explaining his minimalist plan to Kathy.

Beth is explaining a very complicated burger idea to Natasha.

With thirty minutes remaining, the Red team is on the same page and the Blue team is bickering over how to serve their eggs on their hangover-burger. Natasha admits that she's purposefully only doing what Beth tells her, so even if they fail she can blame Beth.

Kathy is working too slowly and Luca has to change his plan on the fly.
The Burgr customers begin to arrive.

Three minutes remain and the Blue team is still undecided about their final dish. Natasha suggests they scrap the egg and serve goat cheese instead.

Gordon is screaming at the teams, getting them to serve their burgers as fast as possible. None of these home cooks are used to a professional kitchen. Kathy and Luca seem to work better as a team than Natasha and Beth do.

The diners begin to dig in and compare the gourmet burgers here at Burgr.

The Red team is behind and doesn't have enough patties ready. Luca serves a raw patty and Gordon is incensed. Red automatically loses that table, as no Red team burgers will be served.

Now, Beth is burning the buns on the Blue team side. Some of the diners are already casting votes for their favorite burger.

Some of the diners begin sending the Red team burgers back as they are still raw inside.

The VIPs have arrived--and it's the other contestants from Masterchef! The teams remove their aprons to ensure a fair vote from their fellow Masterchef competitors.

Luca's strategy is to send their burgers out as fast as possible in order to catch the Blue team off guard. The Red team finishes their service while Beth is still burning buns on the Blue team side. The Blue team has sixty seconds to match Luca's order or else they will lose those votes.

Natasha and Beth are unable to serve their last four burgers, they're out of time. Each of the diners cast their votes and the four home cooks on the line approach for judgement.

The VIPs are ready to cast their votes, not knowing which team was Red and which team was Blue. Now, the competitors put on their aprons and the VIPs realize who they voted for.

The overall vote, including the anonymous diners at Burgr, give the victory to... Natasha and Beth, the Blue team. Beth and Natasha hug each other, despite the fact that they hate each other.

Luca and Kathy are both facing elimination. They will face each other in another challenge, one-on-one.

Luca and Kathy are brought for their face-off to the top of Caesar's Palace, where the roof has been transformed into the Masterchef kitchen!

The competitors are handed their aprons. The two of them are going to have to make butter poached lobster.

The pair have forty-five minutes for their butter poached lobster which begins now.

Both Luca and Kathy are rushing, getting ready for maybe their last dish on Masterchef. Both competitors are focused and Gordon grills them both--both sound confident.

Joe suggests that they may not even have time to put up a dish.

Luca goes for the lobster first and kills and separates it with excellent technique--until the tail, where he leaves a lot of meat behind.

By the time Kathy grabs her lobster, she doesn't make the mistake that Luca made--she retains all of the tailmeat that Luca left behind. Joe is very impressed with Kathy.
Time is running out and Kathy is having trouble removing the lobster meat from the shell! Luca is plating as the final seconds tick down...

As time expires, Luca has a better dressed plate, however Kathy is confident about the taste of her lobster.
Kathy's dish is being judged first. Gordon notes that it doesn't look exactly right. But he believes it is cooked perfectly. The butter is seasoned beautifully and Kathy did a great job.

Joe is impressed with Kathy's heart and determination.

Luca's dish is up next. They note that it's a good looking presentation. Gordon thinks it is 30 seconds off of the perfect lobster but the butter and salad are well done. Joe and Graham are impressed as well.

It could go either way!

The winner of the face-off, by a narrow margin is... Luca! Kathy has been eliminated from the competition.

Luca gives Kathy a hug as Kathy cries. Joe tells her that she can keep climbing. Gordon tells her to keep her head up high because she is going places. Gordon offers her a job at his kitchen in New York City, so she can start learning properly.

Luca and the judges leave the stage and Kathy says she has grown from this experience.

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