Season 3

27 :03x01 - Gone Girl

Karen has some bad news to tell Joss and she manages to interrupt her and Harry as they kiss on the beach.
Guest Stars: Jason George (2) as Dominic Taylor | Justin Hartley as Scott | Kate Beahan as Miranda | Sonja Bennett as Vivia | Lee Garlington as Eleanor | Jason Gerhardt as Zack Kilmer | Ed Quinn as Dr Alec Adams | Corinne Massiah as Lucy
Writer: Rina Mimoun

28 :03x02 - I'll Be Watching You

The drama and intrigue continues as new friendships are forged, relationships are set on a complicated course and mysterious plans are set in motion.

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29 :03x03 - Odd Couples

Secrets, distractions and a doctor with the personal touch lead to some interesting pairings.

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30 :03x04 - Into The Woods

April ends up learning a lesson during Lucy's school camping trip. Calista lets her guard down.

31 :03x05 - Threesomes

Blair agrees to go out with April. Joss and Harry's relationship becomes strained.

32 :03x06 - Love Is an Open Door

A bad judgment call is made by Marc.Harry and Joss manage to cope in different ways. Calista wants revenge.

33 :03x07 - The Best Laid Plans

After sleeping with the boss's mistress, Harry ends up involved in a new career venture. Karen enters into an uncharted territory in her relationship.

34 :03x08 - Murder She Wrote

Lucy witnesses Blair's strict side as he and April grow closer. Vivian finds out about Karen and Alec's deception. Marc fights his demons when his pride is bruised.

35 :03x09 - Unreliable Witness

Karen receives some shocking news after she visits her doctor. April and Blair's relationship continues to progress, despite Lucy's misgivings.

36 :03x10 - What Could Have Been

Joss thinks about what her life with Scott could have been like. Karen comes to a monumental decision. April and Daniel sleep together. Daniel has a tape that could benefit Joss.

37 :03x11 - Guilt By Association

Karen tells Alec and Vivian her baby news and Vivian has news of her own. April and Blair's romance has a few problems which bonds April and Lucy.

38 :03x12 - Reasonable Doubt

Despondent over her situation, Joss struggles with whether she should take a plea deal and what that would mean for a future with Harry. Karen agrees to help Vivian keep her secret from Alec so that he can accept a very important award. April and Marc are blind-sided by a surprise visit from Marc’s sister Miranda. After being shut out by Joss in prison, Calista sees

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39 :03x13 - Goodbye Girl

Joss is given her freedom, but she might lose Harry because of his new job prospect. Marc's absence causes April to make an important realization. Vivian's condition gets worse.