Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3k) is the brainchild of standup comedian Joel Hodgson. The premise is that some mad scientists have stranded one of their employees, Joel Robinson, on the orbiting "Satellite of Love" in order to do experiments on him. Their experiments? They subject Joel and his robot pals, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, to really bad movies in order to study their reactions. The crew of the SOL responds by making fun of the movies in order to stave off insanity. Joel eventually escaped back to Earth and he was replaced by a temp worker named Mike Nelson.

The show first aired on independent Minneapolis UHF station KTMA-TV 23 then on The Comedy Channel which became Comedy Central and finally on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Episode Info

Final: 10x13 -- 1003 - Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (Sep/12/1999) [Special Airtime: 11:00 pm]

Available Episodes

1003 - Merlin's Shop..
Sep 12, 1999
Season 10 episode 13

1012 - Squirm
Aug 01, 1999
Season 10 episode 11

1010 - It Lives by N..
Jul 18, 1999
Season 10 episode 9

1008 - Final Justice
Jun 20, 1999
Season 10 episode 7

1006 - Boggy Creek I..
May 09, 1999
Season 10 episode 5

1002 - The Girl in G..
Apr 18, 1999
Season 10 episode 2

908 - The Touch of S..
Jul 11, 1998
Season 9 episode 8

Joel HodgsonJoel Hodgson
As Joel Robinson (Seasons 1-5)
Michael J. NelsonMichael J. Nelson
As Mike Nelson (Seasons 5-10)
Trace BeaulieuTrace Beaulieu
voiced Crow T. Robot / Dr. Clayton Forrester (Seasons K-7)
Kevin Murphy (1)Kevin Murphy (1)
voiced Tom Servo / Professor Bobo (Seasons 2-10)
Frank ConniffFrank Conniff
As TV's Frank (Seasons 2-6)
Bill CorbettBill Corbett
voiced Crow T. Robot / Observer the Brain Guy (Seasons 8-10)
Mary Jo PehlMary Jo Pehl
As Mrs. Pearl Forrester (Seasons 7-10)
Jim MallonJim Mallon
voiced Gypsy (Puppeteer - Ep 101-707)
Patrick BrantsegPatrick Brantseg
voiced Gypsy (Puppeteer - Ep 801-1013)
J. Elvis WeinsteinJ. Elvis Weinstein
As Dr. Laurence Erhardt



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One of the greatest shows of all time!Rating: 3 likes, 0 dislikes


MST3K is one of the greatest shows ever. The first episode I ever saw was the Attack of the Giant Leeches episode. This show is in fact, genius. It's in my top favorite shows, right up there with The Simpsons and the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. Trace Beaulieu is really good as Dr. Forrester. And Crow, well, Crow happens to be my favorite of the bots. Again, this show rocks! I wish it was still on, but hey, the show was so succesful, there's now some spin-offs (if that's what you can call them) I know Mike now does both The Film Crew and RiffTrax while Joel does Cinematic Titanic. Back to MST3K, I'm watching one of my old tapes (Pod People) right now, this show is so fantastic, I'm just gonna stop writing this review so I can get back to watching it. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, January 20th 2008 at 12:58 am

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Recurring Guests

Kevin Murphy (1) as Tom Servo & Fortenbras (171 eps)
Trace Beaulieu as Crow T. Robot & TV's Madam (153 eps)
Mary Jo Pehl as Amazon mom (69 eps)
Michael J. Nelson as Valeria (54 eps)
Alexandra Carr as Sylvia (52 eps)
Beez McKeever as Cindy (49 eps)
Paul Chaplin as Stan Johnson (38 eps)
J. Elvis Weinstein as Tom Servo & Gypsy (& Russian Comedian - uncredited) (35 eps)
Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson (23 eps)
Patrick Brantseg as Nelson family member (19 eps)

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