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Dorian Grey, played by Reeve Carney

Little is known of this mysterious nobleman, except that he is jaded beyond his years and seems bored with everything and everyone. Vanessa, intrigues him because of the darkness within her: something that Dorian has never experienced before.

Unknown to all, Dorian has a painting in a secret basement room. When he looks upon it, he can cure any injuries to his body.
Sir Malcolm Murray, played by Timothy Dalton

A famed African explorer, Sir Malcolm has two children, Peter and Mina. Peter died while on an expedition with his father, something that Malcolm has never forgiven himself for. Malcolm's daughter Mina, working as a governor and engaged to a Jonathan Harker, fell under the sway of a vampiric creature and Malcolm has sworn to free her even if he has to "destroy the world" to do so.

initially Malcolm was willing to sacrifice Vanessa to find Mina, letting the demon possess her so that he could use its power to find his daughter. However, when Malcolm was forced to choose between killing his daughter and letting Mina kill Vanessa, he declared Vanessa as his daughter and killed Mina. Since then, the two seemed to have resolved their differences.

Sir Malcolm is an accomplished marksman and swordfighter, and carries a sword cane. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of foreign countries, speaks several languages, and possesses heightened stamina and willpower.
Vanessa Ives, played by Eva Green

The only child of a rich couple, Claire and Gordon, Vanessa grew up next door to the Murrays and was close friends with their children, Mina and Peter. She had a secret crush on the young Peter and Mina was her closest friend. However, when Vanessa witnessed her mother having an affair with Mina's father, explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, the sexual feelings she experienced open Vanessa up to possession by a demonic being.

Vanessa seduced Mina's fiance and then lapsed into a catatonic state. Her parents had her committed to an asylum but the treatments did no good. They returned Vanessa to her home and the demon eventually came to her and asked to be let in. Vanessa agreed and Claire dropped dead of a heart attack when she saw her daughter coupling with an invisible fiend.

After Claire's funeral, Vanessa encountered Mina again and discovers that she had fallen under the sway of a vampire known only as The Master. She has sworn to make amends for her transgressions by using the psychic abilities she receives from the demons to find Mina... and kill her if she cannot be cured of her vampiric affliction.

Vanessa is possessed of keen deductive facilities but her greatest talent is her psychic abilities. The full extent of them is not known, but she can use a Tarot deck to summon psychic impressions leading her to beings of supernatural power.
The Creature, played by Rory Kinnear

The first creation of Victor Frankenstein, he was abandoned when Victor fled upon the site of his monstrous "child." The Creature educated itself from Victor's books and eventually traveled to London to find him. He was set upon and beaten, but actor Vincent Brand took him in, gave him the name Caliban after the character from Shakespeare's The Tempest, and offered him a job as a stagehand at the Grand Guignol.

When not performing his duties as a stagehand, Caliban sought out Victor and demanded that he create an immortal bride for him. After Caliban was cast out of the theory for making improper advances on a young actress Victor has finally taken pity on him and is using the corpse of Brona Craft to create a bride for his creation.
Brona Croft, played by Billie Piper

A working-class woman from Belfast, Brona was engaged to a brute of sailor who liked rough sex. When Brona complained to her mother and was told to marry the man, she took to the streets to become a prostitute. Brona later traveled to London seeking factory work. She achieved it for a time but the fumes gave her a case of consumption. Her poor health leaves her no choice but to return to work as a prostitute, where she makes the acquaintance of both Dorian Gray and Ethan Chandler.

Brona is dying when Ethan calls Victor to her bedside. The doctor secretly kills her and then uses her body to make a bride for his creation, Caliban.
Sembene [seasons 1-2], played by Danny Sapani

The enigmatic manservant to Sir Malcolm Murray, Sembene serves quietly. He has tribal markings on his cheeks, origins unknown. Sembene wields a kukri blade in combat and is proficient in its use.
Dr. Seward [season 3+], played by Patti LuPone

A member of the Clayton line, Dr. Seward is an alienist practicing therapy in London. She is a keen observer of human nature, and prefers to keep her doctor/patient relationships on a purely clinical nature.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, played by Harry Treadaway

Victor Frankenstein lost his mother to consumption at an early age, and turned to medical books to find a way to master death. However, he fled in horror from his first creation and traveled to London, where he found work as a mortuary assistant. Since then, Victor had greater success with a second reanimated cadaver, Proteus, only to see his first creation tear it apart.

Malcolm came across Victor working at the mortuary and, recognizing his talent and his curiosity, hired him to consult on the matter of the vampiric creatures he and his companions confronted. Propelled by a desire for money and an intense curiosity, Victor has accepted Malcolm's offer and found a father-figure in the legendary explorer. He has yet to reveal that his first creation, Caliban, still stalks him and demands that he create an immortal bride.

After Caliban was cast out of the theater where he worked, he returned to Victor, hoping that his creator would end his miserable life. However, Victor finally took pity on his creation and agreed to create a bride for him using the corpse of Brona Craft.
Ethan Chandler, played by Josh Hartnett

than served in the Indian Wars against the Western Indians in the U.S., and killed hundreds of men. After some undisclosed crime that he committed in the U.S., Ethan joined a traveling Wild West show and traveled to England, where he enhances his resume with tall tales of fighting with General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

While in London, Vanessa approached Ethan and offered him employment with Sir Malcolm, performing necessary "night work." Ethan is subject to blackouts, and after one such instance he found himself at the docks. He took a room and made the acquaintance of Brona Craft, a prostitute dying of consumption. Ethan has sworn that she will not die alone and has taken work with Malcolm to pay for Brona's medicine.

Ethan is a talented athlete and expert marksman, with both a rifle or a revolver. He has an affinity for wolves, able to calm them with a touch, and is confident that he is resistant to disease such as consumption. It is revealed in the season 1 finale that he can transform into a man-like werewolf, although whether this ability is under his control or dependent on the full moon is not known.
Evelyn Poole / Madame Kali [season 2], played by Helen McCrory

Kaetenay [season 3+], played by Wes Studi

A Chiricahua Apache, Kaetenay considers himself a father to Ethan.
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Episode Order: 9
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