Pokémon is the story of Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town who receives his first Pokémon at age 10, from Professor Oak, and sets out to be the greatest Pokémon trainer ever! Ash has a rival, Gary, who he use to be friends with when they were younger. Because Ash got to Professor Oak's laboratory late, he could not get the Pokémon he wanted, a Squirtle, Ash ends up with Pikachu.

Throughout the seasons Ash has meet new friends like Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max and Dawn and has participated in many new Pokemon Leagues. He has also caugh more than 40 Pokemon and Ash is right now journey in the Unova region along with newcomers Cilan and Iris. Ash continues to collect badges, while his friends enter battle club tournaments with him.

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Next: 19x11 -- A Windswept Encounter! (Apr/30/2016)

A gust of wind sends Noibat flying and lands on a Breloom who isn't too happy and leaves Noibat poisoned.

Prev: 19x10 -- A Cellular Connection! (Apr/23/2016)

Following the attack from Team Flare, Bonnie is upset are being separated from Squishy and tries to find it.

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Memories are Made of..
Feb 05, 2011
Season 13 episode 34

The Brockster Is In!
Jan 29, 2011
Season 13 episode 33

The Semi-Final Front..
Jan 22, 2011
Season 13 episode 32

Battling a Thaw in R..
Jan 15, 2011
Season 13 episode 31

A Real Rival Rouser!
Jan 08, 2011
Season 13 episode 30

Familiarity Breeds S..
Dec 18, 2010
Season 13 episode 29

Working on a Right M..
Dec 11, 2010
Season 13 episode 28

Ikue OhtaniIkue Ohtani
voiced Pikachu (1998 - present)
Sarah NatochennySarah Natochenny
voiced Ash Ketchum (Season 9+) (2006 - present)
Rodger ParsonsRodger Parsons
voiced Narrator (1998 - 2004, 2006 - present)
Michele KnotzMichele Knotz
voiced Jessie / May (2006 - present)
Jimmy ZoppiJimmy Zoppi
voiced James / Meowth (2006 - present)
Haven PaschallHaven Paschall
voiced Serena (2013 - present)
Michael LiscioMichael Liscio
voiced Clemont (2013 - present)
Alyson Leigh RosenfeldAlyson Leigh Rosenfeld
voiced Bonnie (2013 - present)
Eileen StevensEileen Stevens
voiced Iris (2011 - 2013)
Jason GriffithJason Griffith
voiced Cilan (2011 - 2013)



Reviews: 2
This show has gotten downhill since those Advanced...Rating: 4 likes, 4 dislikes

Yes Pokemon i used to love this show i had gotten crazy over it's merchandise and used to watch it all of the time those were the days but suddenly one day they have bought out Advanced seasons and 4kids had to screw up the voices for the dub the voices are similar to the other rubbish cartoon Sonic X(i used to like it but now i despise it) i hope when the new dubbed Pokemon comes over here in the UK i hope it'll be good cause 4kids made Ash's voice croaky in the Advanced seasons i dunno why they had to change it. Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, October 10th 2006 at 7:49 pm


Reviews: 1
PokemonRating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

This was a good show back when they first started, but it has gone downhill a bit since the Oarnge Island bit. The new Diamond/Pearl has shown some promises of being pretty good. I like this show and will still watch it Read more

Review posted on Friday, July 4th 2008 at 3:29 pm


Reviews: 24
One of my favs!Rating: 0 likes, 3 dislikes

I really ennjoyed this series from during it's KIdsWB run and I am deeply saddened that it no longer airs on KidsWB. And since I don't get 4kidsTV I am no longer able to view the series, Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, October 11th 2006 at 10:00 am

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11x21: Crossing Paths recap: The episode starts off with Pikachu and Piplup walking together on the road and singing. After a few tunes, Piplup gets tired and stops. Its stomach growls, and Ash assumes that Piplup is hungry. Brock mentions that there is a Pokémon Center a short distance away, so the group decides to go there for lunch. Meanwhile, Team Rocket also state that they are hungry. Jessie states that the trees are full of fruit, and she tells James and Meowth to call her when lunch is ready. She says that she is going to do some more training for the Pokémon contests. Jessie then walks away into another part of the forest and sends out Dustox. She imagines herself winning another Pokémon Contest and moving up to the top rank. While James and Meowth are picking fruit, they notice that Jessie is very confident with herself... read more.

11x16: A Triple Fighting Chance! recap: The battle between Ash and Sumono is about to begin. The referee starts off by explaining the rules of the battle. Dawn and her Pokémon are in cheerleading outfits, and they begin to cheer for both Ash and Sumono. The battle begins. Sumono sends out a Machoke, and Dawn looks it up in her Pokédex. Ash sends out Staravia. Brock thinks that Ash made a good decision by sending out a Flying type. Staravia starts off with Quick Attack, but Machoke defends itself with Brick Break. Since Quick Attack didn't work, Staravia uses Gust. The Gust has more success. Then Staravia uses Aerial Ace. Sumono orders Machoke to avoid the attack and use Cross Chop. Machoke scores a direct hit on Staravia with Cross Chop. Dawn notices that Sumono fights very well even if her Pokémon is at a type disadvantage. Machoke then begins to hit Staravia with a series of Brick Breaks. Sumono orders Machoke to finish Staravia off with Seismic Toss. However, before Machoke can get its hands on Staravia, Staravia unleashes a Quick Attack on Machoke. Then Staravia uses Aerial Ace and hits Machoke. The attack is super effective against Machoke, and Machoke faints... read more.

11x15: Crossing The Battle Line! recap: Dawn is preparing her gym battle with Sumono. Reiji calls Ash over. Ash wishes Dawn good luck and leaves. Brock then asks Dawn if she knows what Pokémon she will be battling with during the gym battle. Dawn tells Brock that she will use Piplup because it knows Peck, a flying type move, Ambipom, and Buneary. Meanwhile, Ash has sent out his Staravia. Reiji plans on teaching Ash's Staravia the Brave Bird attack. He orders Staraptor to use it. Staraptor uses the attack and crashes right through a pile of rocks. Reiji explains that Brave Bird is very powerful, but it can be risky too because of the high amount of recoil damage the Pokémon receives... read more.

11x14: Lost Leader Strategy! recap: Ash and co. have finally reached Tobari City where the Tobari Gym awaits Ash's arrival. Suddenly, a blue sphere flies at Ash and co. They nearly dodge it in time. More spheres begin to fly out everywhere, and Ash suddenly realizes that it's a Pokémon attack, Aura Sphere. Ash and co. decide to find out where the attacks are coming from, so Ash leads the way behind a fence. One of the Aura Spheres blasts through the fence leaving an opening. Ash and co. take a look, and they see a Lucario. Ash looks up Lucario in his Pokédex. Lucario fires an Aura Sphere at its trainer, but the trainer kicks the attack right back at Lucario. Ash finds it amazing that Lucario's trainer is able to do that. Lucario's trainer wants Lucario to stop, but Lucario ignores her commands. It uses Bone Rush on its trainer, but the trainer dodges Lucario's attack. Lucario suddenly stops its attack. Dawn notices that Lucario is acting up in a weird way... read more.

11x13: Sleight of Sand! recap: Ash and co. continue their journey towards Veilstone City. They approach a huge desert. Excited, Ash slides down the hill and sends out all of his Pokémon. The Pokémon begin to play with each other in the desert. Seeing the Pokémon play happily together, Dawn and Brock send their Pokémon out as well. The Pokémon have sand fights, they roll in the sand, and they build sand castles. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and a Hippowdon emerges from underneath the sand. Ash is amazed at Hippowdon's enormous size. Dawn looks up Hippowdon in her Pokédex. Pachirisu lies on Hippowdon's back. It climbs up towards Hippowdon's face and accidentally falls in its mouth. Before Pachirisu can escape, Hippowdon slams its mouth shut and digs back underneath the sand. Ash and co. run over to where Hippowdon was standing, and they try to dig the enormous Pokémon out. Hippowdon emerges from a different area in the desert. Ash and co. return back their Pokémon, and they then run over towards Hippowdon... read more.
Recurring Guests

Kayzie Rogers as Mr. Mime (734 eps)
Eric Stuart as Pokedex (335 eps)
Michele Knotz as Wigglytuff (329 eps)
Bill Rogers as Grovyle / Seviper / Pokédex (310 eps)
Jimmy Zoppi as Samurai (299 eps)
Rachael Lillis as Violet (248 eps)
Marc Thompson as Rico (244 eps)
Satomi Koorogi as Togepi (224 eps)
Erica Schroeder as Kimmy's Mom / Chimecho (210 eps)
Tara Sands as Ritchie / Bulbasaur (186 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure | Children | Fantasy
Status: Returning Series
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 07:00 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 07, 1998
Episode Order: 45
• Pocket Monsters (Seasons 1-2), (Used In Japan)
• Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation (Seasons 6-8), (Used In Japan)
• Pocket Monsters: Battle Frontier (Season 9), (Used In Japan)
• Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl (Season 10+), (Used In Japan)
• Pocket Monsters: Gold and Silver (Seasons 3-5), (Used In Japan)
• Pokemon BW: Rival Destinies (Season 15), (Used In USA)
• Pokémon the Series: XY (Season 17), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Advanced (Season 6), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Advanced Battle (Season 8), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Advanced Challenge (Season 7), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Battle Frontier (Season 9), (Used In USA)
• Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova (Season 16), (Used In United Minor Islands)
• Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl (Season 10), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension (Season 11), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Johto Journeys (Season 3), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Johto League Champions (Season 4), (Used In USA)
• Pokemon: Master Quest (Season 5), (Used In USA)
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