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Hot Water - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls meeting to discuss all that took place. They conclude the evidence at hand points at the fact that it was CeCe who pulled the latest stunt. Detective Wilden comes by and the girls suggest he have a chat with CeCe. Basically, he is bothered about who is spreading rumors about him and the girls point him in CeCe’s direction. Next day, while heading for school Hanna and her mother see Wilden pushing CeCe into his car. Later at school, Hanna discusses with Emily what she saw earlier. Aria on the other hand stops by at Ezra’s house and sees that Ezra is back. He tells her he needed to clear his head and think about things.

Aria is relieved to hear him say that he still wants to be with her. He mentions that his ex was paid by his mother to keep her mouth shut about his son. Spencer at long last turns up at school and spends a free period in Ella’s classroom. Ella on her part is really concerned about the way Spencer has been behaving the past few weeks. She tells Spencer that, Spencer can hang out in her classroom whenever she wants. Emily in the meantime finds out Paige is heading to the costume shop. She and Hanna tag along with Paige. At the shop Shana makes it clear to Paige that she can’t divulge information regarding who rented which costume. But, Hanna manages to create a distraction while Emily takes a peek at the store computer to acquire the information they need. Aria on the other hand runs into Ezra’s mother.

She is surprisingly cordial with Aria. She even thanks Aria for straightening Wes out. She then thanks Aria for showing Ezra so much care. She mentions how big a person Aria is for accepting Ezra despite knowing Ezra’s son will now be the center of his universe and besides that Maggie too shall be there. Ezra’s mother observes that her words have hit home because Aria looks clearly worried. She as a result makes a quiet exit, leaving a silent Aria behind. At the coffee shop Wren and Spencer have a chat. Spencer apologizes to him for what happened last week. Wren on his part admits that he has a thing for Spencer and was secretly hoping he had a shot with her now that she is single. Spencer doesn’t seem too averse to the idea and even mentions how something good came out of them spending time together; when she finds out he likes her.

Wes seizes the opportunity by inviting Spencer to dinner. Spencer smiles for the first time in a long time. At Hanna’s house in the meantime, a worried Aria tells her how worried she is about her and Ezra’s relationship. Aria admits that she and Wes had a brief little thing, but that it meant nothing. Emily makes a valid point when she says Aria has been talking to everyone in Ezra’s family except Ezra, when to her, he is the only one that matters. Aria seems to see sense in this argument. Spencer and Wren in the meantime are having dinner; they seem to be having a good time together. While they are at it Wren says he has to leave for work because he is covering for a co-worker. Before parting ways they kiss. Spencer takes the lead in the kissing, when she sees Wren is hesitant.

While they are kissing on the sidewalk, someone it turns out is watching them from the nearby bushes. Over at Emily’s house she and Paige are having a bit of a tiff over Emily “risking Shana’s job” to get the information from the computer. Emily tells Paige that she thinks this whole thing (“A”) is bigger than Mona, and that Mona is actually working for someone. Paige asks why Emily never told her that and she tells her it’s because she was being protective. Spencer on the other hand is heading home on foot after her date. Just then, across the road she sees a blonde woman wearing a red coat. Hanna is at home busy doing her home work; she has her headphones on and hence doesn’t hear her phone ring. Turns out, her mother is trying to call her. She then leaves Hanna a voicemail saying she needs to talk to her, because she just ran into Wilden.

Ashley is shown getting into her car and driving out of a parking lot. Wilden is shown following her in his vehicle. At home, Ezra settles down in his couch with Aria to watch a movie, just then he receives a call from Maggie. Maggie it turns out is in an absolute state of panic and informs Ezra that his mother is planning to sell the condo Maggie lives in. Basically, Ezra’s mother owns the condo. Wilden on the other hand pulls over Ashley and asks her if she has been drinking. She isn’t at all happy with this question of his and mentions that he knows very well she hasn’t been drinking. He then asks Ashley to step out of the car. Wilden basically wants Ashley to keep Hanna quiet, but Ashley is in no mood to comply with anything that Wilden has to say. She in anger walks back to her car so she can drive away.

Wilden stands in front of her vehicle and blocks her path. He again mentions how he wants Ashley to keep Hanna quiet and threatens he will, if Ashley doesn’t. Ashley sees Wilden then reach for his gun. In panic she accelerates and runs Wilden over. Wilden goes flying over the hood of her car and the whole thing it turns out is recorded by the camera on his dashboard. At home, Spencer is in the sauna. A hooded figure is shown dashing past her bathroom door. Emily arrives at CeCe’s apartment and sees her hurriedly packing her bags. CeCe tells Emily that she didn’t know who to tell when she thought Wilden may have killed Ali since Wilden is a cop. CeCe isn’t giving up much information, but when Emily asks who took the photo CeCe says it was Melissa Hastings.

At Spencer’s house in the meantime, Spencer finds herself trapped in the sauna. The temperature of the sauna continues to rise and Spencer is shown slowly succumbing to the unbearable heat. She yells her lungs out for help. Aria arrives just then and runs to unlock the door of the sauna. Spencer is rescued and after she has calmed down she asks Aria to call the girls. She says she knows who is helping Mona. Hanna in the meantime heads into the kitchen to get a snack and finds her mother sitting in the dark.

Ashley tells Hanna what just happened with Wilden. The two, drive to the location where the whole thing took place and find Wilden’s car there. The engine of his car is still running, but Wilden’s body is nowhere to be found. Next a hooded and gloved figure is shown putting on some old-time music on a record player, and then begins putting together a funeral floral arrangement. The episode ends at this point.