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A dAngerous gAme - Recap

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The episode begins and Spencer’s returned home. While catching up with her friends, she doesn’t seem her usual self. Spencer tells the girls that she has decided she doesn’t want to be a victim anymore. Mona is hanging out in the “A” lair, with a hooded figure. She tells the hooded figure that they like his/her plan. Mona says the girls deserve to be taught a lesson. At school, the girls are trying to figure out who was responsible for kidnapping Malcolm. Hanna suggests taking Mona’s picture to Malcolm and asking him if that’s the girl he was with. Spencer seems a tad uncomfortable with the idea. Aria puts her foot down, saying Malcolm is strictly off-limits.

The girls run into Seanna, one of Emily’s friends, who Hanna hates because she flirts with everyone. As Aria’s walking down the hall she runs into Ezra, who’s at the school for an interview. Ezra says he probably might not get the job. Aria says that’s too bad and nonchalantly walks away. Ezra is dejected by her reaction. Jenna’s telling someone over the phone that she is worried because the police have evidence. A hooded figure is watching her from the window. While Jenna is speaking on the phone, the figure sends her a text telling her to meet somewhere at a certain time. She abruptly ends her call on seeing the text. Back at home, Aria’s dad tells her that Ezra has been offered the substitute teaching position at her school. Aria’s a bit surprised, because Ezra wasn’t counting on getting the job.

At the cafe, Ezra hires Hanna as Malcolm’s babysitter. Jenna’s meeting up with the person who texted her. Turns out, the person is Emily’s friend, Seanna. She tells Jenna that they’ll all be together this Friday. Aria and Ezra meet up. He says he didn’t tell her about being offered the job because he doesn’t plan on taking it, as it means they’ll have to break up. Aria starts crying, and tells Ezra that nothing about them seems right anymore. Aria tells him that she loves him just as much as before, but wants him to take the job. At a diner, a hooded figure is sitting at a booth waiting for someone. Toby walks in and tells the hooded figure that Hanna got the job. It’s revealed that Spencer is the hooded figure.

Spencer tells Toby that she didn’t want to believe anyone about him being alive, even when Mona told her. Toby says that everything he did was to keep Spencer safe. Apparently, Mona told Spencer that Toby would be Spencer’s reward for delivering the girls. Mona left her alone in the lair, so she was able to figure out where Toby was. Spencer also confesses to kidnapping Malcolm. Toby tells Spencer that he’s been pretending to work with Mona only so he could keep Spencer safe and that what they had was real. Hanna’s babysitting Malcolm and trying to get him to play a game. The game is an excuse to show Malcolm some photos. Hanna flashes through photos of Mona, Toby, and Melissa, but Malcolm comes up blank on all of them.

She calls Emily and tells her that Malcolm didn’t recognize anyone. Emily’s out for a run. She sees Melissa knocking on a door and hears her talking about how the girls will be at the lot at 9. Toby and Spencer are at a motel somewhere. Toby tells Spencer that Mona doesn’t know about this particular location. Spencer asks about the girl in the red coat. Toby says that all he knows about her is that she’s in charge. Spencer tells Toby that she understands what he was trying to do. She says she is trying to do the same to protect her friends. They kiss. Back at Ezra’s, Malcolm’s playing on Hanna’s phone when a picture of Ali and Spencer gets sent to the phone. Malcolm recognizes Spencer and says Alison’s right here.

When Hanna walks over to see the photo, she thinks Malcolm’s referring to Ali and is confused. Malcolm specifies that it’s the girl in the blue shirt. Hanna is shocked and baffled because Spencer’s the one wearing the blue shirt in the photo. Hanna tells the girls about this and they are shocked that Spencer is working with “A”. The girls are being watched from outside. Emily says she has an idea how they can figure out if Spencer is on their side. Hanna walks over to the radio and turns it up loud, so no one can hear them. At the motel, Spencer and Toby are making out.

Aria and Ezra meet up and he says he has accepted the job offer, which means their relationship is formally over. Ezra tells Aria that it doesn’t have to be forever, and points out that she graduates in seven months. She says that while she wishes she could hold on to that, it’s time to move on. They kiss and part ways. The girls, including Spencer, have all gathered for Emily’s swim meet. Spencer sees the girl in the red coat walk in. She follows her through the halls of the school, but loses her when she gets to the other team’s area because everyone’s wearing red. Spencer heads back inside when she catches sight of her again and follows her into the girls’ bathroom.

As Spencer approaches her she turns around and it’s Hanna. Aria and Emily step out of the stalls. The girls conclude that Spencer is on their side because she too didn’t know who the girl in the red coat is, which is why she was following her. They tell Spencer that they want to help her and that no matter how deep in she is she can tell them the truth. She tells the girls that Mona visited her at sanitarium, told her that Toby was still alive, and that he’s always been on her side. Spencer tells the girls that the party is a set-up, and Red Coat just wants them all together. Spencer tells Hanna that she is the one who sent the photo of her and Ali. She knew that Mona watches her every move and it was the only way to get info to them without Mona finding out.

The next day at school, Aria is sitting in class with Ezra as her teacher. In the night, the girls get ready for the party. Someone’s watching from outside and filming them. Spencer heads over to the lair and tells Mona that they’re running late. Toby tells Mona that he’s got the video she asked for and that he saw the girls getting ready. The girls are debating whether or not they can trust Toby. Mona makes a call and tells Red Coat that it’s safe for her to land. Toby tells Mona that he’ll take care of Spencer and he drags her from the room, carrying the gun that Mona hands him. Toby and Spencer walk down a deserted street, with the sound of a small plane hovering above.

As Mona starts to leave the house, Aria, Hanna, and Emily corner her. Mona tells them that they’re making a terrible mistake. Mona adds that they have no idea what’s going on. Toby tells Spencer to go and remember that he needs to see Red Coat without her seeing them. While the other girls and Mona are standing in the house, a huge fire is suddenly lit from outside, trapping the girls in. Mona says that it must have been Red Coat. As the girls struggle to find a way out Mona says they’re all going to die and she’s never going to know who she was. Aria, Emily, and Hanna stop to look at Mona in shock, realizing that Mona is as much of a victim as they are.

Mona says she doesn’t know who Red Coat is either. As Spencer walks up to the plane, she sees Red Coat get out. Spencer walks closer for a better look but loses sight of her. Toby is creeping through the woods, when he’s knocked over the head by something and a lighter is dropped nearby. Hanna and the girls have managed to get themselves out of the house. Hanna passes out and when she regains consciousness she looks up and sees Ali standing over her in the red coat, but Ali quickly disappears. Mona says that Ali pulled her out of the fire. Aria and Emily don’t believe her, but Hanna says she saw her too. Spencer walks up and says she also saw her.

While the girls are driving home, Mona says that when she was in the sanitarium she made a deal with the devil. She says it was fun having a partner but eventually Red Coat took them from her. On the way, they see Detective Wilden’s car and it’s playing the video of Hanna’s mom’s hit and run. As they watch the video, they see that there’s more on the tape. It’s revealed that Jenna and Seanna helped Wilden get away.

They notice the trunk of the car isn’t completely shut. At that very moment, they receive a text message from “A”: “You know you’re mine. Kisses”. Spencer opens the trunk and the girls recoil in horror. In a piece of land that’s been cordoned off, a hand appears from under the ground and tries to reach out for something. Someone grabs the hand and begins pulling at it. The episode ends at this point.