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The Challenge: Free Agents

  All Seasons (Episode Guide) (With Recaps) Season 26 »
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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 01/Jun/1998 Ghostbusters N/A
2 1x02 08/Jun/1998 Sheer Madness N/A
3 1x03 15/Jun/1998 Zorbing N/A
4 1x04 22/Jun/1998 Urban Rap Jumping N/A
5 1x05 29/Jun/1998 The "Real" Real World N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
6 2x01 09/Nov/1998 Money Changes Everything N/A
7 2x02 16/Nov/1998 Bed Sores N/A
8 2x03 23/Nov/1998 Getting Drunk N/A
9 2x04 30/Nov/1998 The Joint is Jumping N/A
10 2x05 07/Dec/1998 Shall We Play a Game? N/A
11 2x06 14/Dec/1998 Handsome Reward N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
12 3x01 17/Jan/2000 Stratos-Fear N/A
13 3x02 24/Jan/2000 Demolition Derby N/A
14 3x03 31/Jan/2000 Wheel of Wrestling N/A
15 3x04 07/Feb/2000 Snake Wrangling N/A
16 3x05 14/Feb/2000 Redneck Games N/A
17 3x06 21/Feb/2000 Mud Football N/A
18 3x07 28/Feb/2000 Swamp Buggy Racing N/A
19 3x08 06/Mar/2000 Sweet Revenge N/A
20 3x09 13/Mar/2000 Homemade Swimsuit Contest N/A
21 3x10 27/Mar/2000 Stir Crazy N/A
22 3x11 03/Apr/2000 Handsome Reward N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
23 4x01 09/Jan/2001 Ring of Fire N/A
24 4x02 16/Jan/2001 Blimp Water-Skiing N/A
25 4x03 23/Jan/2001 Wharf Games N/A
26 4x04 30/Jan/2001 Improv Games N/A
27 4x05 06/Feb/2001 Rollerball Games N/A
28 4x06 13/Feb/2001 Ayanna's Departure N/A
29 4x07 27/Feb/2001 Wheel of Wrestling N/A
30 4x08 06/Mar/2001 Human Foosball N/A
31 4x09 13/Mar/2001 Sub-Standard N/A
32 4x10 20/Mar/2001 Cheer Leaders N/A
33 4x11 27/Mar/2001 Tight Rope Walk N/A
34 4x12 03/Apr/2001 Tough Guy N/A
35 4x13 17/Apr/2001 Extreme Sports N/A
36 4x14 24/Apr/2001 Couple Fashion Show N/A
37 4x15 01/May/2001 Grossout Games N/A
38 4x16 08/May/2001 Paintball/Judge Mills Lane N/A
39 4x17 15/May/2001 Handsome Reward N/A
40 4x18 22/May/2001 Cease Fire N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
41 5x01 04/Feb/2002 Hang Man N/A
42 5x02 11/Feb/2002 Hurricane Juliette N/A
43 5x03 18/Feb/2002 Who to Vote Off? N/A
44 5x04 25/Feb/2002 Musical Inner-Tube Tango N/A
45 5x05 04/Mar/2002 Vertical Limit N/A
46 5x06 11/Mar/2002 Slam Dunk N/A
47 5x07 18/Mar/2002 First Half Recap N/A
48 5x08 25/Mar/2002 Montezuma's Revenge N/A
49 5x09 01/Apr/2002 Ladder of Doom N/A
50 5x10 08/Apr/2002 Round 'Em Up N/A
51 5x11 15/Apr/2002 Rush Hour N/A
52 5x12 22/Apr/2002 Hands on Saturn N/A
53 5x13 29/Apr/2002 Sidekick Showdown N/A
54 5x14 06/May/2002 Blockhead N/A
55 5x15 13/May/2002 Siamese Wrestling N/A
56 5x16 20/May/2002 Handsome Reward N/A
57 5x17 27/May/2002 Inside the Inner Circle N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
58 6x01 30/Dec/2002 The Good, The Bad, and The Notorious N/A
59 6x02 06/Jan/2003 Hola Jamaica N/A
60 6x03 06/Jan/2003 Sergeant Says N/A
61 6x04 13/Jan/2003 Dead Man's Drop N/A
62 6x05 20/Jan/2003 Tree House N/A
63 6x06 27/Jan/2003 Breath-Hold Bungee N/A
64 6x07 03/Feb/2003 Puck's Wedding N/A
65 6x08 10/Feb/2003 Seven Rings of Saturn N/A
66 6x09 17/Feb/2003 Freeze Your Butt Off N/A
67 6x10 24/Feb/2003 People Mover N/A
68 6x11 03/Mar/2003 Battle of the Opposite Sexes N/A
69 6x12 17/Mar/2003 Leaky River N/A
70 6x13 24/Mar/2003 Stairway To Heaven N/A
71 6x14 31/Mar/2003 Collision Course N/A
72 6x15 07/Apr/2003 Spider Mon N/A
73 6x16 14/Apr/2003 Human Aquarium N/A
74 6x17 21/Apr/2003 Razors Edge N/A
75 6x18 28/Apr/2003 Maximum Velocity N/A
76 6x19 05/May/2003 Handsome Reward N/A
77 6x20 12/May/2003 Hot and Bothered N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
78 7x01 22/Sep/2003 Showdown at the Real World/Road Rules Corral N/A
79 7x02 29/Sep/2003 Howdy Telluride N/A
80 7x03 29/Sep/2003 Snake Soup N/A
81 7x04 06/Oct/2003 Masquerade N/A
82 7x05 13/Oct/2003 Mud Bath N/A
83 7x06 20/Oct/2003 I Scream N/A
84 7x07 27/Oct/2003 Holey Canoe N/A
85 7x08 03/Nov/2003 Heavyweight Hustle N/A
86 7x09 10/Nov/2003 Sink My Ship N/A
87 7x10 17/Nov/2003 Red Barron N/A
88 7x11 24/Nov/2003 Inferno N/A
89 7x12 01/Dec/2003 Rolling on the River N/A
90 7x13 08/Dec/2003 Turntable N/A
91 7x14 15/Dec/2003 All or Nothing N/A
92 7x15 29/Dec/2003 Vertical Sweep N/A
93 7x16 05/Jan/2004 Dukes of Saturn N/A
94 7x17 12/Jan/2004 Gold Rush N/A
95 7x18 19/Jan/2004 Handsome Reward N/A
96 7x19 26/Jan/2004 Battle Scars: From the Gauntlet to the Inferno N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
97 8x01 02/Feb/2004 Grope The Rope N/A
98 8x02 02/Feb/2004 Birdfeeder N/A
99 8x03 09/Feb/2004 Wreck n' Roll N/A
100 8x04 16/Feb/2004 Climbing Wall N/A
101 8x05 23/Feb/2004 Disco Domino Derby N/A
102 8x06 01/Mar/2004 Balls Out N/A
103 8x07 08/Mar/2004 Ultimate Saturn Road Trip N/A
104 8x08 15/Mar/2004 Don't Yank My Chain N/A
105 8x09 22/Mar/2004 Come Sail Away N/A
106 8x10 29/Mar/2004 Bungee Bound N/A
107 8x11 05/Apr/2004 Twist and Shoot N/A
108 8x12 12/Apr/2004 Balcony Swing N/A
109 8x13 19/Apr/2004 Fallen Angels N/A
110 8x14 03/May/2004 Saturn Valet Ballet N/A
111 8x15 10/May/2004 Window Washing N/A
112 8x16 17/May/2004 Casualties of the Inferno N/A
113 8x17 17/May/2004 The Final Burn N/A
114 8x18 24/May/2004 Handsome Reward N/A
115 8x19 31/May/2004 Montezuma's Revenge: Inside The Inferno N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
116 9x01 04/Oct/2004 He Says/She Says: Battle for the Battle of the Sexes 2 N/A
117 9x02 11/Oct/2004 Howdy Sante Fe N/A
118 9x03 11/Oct/2004 Dangle Drop N/A
119 9x04 18/Oct/2004 Snake Pit Poker N/A
120 9x05 25/Oct/2004 Melt With You N/A
121 9x06 01/Nov/2004 Bombs Away N/A
122 9x07 08/Nov/2004 Junk Boat N/A
123 9x08 15/Nov/2004 High Noon N/A
124 9x09 22/Nov/2004 Fill'er Up N/A
125 9x10 29/Nov/2004 Sa-Wing N/A
126 9x11 06/Dec/2004 Electro Shock N/A
127 9x12 13/Dec/2004 Pop Culture Bike Ramp N/A
128 9x13 20/Dec/2004 The Shredder N/A
129 9x14 27/Dec/2004 Cast A Spell N/A
130 9x15 03/Jan/2005 Semi-Cross N/A
131 9x16 10/Jan/2005 Car-Go N/A
132 9x17 17/Jan/2005 Vertigo N/A
133 9x18 24/Jan/2005 Handsome Reward N/A
134 9x19 31/Jan/2005 Secrets from Elimination Hill N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
135 10x01 28/Feb/2005 Real World/Road Rules Challenge Uncensored N/A
136 10x02 07/Mar/2005 Surf Torture N/A
137 10x03 14/Mar/2005 Juice It Up N/A
138 10x04 21/Mar/2005 X Marks The Spot N/A
139 10x05 28/Mar/2005 Run For Your Money N/A
140 10x06 04/Apr/2005 Shirt Off My Back N/A
141 10x07 11/Apr/2005 Dodge Yer Balls N/A
142 10x08 18/Apr/2005 Fill In The Gaps N/A
143 10x09 25/Apr/2005 Zip Up N/A
144 10x10 02/May/2005 Never Ending Climb N/A
145 10x11 09/May/2005 What A Drag N/A
146 10x12 16/May/2005 Riddle Me This N/A
147 10x13 23/May/2005 Time To Ride N/A
148 10x14 30/May/2005 If Memory Serves N/A
149 10x15 06/Jun/2005 Crab Grab N/A
150 10x16 13/Jun/2005 Heart Rate Bungee N/A
151 10x17 20/Jun/2005 Handsome Reward N/A
152 10x18 27/Jun/2005 To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip from the Inferno II N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
153 11x01 21/Nov/2005 Rough Seas Ahead N/A
154 11x02 05/Dec/2005 Throwing Down the Gauntlet N/A
155 11x03 12/Dec/2005 Derrick Steps It Up N/A
156 11x04 19/Dec/2005 We Can Work It Out N/A
157 11x05 26/Dec/2005 The 10,000 Pyramid N/A
158 11x06 02/Jan/2006 Sloppy Seconds N/A
159 11x07 09/Jan/2006 Watching Paint Dry N/A
160 11x08 16/Jan/2006 The Heat is On N/A
161 11x09 23/Jan/2006 Rookie Moves N/A
162 11x10 30/Jan/2006 Walking the Line N/A
163 11x11 06/Feb/2006 Bucked N/A
164 11x12 13/Feb/2006 Victory at Last N/A
165 11x13 20/Feb/2006 Tire Me Up, Tire Me Down N/A
166 11x14 27/Feb/2006 Mac-Beth N/A
167 11x15 06/Mar/2006 The Good, the Brad, and the Ugly N/A
168 11x16 13/Mar/2006 Blind Panic N/A
169 11x17 20/Mar/2006 Last Man Standing N/A
170 11x18 27/Mar/2006 Don't Bet On It N/A

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
171 12x01 29/May/2006 Kickin' Things Off/Anxieties Run High N/A
172 12x02 05/Jun/2006 Hanging Tough N/A
173 12x03 12/Jun/2006 Jailbirds N/A
174 12x04 19/Jun/2006 Jail Break N/A
175 12x05 26/Jun/2006 Raging Bully N/A
176 12x06 03/Jul/2006 Easy Pickings N/A
177 12x07 10/Jul/2006 Crossed Paths N/A
178 12x08 17/Jul/2006 Incredible Deflating Kayak N/A
179 12x09 24/Jul/2006 Swimming With Sharks N/A
180 12x10 31/Jul/2006 Human Ox Pull N/A
181 12x11 07/Aug/2006 Jump for Your Love N/A
182 12x12 14/Aug/2006 Carpe Diem N/A
183 12x13 21/Aug/2006 Beg Your Pardon N/A
184 12x14 28/Aug/2006 What a Croc N/A
185 12x15 04/Sep/2006 Miles of Exile N/A
186 12x16 11/Sep/2006 Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat Reunion N/A

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
187 13x01 12/Oct/2006 Welcome To Brazil/The 1st Female Duel N/A
188 13x02 19/Oct/2006 Goodbye Tina & Tyler N/A
189 13x03 26/Oct/2006 Paula vs. Anessa N/A
190 13x04 02/Nov/2006 The Drama Mafia N/A
191 13x05 09/Nov/2006 Goodbye Casey N/A
192 13x06 16/Nov/2006 Nehemiah's Last Day N/A
193 13x07 23/Nov/2006 What Goes Around, Comes Around N/A
194 13x08 30/Nov/2006 Until Next Time Derrick N/A
195 13x09 07/Dec/2006 Harsh Words N/A
196 13x10 14/Dec/2006 Friend or Foe? N/A
197 13x11 21/Dec/2006 Two for Two N/A
198 13x12 04/Jan/2007 Fallen Alliances N/A
199 13x13 04/Jan/2007 The Big Split N/A
200 13x14 11/Jan/2007 The Final Four N/A
201 13x15 18/Jan/2007 The Big Payoff N/A
202 13x16 25/Jan/2007 The Duel Reunion N/A

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
203 14x01 10/Apr/2007 Welcome to Africa N/A
204 14x02 17/Apr/2007 The Good Guys Strike Back! N/A
205 14x03 24/Apr/2007 Playing the Game N/A
206 14x04 01/May/2007 Kicking Ace 7
207 14x05 08/May/2007 Off the Wall N/A
208 14x06 08/May/2007 Sour Grapes 9
209 14x07 15/May/2007 Walk This Way N/A
210 14x08 15/May/2007 Bouncing Back N/A
211 14x09 22/May/2007 Pane In The Glass 9
212 14x10 29/May/2007 Workin' On The Railroad N/A
213 14x11 05/Jun/2007 Match Point N/A
214 14x12 12/Jun/2007 High Voltage N/A
215 14x13 19/Jun/2007 Hook the Man N/A
216 14x14 26/Jun/2007 Team Girl Squad N/A
217 14x15 03/Jul/2007 The Big Five N/A
218 14x16 10/Jul/2007 Reunion N/A

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
219 15x01 23/Jan/2008 Viva Mexico N/A
220 15x02 30/Jan/2008 It's Personal N/A
221 15x03 06/Feb/2008 Less Is More N/A
222 15x04 13/Feb/2008 It's Not Fair N/A
223 15x05 20/Feb/2008 Match-Up of the Century N/A
224 15x06 27/Feb/2008 All Alone N/A
225 15x07 05/Mar/2008 What Goes Around N/A
226 15x08 12/Mar/2008 Cold Blooded N/A
227 15x09 19/Mar/2008 The Finale 10
228 15x10 26/Mar/2008 Trim the Fat: The Gauntlet III Reunion 9

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
229 16x01 10/Sep/2008 Welcome to the Island 8
230 16x02 17/Sep/2008 Calling It Quits N/A
231 16x03 24/Sep/2008 Girl Fight N/A
232 16x04 01/Oct/2008 Are You a Quitter? 9
233 16x05 08/Oct/2008 Ev vs. The Island 9
234 16x06 15/Oct/2008 Island King N/A
235 16x07 22/Oct/2008 Down to the Wire N/A
236 16x08 29/Oct/2008 Sailing to Victory 10
237 16x09 05/Nov/2008 Reunion Special N/A

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
238 17x01 08/Apr/2009 Damned If You Duel… N/A
239 17x02 15/Apr/2009 Duel Unto Others N/A
240 17x03 22/Apr/2009 Duel What You Gotta Duel N/A
241 17x04 29/Apr/2009 Duel-ality N/A
242 17x05 06/May/2009 Duelers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown N/A
243 17x06 13/May/2009 Dueling for Dunbar N/A
244 17x07 20/May/2009 Deja Duel N/A
245 17x08 27/May/2009 If These Duels Could Talk N/A
246 17x09 03/Jun/2009 Til Death Duel Us Part N/A
247 17x10 10/Jun/2009 Duel or Die N/A
248 17x11 17/Jun/2009 Reunion Special N/A

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
249 18x01 30/Sep/2009 The Ruins: Wes Side Story 7
250 18x02 07/Oct/2009 The Booby Trap N/A
251 18x03 14/Oct/2009 The Road to Ruins 7
252 18x04 21/Oct/2009 The Ruins: Girls Gone Wild 7
253 18x05 28/Oct/2009 The Ruins: Reversal of Fortune 8
254 18x06 04/Nov/2009 Ruining On Empty N/A
255 18x07 11/Nov/2009 Silence Of The Ruins N/A
256 18x08 18/Nov/2009 Thai Me Up! Thai Me Down! N/A
257 18x09 02/Dec/2009 Muay So-Called Ruins N/A
258 18x10 09/Dec/2009 Good Thai and Good Luck N/A
259 18x11 16/Dec/2009 Reunion Special 9

 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
260 19x01 31/Mar/2010 Meet the Meat N/A
261 19x02 07/Apr/2010 Nice to Meat You 4
262 19x03 14/Apr/2010 Meating of the Minds 8
263 19x04 21/Apr/2010 Sloppy Ho's 4.5
264 19x05 28/Apr/2010 Meats 'N Potatoes 5
265 19x06 05/May/2010 Road Kill 4.5
266 19x07 12/May/2010 Checkmeat! 4.5
267 19x08 19/May/2010 Trimming The Fat 5
268 19x09 26/May/2010 Spoiled Rotten Meat 4
269 19x10 02/Jun/2010 All U Can Eat Stakes 4.5
270 19x11 09/Jun/2010 Well Done, Meat 5
271 19x12 16/Jun/2010 Reunion Special 5

 Season 20(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
272 20x01 06/Oct/2010 Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself N/A
273 20x02 13/Oct/2010 Newbie Doobie Doo 5
274 20x03 20/Oct/2010 Karma's A Bitch 5
275 20x04 27/Oct/2010 Swat the Hell? 4.5
276 20x05 03/Nov/2010 Couching Tyger, Hidden Danimal 4.5
277 20x06 10/Nov/2010 Where the Red Team Blows 4.5
278 20x07 17/Nov/2010 Hell Hath No Fury 4.5
279 20x08 01/Dec/2010 Back With a Vengeance 5
280 20x09 08/Dec/2010 Always a Bridesmaid… 4.5
281 20x10 15/Dec/2010 Czechmate 8
282 20x11 22/Dec/2010 Reunion Special 8

 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
283 21x01 22/Jun/2011 Welcome To The Jungle 8
284 21x02 29/Jun/2011 Through The Looking Glass 8
285 21x03 06/Jul/2011 Underdog Day Afternoon 7
286 21x04 13/Jul/2011 D-DAY 7
287 21x05 20/Jul/2011 III Communication 8
288 21x06 27/Jul/2011 Blowup 8
289 21x07 03/Aug/2011 Blood on the Dance Floor 7
290 21x08 10/Aug/2011 Cry For Me, Argentina 7
291 21x09 17/Aug/2011 The Storm Before the Storm 8
292 21x10 24/Aug/2011 At the End of the World 7
293 21x11 31/Aug/2011 Reunion Special 7

 Season 22(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
294 22x01 25/Jan/2012 Love is a Battlefield 7
295 22x02 01/Feb/2012 What's Love Got to Do With It? 9
296 22x03 08/Feb/2012 Where Did Our Love Go? 7
297 22x04 15/Feb/2012 Love the Way You Lie 8
298 22x05 22/Feb/2012 Crazy in Love 7
299 22x06 29/Feb/2012 Tainted Love 7
300 22x07 07/Mar/2012 Love and Marriage 7
301 22x08 14/Mar/2012 On the Wings of Love 8
302 22x09 21/Mar/2012 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 7
303 22x10 28/Mar/2012 I Will Always Love You 8
304 22x11 04/Apr/2012 Reunion 8

 Season 23(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
305 23x01 19/Sep/2012 Tis The Season 8
306 23x02 26/Sep/2012 The Perks of Being A Rookie 8
307 23x03 03/Oct/2012 What Happens in Vegas… 7
308 23x04 10/Oct/2012 The Dark Knight 7
309 23x05 17/Oct/2012 N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C 8
310 23x06 24/Oct/2012 Going Insane 7
311 23x07 07/Nov/2012 I Do Not Like You Sam I Am 8
312 23x08 14/Nov/2012 Honey, I'm Homeless 7
313 23x09 28/Nov/2012 The Chronicles of Nanyia 8
314 23x10 05/Dec/2012 A Woman Scorned 8
315 23x11 12/Dec/2012 I Like to Move It, Move It 7
316 23x12 19/Dec/2012 Operation: Desert Scorn N/A
317 23x13 19/Dec/2012 Reunion N/A

 Season 24(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
318 24x01 26/Jun/2013 ChallengeMania: The Road to Rivals II 7
319 24x02 10/Jul/2013 Rumble in the Jungle N/A
320 24x03 17/Jul/2013 New Girl 8
321 24x04 24/Jul/2013 The Dark Knight Rises N/A
322 24x05 31/Jul/2013 Mortuusequusphobia 7
323 24x06 07/Aug/2013 What The Phuket?! 8
324 24x07 14/Aug/2013 Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Serve 8
325 24x08 21/Aug/2013 Crossing Jordan 8.5
326 24x09 28/Aug/2013 Thrilla in Camila 8
327 24x10 04/Sep/2013 Diemnesia 8
328 24x11 11/Sep/2013 True Colors 8
329 24x12 18/Sep/2013 Final Destination 8
330 24x13 25/Sep/2013 The Island of Misfit Challengers 8
331 24x14 25/Sep/2013 Reunion 7

 Season 25(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
332 25x01 10/Apr/2014 Free Agents - Live Free Or Die 8
333 25x02 17/Apr/2014 Love in the Fast Lane N/A
334 25x03 24/Apr/2014 The Thumbsucker 8
335 25x04 01/May/2014 Power Coupling N/A
336 25x05 08/May/2014 Stripes N/A
337 25x06 15/May/2014 Not So Trivial Pursuits N/A
338 25x07 22/May/2014 Pride Before the Wall N/A
339 25x08 29/May/2014 Strike a Pose, There's Something to It N/A
340 25x09 05/Jun/2014 Best Friends For Never N/A
341 25x10 12/Jun/2014 Talk To The Hand N/A
342 25x11 19/Jun/2014 The $350,000 Pyramid N/A
343 25x12 26/Jun/2014 A Walk In The Clouds N/A
344 25x13 26/Jun/2014 Reunion N/A

S12 - #122/May/2006Fresh Meat Launch SpecialN/A
S17 - #210/Jun/2009The Sh!t They Should Have ShownN/A
S18 - #323/Dec/2009The Sh*t They Should Have Shown7
S21 - #407/Sep/2011The S#!% They Should Have ShownN/A
S22 - #511/Jan/2012Launch Special8
S22 - #607/Mar/2012Aftershow: Love and Marriage7
S22 - #714/Mar/2012Aftershow: On the Wings of Love8
S22 - #828/Mar/2012The S#!% They Should Have Shown7
S23 - #910/Oct/2012After Show: The Dark KnightN/A
S23 - #1024/Oct/2012After Show: Going Insane8
S24 - #1125/Jul/2013After Show: The Dark Knight RisesN/A
S24 - #1207/Aug/2013After Show: MortuusequusphobiaN/A
S24 - #1304/Sep/2013After Show: DiemnesiaN/A
S24 - #1411/Sep/2013After Show: True Colors8
S24 - #1518/Sep/2013The S#!@ They Should Have Shown8
S25 - #1608/May/2014The Best of the WorstN/A
S25 - #1729/May/2014Super Fan SpecialN/A

    Season 26 »
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Classification: Reality
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: MTV ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 01, 1998
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