The Challenge

The Challenge

The Challenge (originally known as Road Rules: All Stars, followed by Real World/Road Rules Challenge) is a reality game show on MTV that is spun off from and mostly cast-contestant dependent on the network's two flagship reality shows, The Real World and the now cancelled Road Rules. The Challenge has developed a spin-off series in its own right, Spring Break Challenge. The Challenge and Spring Break Challenge have a somewhat cast-contestant interdependent relationship in that both programs have used at least one or more contestants from the other. The Challenge is hosted by T. J. Lavin.

Imagine being offered a life-changing amount of money. But the only way to get it is to work with someone who has backstabbed you... Or tormented you... Or defeated you... Or humiliated you... Your biggest enemy!

This season on Free Agents, 28 of the most dynamic Challenge competitors ever will enter the tropical depths of exotic Uruguay and Chile.

With $350,000 on the line, things are certain to get ugly. Some teams may attempt to put their painful past behind them, while others will struggle to deal with their rocky history. These rivals will push themselves--and each other--past their breaking points, sparking new feuds that will erupt both on and off the field. Tempers will flare, fists will be raised, and hearts will be on the line -- as there have never been as many steamy hook-ups or controversial romances as there are this season! Those who can last until the end will compete in a shocking finale unlike anything they've ever seen or expected, in the final race to determine which male and female team will claim the first place prize and be crowned champions of Free Agents. (Source: MTV)

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Next: S28-Special -- Mucho Mas - When Partners Attack (Jun/01/2016) [Special Airtime: 11:00 pm, 31 Min. long]

Simone must answer for meddling in Ashley and Jaime’s love life. Never-before-seen footage reveals Ashley’s true feelings about Jamie. Cory and Tom discuss their trouble-making partners.

Prev: 28x04 -- I'm Going Home (May/25/2016)

The competitors end up attending a fiesta and a rumor threatens to turn friends into enemies.

Available Episodes

Mexican Standoff
May 04, 2016
Season 28 episode 1

Family Matters
Feb 17, 2016
Season 27 episode 13

True Blood
Feb 10, 2016
Season 27 episode 12

Tear Down This Wall
Feb 03, 2016
Season 27 episode 11

Out for Blood
Jan 27, 2016
Season 27 episode 10

Blood Versus Love
Jan 20, 2016
Season 27 episode 9

Blood Is Thicker Tha..
Jan 13, 2016
Season 27 episode 8

T.J. LavinT.J. Lavin
As Himself (Host - S11 - present)
Devyn SimoneDevyn Simone
As Herself (S23 - 3rd Place/S25 - present)
John DevenanzioJohn Devenanzio
As Himself - S13 - 1st Elim/S14 - Runner-Up/S15 - 3rd Elim/S16&S18; Winner/S20 - 8th Elim/ (S21&S22; - Winner/S24 - Runner-Up/S25 - present)
Johnny ReillyJohnny Reilly
As Himself (S25 - present)
Laurel StuckyLaurel Stucky
As Herself - S19 - 2nd Place/S20 - Runner-Up/S21 - 2nd Place/ (S25 - present)
Nany GonzálezNany González
As Herself (S23 - 8th Elim/S24 - 6th Elim/S25 - present)
Zach NicholsZach Nichols
As Himself (S23 - Winner/S24 - Disqualifed/S25 - present)
C.T. TamburelloC.T. Tamburello
As Himself - S08&S10; - Runner-Up/S13 - 15th Elim/S14 - Removed/S15 - Runner-Up/S17 Disqualified/S21 - 8th Elim/ (S22 - 2nd Place/S24 - Winner/S25 - 11th Elim)
Theresa Gonzalez (1)Theresa Gonzalez (1)
As Herself - S19 - 8th Elim/S20 - 8th Elim/S21 - 3rd Elim/ (S24 - 4th Elim/S25 - 11th Elim)
Cara Maria SorbelloCara Maria Sorbello
As Herself - S19 - 1st Elim/S20 - Runner-Up/S21 - 2nd Place/S22 - 4th Elim/ (S23 - 3rd Elim/S24 - Runner-Up/S25 - 10th Elim)

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13x16: The Duel Reunion recap: Svetlana, Annesa, Evan, Diam, CT, Beth, Brad, and Jodi reunite in this reunion special. Tina also appears for 15 minutes on the show. When Beth hears of her arrival she tells producers she does not want to be on the same room with Tina. Hosted by Sussi from TRL, and its 1 hour long... read more.

13x13: The Big Split recap: Wes and Svetlana win the day's challenge. At the end Evan and CT go into the duel... read more.

13x5: Goodbye Casey recap: Cassy and Robin go into the duel. Robin wins.. read more.

13x4: The Drama Mafia recap: Tyler and CT go into the duel. CT wins.. read more.

11x14: Mac-Beth recap: The Veterans are still upset with Beth and her performance and Aneesa is talking with Julie that they need to get rid of Beth. Beth over hears Aneesa and confronts her and Aneesa could really care less and the two get into it again. Later, Julie talks to Beth and Beth says there is no way she is going home. The teams head to their next mission where they will need to pair up in teams of two and climb up to a platform above water. Trick is the platform moves and they will need to switch sides and move to the ladder on the opposite side and climb down. The teams have 10 minutes to complete it or they will be given the maximum ten minutes which they will also get if they are disqualified. The rookies are up first and end up with three teams being either disqualified or not able to complete the challenge including Kina who is devastated. The Veterans are up next and also end up with three ten minutes penalty's but they believe their two teams that finished the course were faster then the Rookies and are celebrating which leaves the Rookies depleted. Kina worries about who she will pick for the Gauntlet before the winner is announced. They meet up in front of TJ where TJ give the Vets time as just over 36 minutes then gives the Rookies time of just over 33 minutes. The Veterans are shocked and the Rookies are surprised by the win. The Vets then realize that maybe losing isn't such a bad thing because they can hopefully get rid of Beth at the Gauntlet, who was once again less then stellar during the mission failing to barely get herself out of the water. At the deliberation Aneesa is chosen to go against Beth and TJ spins the wheel and Aneesa is hoping for "Beach Brawl" and it lands on it and Aneesa goes crazy and Beth looks terrified. At the Gauntlet Beth comes out wearing jeans and Aneesa is still pumped to take out Beth but Beth tells TJ she is not competing. TJ is disappointed and asks why she didn't quit when he asked all the quitters to quit. Beth says she can't rub oil on herself and fight someone that it goes against her morals... read more.
Classification: Reality
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Returning Series
Network: MTV ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 01, 1998
Episode Order: 14
• Battle of the Exes (Season 22 Title), (Used In USA)
• Battle of the Exes 2 (Season 26 Title), (Used In USA)
• Battle of the Seasons (Season 5 Title), (Used In USA)
• Battle of the Seasons II (Season 23 Title), (Used In USA)
• Battle of the Sexes (Season 6 Title), (Used In USA)
• Battle of the Sexes II (Season 9 Title), (Used In USA)
• Challenge (Season 2 title), (Used In USA)
• Challenge 2000 (Season 3 Title), (Used In USA)
• Cutthroat (Season 20 Title), (Used In USA)
• Extreme Challenge (Season 4 Title), (Used In USA)
• Free Agents (Season 25 Title), (Used In USA)
• Fresh Meat (Season 12 Title), (Used In USA)
• Fresh Meat II (Season 19 Title), (Used In USA)
• Real World/Road Rules Challenge (Original title), (Used In USA)
• Rivals (Season 21 Title), (Used In USA)
• Rivals II (Season 24 Title), (Used In USA)
• Road Rules: All Stars (Season 1 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines (Season 27 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Duel (Season 13 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Duel II (Season 17 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Gauntlet (Season 7 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Gauntlet II (Season 11 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Gauntlet III (Season 15 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Inferno (Season 8 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Inferno II (Season 10 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Inferno III (Season 14 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Island (Season 16 Title), (Used In USA)
• The Ruins (Season 18 Title), (Used In USA)
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