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Mac-Beth - Recap

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The Veterans are still upset with Beth and her performance and Aneesa is talking with Julie that they need to get rid of Beth. Beth over hears Aneesa and confronts her and Aneesa could really care less and the two get into it again. Later, Julie talks to Beth and Beth says there is no way she is going home. The teams head to their next mission where they will need to pair up in teams of two and climb up to a platform above water. Trick is the platform moves and they will need to switch sides and move to the ladder on the opposite side and climb down. The teams have 10 minutes to complete it or they will be given the maximum ten minutes which they will also get if they are disqualified. The rookies are up first and end up with three teams being either disqualified or not able to complete the challenge including Kina who is devastated. The Veterans are up next and also end up with three ten minutes penalty's but they believe their two teams that finished the course were faster then the Rookies and are celebrating which leaves the Rookies depleted. Kina worries about who she will pick for the Gauntlet before the winner is announced. They meet up in front of TJ where TJ give the Vets time as just over 36 minutes then gives the Rookies time of just over 33 minutes. The Veterans are shocked and the Rookies are surprised by the win. The Vets then realize that maybe losing isn't such a bad thing because they can hopefully get rid of Beth at the Gauntlet, who was once again less then stellar during the mission failing to barely get herself out of the water. At the deliberation Aneesa is chosen to go against Beth and TJ spins the wheel and Aneesa is hoping for "Beach Brawl" and it lands on it and Aneesa goes crazy and Beth looks terrified. At the Gauntlet Beth comes out wearing jeans and Aneesa is still pumped to take out Beth but Beth tells TJ she is not competing. TJ is disappointed and asks why she didn't quit when he asked all the quitters to quit. Beth says she can't rub oil on herself and fight someone that it goes against her morals.