Suck It - Recap

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Previously On Robot Chicken

After dumping slime on Keith McCrawford at the end of Season 1, Robot Chicken, Scientist, and Seth Green Face Peter Griffin, Space Ghost, and Master Shake in the Adult Swim Council.
They declare them guilty and sentence them into a screen floating through space. But it is hit by aliens, Dumping Seth back on the You Can't Do That On Robot Chicken set. After seeing seth have slime dumped on him, Keith renews the show. The Chicken however, lands outside the Scientist's Castle, just in time for the opening credits.

Arcade Pervert:
A teen uses his "joystick" to beat arcade games.

A kid disrespects the flag, and then we see how this causes terrorism.Then we se other ways to prevent terrorism such as accidently putting 49 stars on an american flag cake, voting for democrats, and buying The Core in a bookstore. The creator of this video, George W. Bush, tells us the old terrorist system will be replaced by rubber duckies. For example, the one named Englebert symbolizes "all clear".

Hangman Serial Killer:
After seeing a third Hangman, two stick figures decide there's a muderer on the loose.

You Whore!:
Mr. Potato Head Discovers a shocking secret when his wife give birth to a carrot.

The Six Million Peso Man:
After a mexican hits a cactus, scientists turn him into a bionic man.On his first mission, he crosses the American border.

John 8:7:
Jesus recites a passage to stop people from fighting.

Two Scoops!:
Sunny, the Raisin Bran Mascot, tries to get two scoopes of raisins, terrorizing the townsfolk.

Skater McGee:
A reanimated corpse of the greatest skater ever teaches
a group of skaters the Monster Cookie Pinwheel. After the skaters kill themselves, we see he just a man teaching skaters tricks which will kill them.

Space Invaders:
Two aliens from Space Invaders talk about what's going on in the game, and then revolt against the ship.

Ogre Returns:
A kid explaning TARDIS gets called a nerd by Ogre from Revenge Of The Nerds.

The Creature Gets Picked Up:
The Creature From The Black Lagoon goes to a bar.
I Wish Unicorns Were Real:
A kid plays with a Unicorn.

The Six Million Peso Man (Part 2):
Despite his Powers, The Six Million Peso Man can only sell oranges for a living.

Randy Savage vs. Kool-Aid Man:
It's amazing how a wrestler and a mascot have the same catchphrase.

Mr. & Mrs. Brady:
The Brady Bunch become assasins.