Season 5

61 :05x01 - Denial

Some changes are made around the office. Mike and Rachel's big news ends up having to play second fiddle to Harvey and Mike's case.
Guest Stars: Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard | Cornell Womack as Kevin Slattery | Jere Burns as Vince Sanfilippo
Director: Anton Cropper
Writer: Aaron Korsh

62 :05x02 - Compensation

Harvey attempts to find a replacement for Donna. Mike attempts to justify a case to Jessica.
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff | Pooch Hall as Jimmy | Max Topplin as Harold Gunderson | Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinski | Michael Reilly Burke as Teddy | Brandon Firla as Jonathan Sidwell | Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane

63 :05x03 - No Refills

Harvey uses some star power in his conflict with Jack. Robert Zane to co-counsel is brought in by Mike.
Guest Stars: Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard | John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff | Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinski | Charles Barkley as Himself | Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane

64 :05x04 - No Puedo Hacerlo

Harvey steps outside his usual area of expertise, in order to take a case from a client who has a special tie to the firm. Mike and Zane work their class-action case together, but Mike learns they have different ideas about what constitutes a win - for themselves, and for their clients. And Donna counsels Louis on the best way to settle a feud.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Amy Acker as Esther

65 :05x05 - Toe to Toe

When Harvey's bitter rival Travis Tanner turns up on the other side of a case, claiming to be a changed man, Harvey and Mike must decide whether to believe him - or bury him. As Harvey's sessions with Dr. Agard continue, she links his personal stake in the Tanner fight to issues from his past. Meanwhile, Jessica tasks Louis to make things right with Harvey, and with Rachel and Donna's help he devises a plan - one which could make an enemy of the formidable Jack Soloff.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff | Eric Close as Travis Tanner | Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard
Director: Kevin Bray

66 :05x06 - Privilege

Reeling from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks, Harvey is forced to make a tough personal decision in a case that touches a nerve. Meanwhile, Mike and Louis have taken over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client, and must decide what to do when that client's demands go against his own best interests. And Donna tries to work her magic to make Rachel's dream wedding possibl

Source: USA
Guest Stars: J.R. Bourne as Samuel | Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinski | John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff | Titus Welliver as Dominic Barone | Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard
Writer: Kyle Long

67 :05x07 - Hitting Home

At Jessica's behest, Mike teams up with Jack Soloff to co-counsel a case, and despite their history the two come to a surprising understanding. Meanwhile, Esther Litt returns to P.S.L. to solve a problem discreetly, but Louis rarely handles anything quietly - especially when it comes to family. And Donna and Harvey try to get their friendship back to normal, but Harvey has a hard time stomaching Donna's "friendly advice."

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard | John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff | Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinski | Amy Acker as Esther | David Costabile as Daniel Hardman |
Co-Guest Stars: Brendan Murray as Raul Esposito | Trudy Weiss as Judge | Alison Brooks as Alison Brooks | Barna Moricz as Kenneth Jackson | Buddy Arbuck as Young Harvey | Adam Langton as Scott
Director: Roger Kumble

68 :05x08 - Mea Culpa

Jessica does damage control in the wake of Harvey punching Louis, just as Jack Soloff and Daniel Hardman are looking for weaknesses to exploit. Meanwhile, Donna counsels both men on how to rectify their issues. And Mike must find a way to turn down his recently announced promotion without raising suspicion - while he and Rachel combat an opposing attorney who holds the key to uncovering his secret.

Source: USA

69 :05x09 - Uninvited Guests

Rachel and her mother, Laura Zane, plan for Rachel's dream wedding, but Rachel fears the event may reveal Mike's secret. Meanwhile Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff make their move against Jessica and the partners, as Harvey and Mike tangle with Hardman's mysterious backer, and Louis tries to find Jack's Achilles heel.

Source: USA

70 :05x10 - Faith

Jessica and Louis attempt to rally the partners to prevent the takeover attempt by Hardman and Soloff. Mike and Harvey both have to deal with demons from the past as they make potentially life-altering decisions.

71 :05x11 - Blowback

Jessica and Harvey have to come up with a defense, even though Mike is guilty.
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff | Leslie Hope as Anita Gibbs | Tom Lipinski as Trevor | Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane | Abigail Spencer as Dana 'Scottie' Scott |
Co-Guest Stars: Suzanne McKenney as Juge Ralls | Trevor Pease as Guard | Conrad Pla as Ron Da'Mico | Lamont James as Prison Guard | Jeff Gruen as Man in suit
Director: Cherie Nowlan

72 :05x12 - Live to Fight...

Mike and Louis attempt to find out more about an anonymous tipster so that they can try and diffuse a damning piece of evidence;.

73 :05x13 - God's Green Earth

Harvey and Mike clash over their strategy for Mike's trial.

74 :05x14 - Self Defense

Time is running out before the trial and Mike wants to represent himself. Harvey wants lead and challenges Mike to a showdown. Louis attempts to get Sheila out of the picture for good.

75 :05x15 - Tick Tock

Louis thinks about Anita Gibbs' offer of immunity. Rachel offers Mike advise on how to win over the people in the courtroom.

76 :05x16 - 25th Hour

With the judgment just around the corner, it threatens to ruin the lives of the people closest to Mike. Mike makes one last play.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Finance
Status: Returning Series
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 23, 2011
Episode Order: 16
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