Swamp People

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 29/Aug/2010 Houdini's Last Escape
03 01x03 05/Sep/2010 Troy's Gamble
04 01x04 12/Sep/2010 Cannibal Gator
05 01x05 19/Sep/2010 Force Of Nature
06 01x06 26/Sep/2010 Family Feuds
07 01x07 10/Oct/2010 Swamp Wars
08 01x08 17/Oct/2010 Gator Voodoo
09 01x09 24/Oct/2010 Final Countdown

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
11 02x01 31/Mar/2011 Gator Gauntlet
12 02x02 07/Apr/2011 Hunter or Hunted?
13 02x03 14/Apr/2011 Shooting Wild
14 02x04 21/Apr/2011 First Mates
15 02x05 28/Apr/2011 Hot Pursuit
18 02x08 19/May/2011 Rising Sons
19 02x09 26/May/2011 Full Moon Fever
20 02x10 09/Jun/2011 It's Personal
21 02x11 16/Jun/2011 Beat the Clock
22 02x12 23/Jun/2011 Rising Pressure
23 02x13 30/Jun/2011 House Divided
25 02x15 14/Jul/2011 2 Days To Tag Out
26 02x16 21/Jul/2011 Swamp Showdown

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
27 03x01 09/Feb/2012 Gator Gold Rush
28 03x02 16/Feb/2012 No Guts, No Gator
29 03x03 23/Feb/2012 Divide to Conquer
31 03x05 08/Mar/2012 Avenged
32 03x06 15/Mar/2012 Treebreaker 2
33 03x07 29/Mar/2012 Something Wicked this Way Comes
34 03x08 05/Apr/2012 Rising Waters
35 03x09 12/Apr/2012 Rebound
36 03x10 19/Apr/2012 Gates of Hell
37 03x11 26/Apr/2012 Under Siege
39 03x13 10/May/2012 Scorched
40 03x14 17/May/2012 Voodoo Bayou
41 03x15 24/May/2012 Turf War
42 03x16 31/May/2012 Big Gators, Big Dollars
43 03x17 07/Jun/2012 Never Say Die
44 03x18 14/Jun/2012 Cold-Blooded
45 03x19 21/Jun/2012 King of the Swamp
46 03x20 28/Jun/2012 Man Down
47 03x21 05/Jul/2012 Stick and Move
48 03x22 12/Jul/2012 Bayou's Best

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
49 04x01 14/Feb/2013 Swamp Invaders
50 04x02 21/Feb/2013 50th Episode: Texas Hold 'Em
51 04x03 28/Feb/2013 Floating Dead
52 04x04 07/Mar/2013 The Poacher
53 04x05 14/Mar/2013 Blood Lines
54 04x06 21/Mar/2013 Waging War
55 04x07 28/Mar/2013 Deadly Chili
57 04x09 11/Apr/2013 Breaking Point
58 04x10 18/Apr/2013 Cursed
59 04x11 25/Apr/2013 Ride or Die
60 04x12 02/May/2013 Devoured
61 04x13 09/May/2013 Young Blood
62 04x14 16/May/2013 Deadly Duo
63 04x15 23/May/2013 Lightning Strikes
64 04x16 30/May/2013 Sabotaged
65 04x17 06/Jun/2013 Down Goes the King
66 04x18 13/Jun/2013 Blood Runs Deep
67 04x19 20/Jun/2013 Beast of the East
68 04x20 27/Jun/2013 The Reaper
69 04x21 11/Jul/2013 Deadly Divide
70 04x22 18/Jul/2013 No Tomorrow

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
72 05x02 10/Feb/2014 Aerial Assault
73 05x03 17/Feb/2014 Gator Jacked
76 05x06 10/Mar/2014 Hooked
77 05x07 17/Mar/2014 Devil at the Door
78 05x08 24/Mar/2014 Gator Ghost Town
79 05x09 31/Mar/2014 Hexed
80 05x10 14/Apr/2014 Rumble in the Swamp
81 05x11 21/Apr/2014 Beast of the Lake
82 05x12 28/Apr/2014 Way of the Swamp
83 05x13 06/May/2014 Outer Limits
84 05x14 12/May/2014 Blood Brothers
85 05x15 19/May/2014 Swamp Ambush
87 05x17 09/Jun/2014 Captain Invincible
88 05x18 16/Jun/2014 Unbreakable Bonds
89 05x19 23/Jun/2014 Metalhead
90 05x20 30/Jun/2014 Day of Reckoning
91 05x21 07/Jul/2014 Lethal Encounters
92 05x22 20/Oct/2014 Big Head Bites It

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 06x02 09/Feb/2015 Gator Gridlock
04 06x04 23/Feb/2015 Feast or Fawn
05 06x05 02/Mar/2015 Pirate of the Bayou
07 06x07 16/Mar/2015 Bullettproof
08 06x08 23/Mar/2015 Badlands
09 06x09 30/Mar/2015 Outlaw & Disorder
11 06x11 13/Apr/2015 Blood Moon
12 06x12 20/Apr/2015 Bounty or Bust
13 06x13 27/Apr/2015 Royal Reunion
14 06x14 04/May/2015 Bait & Switch
15 06x15 11/May/2015 The Three Kings
16 06x16 18/May/2015 The Phantom
17 06x17 22/Jun/2015 Gator Boo-Fay
18 06x18 29/Jun/2015 Here Gator Gator
19 06x19 06/Jul/2015 Of Gods & Otters
20 06x20 13/Jul/2015 Now or Never

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 07x01 08/Feb/2016 High Water Hell
23 07x03 22/Feb/2016 All Hands on Deck
24 07x04 29/Feb/2016 Home Turf
25 07x05 07/Mar/2016 Monster Men
27 07x07 21/Mar/2016 Sweet Revenge
29 07x09 04/Apr/2016 Better Late Than Never
30 07x10 11/Apr/2016 Cannibal Country
31 07x11 18/Apr/2016 Big Claw
32 07x12 25/Apr/2016 Home Stretch
33 07x13 02/May/2016 End of the Line

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S02 - #1 17/Nov/2011 Swampsgiving
S04 - #2 26/Nov/2013 Swampsgiving 2
S05 - #3 27/Jan/2014 Ten Deadliest Hunts
S05 - #4 03/Feb/2014 Gator Recon

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