Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth, a one-hour scripted drama, tells the story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother in a poor neighborhood. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls. (Source: ABC Family)

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Next: 5x01 -- Season 5, Episode 1 (2017)

Prev: 4x20 -- And Always Searching for Beauty (Oct/26/2015)

Bay has her first gallery show; Lily prepares to give birth; Bay and Daphne consider their future; John is arrested.

Available Episodes

To Repel Ghosts
Aug 24, 2015
Season 4 episode 11

There is My Heart
Mar 10, 2015
Season 4 episode 10

The Player's Choice
Mar 03, 2015
Season 4 episode 9

Art Like Love is Ded..
Feb 24, 2015
Season 4 episode 8

Fog and Storm and Ra..
Feb 17, 2015
Season 4 episode 7

Black and Gray
Feb 10, 2015
Season 4 episode 6

At First Clear Word
Feb 03, 2015
Season 4 episode 5

Sean BerdySean Berdy
As Emmett Bledsoe
Lucas GrabeelLucas Grabeel
As Toby Kennish
Katie LeclercKatie Leclerc
As Daphne Vasquez
Vanessa MaranoVanessa Marano
As Bay Kennish
Constance MarieConstance Marie
As Regina Vasquez
D.W. MoffettD.W. Moffett
As John Kennish
Lea ThompsonLea Thompson
As Kathryn Kennish
Gilles G. MariniGilles G. Marini
As Angelo Sorrento (Season 2-3; recurring otherwise)

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2x19: What Goes Up Must Come Down recap: Bay visits Ty at the military base to tell him about ways that he could get out of going to Afghanistan. H doesn't want to try any of her ideas and asks if they can just enjoy the time they have left until he leaves. He invites her on a camping trip... read more.

2x18: As The Shadows Deepen recap: Ty tries to fix his car while Bay waits in the passenger seat. Mary Beth walks by and tells Bay that the park, Maui, will be closing the on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because there isn't enough business. Ty says that they can't close the park because some things are permanent and he smiles at Bay... read more.

2x17: Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger recap: Jace kisses Daphne before she teaches him how to swim. They see Senator Chip flirt with some women by the pool. After the swim lesson, Daphne meets with Parker, who is crying. Parker is pregnant with Chip's baby... read more.

2x16: The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living recap: Daphne returns home from her jog to find the door wide open, chairs knocked over and a broken beer bottle shattered across the floor... read more.

2x15: Ecce Mono recap: John enters the kitchen, sweaty and thirsty. He throws his arm around his wife just before she calls a young Toby and young Bay to breakfast. Kathryn puts Bay into her chair and sets the food down as the phone rings. John picks it up and a stunned look crosses his face. He silences the kids to keep them quiet so he can hear and Kathryn asks what’s wrong. He puts the phone down... read more.
Recurring Guests

Ryan Lane as Travis (50 eps)
Marlee Matlin as Melody (40 eps)
Ivonne Coll as Adrianna (27 eps)
Max Adler as Miles "Tank" Conroy (19 eps)
B.K. Cannon as Mary-Beth (19 eps)
Cassi Thomson as Nikki (17 eps)
Maiara Walsh as Simone (16 eps)
Rachel Shenton as Lily (15 eps)
Blair Redford as Ty (15 eps)
Austin Butler as Wilke (15 eps)

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