That Girl

That Girl

That Girl made television history by being one of the first shows to focus on a single, working woman. The show followed the life of Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) as she made a living working various jobs in New York City while trying to make her mark on the New York stage. In New York, Ann Marie met Don Hollinger (Ted Bessell) who quickly became her boyfriend, and with the help of her family and close friends, Ann Marie found a way to make her own way in the fast-paced New York lifestyle.

Programming History:
September 1966 - April 1967: Thursdays 9:30 pm
April 1967 - January 1969: Thursdays 9:00 pm
February 1969-September 1970: Thursdays 8:00 pm
September 1970-September 1971: Friday 9:00 pm

Episode Info

Final: 5x24 -- The Elevated Woman (Mar/19/1971)

Available Episodes

The Elevated Woman
Mar 19, 1971
Season 5 episode 24

Soot Yourself
Mar 12, 1971
Season 5 episode 23

Two For the Money
Mar 05, 1971
Season 5 episode 22

Stag Party
Feb 26, 1971
Season 5 episode 21

That King
Feb 19, 1971
Season 5 episode 20

Chef's Night Out
Feb 12, 1971
Season 5 episode 19

That Shoplifter
Feb 05, 1971
Season 5 episode 18

Marlo ThomasMarlo Thomas
As Ann Marie
Ted BessellTed Bessell
As Donald Hollinger


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This series is so remarkable! It stayed on a longer one because of the crazy romantic love between Ann and Don! I still remember this TV show years ago, it’s really one of the best sitcom and for the whole 5 seasons, all episodes stayed admirable to the eyes of the viewers like me! My fave episode here is “When In Rome” lol, it’s kind of funny when Ann gets a part in an Italian movie and she didn’t know she’ll be doing a nude scene, lol! Anyway, for those who haven’t seen this yet I know a place where you can purchase this one it’s at I bought a copy from this store and I must say, the copy is really good enough to be included in my collection of classic TV series! Great picture quality with much clearer and louder sounds! Can’t get enough of Marlo Thomas because she’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and this series is really adorable. Read more

Review posted on Friday, August 30th 2013 at 11:35 am

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Recurring Guests

Lew Parker as Mr. Marie (33 eps)
Bernie Kopell as Jerry Bauman (18 eps)
Bonnie Scott as Judy Bessamer (18 eps)
Rosemary DeCamp as Mrs. Marie (14 eps)
Carolyn Daniels (2) as Ruth Bauman (9 eps)
Dabney Coleman as Dr. Leon Bessamer (8 eps)
Ruth Buzzi as Pete (5 eps)
Mabel Albertson as Mrs. Hollinger (5 eps)
Jesse White as Clinton Hayworth (4 eps)
Hal Williams as Court Clerk (3 eps)

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