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Season 11

1713 :11x01 - Leah Remini

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1715 :11x03 - Celine Dion

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1721 :11x09 - Pink, Zendaya

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1728 :11x16 - Justin Timberlake

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1735 :11x23 - Jack Black, Lorde

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1737 :11x25 - Miley Cyrus

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1748 :11x36 - Michael Ealy, Keith Urban, Romany Malco

Ellen Degeneres was joined by special guest DJ Romany Malco and showed off some simple children's Halloween costumes. Keith Urban talked about his new single and performed it alongside Karen Fairchild. Michael Ealy also talked about his latest projects. Ellen also met two firefighters who saved some puppies.
Musical Guests: Keith Urban as Himself | Karen Fairchild as Herself | Romany Malco as Himself (DJ) |
Interviewees: Michael Ealy as Himself

1749 :11x37 - Rachel McAdams, Hailee Steinfeld

Ellen Degeneres and DJ Tony Okungbowa were joined by Rachel McAdams who discussed her halloween plans and the movies she's starred in. Hailee Steinfeld reveals how nervous she is over her Oscar recognition. Ellen gives a audience member a prize of a holiday to Cabo. Kevin Nealon appeared to talk about his latest projects. Plus 'The Twitter Challenge' comes live from Madison with Jeannie Klisiewicz.
Interviewees: Kevin Nealon as Himself | Hailee Steinfeld as Herself | Rachel McAdams as Herself |
Featuring: Jeannie Klisiewicz as Herself

1750 :11x38 - Ed O'Neill, Alma Deutscher

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Musical Guests: Alma Deutscher as Herself |
Interviewees: Ed O'Neill as Himself

1751 :11x39 - Alison Sweeney

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Interviewees: Alison Sweeney as Herself

1752 :11x40 - Jennifer Garner

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Interviewees: Jennifer Garner as Herself |
Featuring: Adam Yenser as Kevin the Cashier

1753 :11x41 - Melissa McCarthy

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Interviewees: Melissa McCarthy as Herself

1754 :11x42 - Matthew McConaughey, Taye Diggs, James Blunt

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Musical Guests: James Blunt as Himself |
Interviewees: Matthew McConaughey as Himself | Taye Diggs as Himself

1755 :11x43 - Ashton Kutcher, Jose Andres, Sting

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Musical Guests: Sting as Himself |
Interviewees: Jose Andres as Himself | Ashton Kutcher as Himself

1757 :11x45 - Rob Lowe, Paris Hilton

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Interviewees: Rob Lowe as Himself

1763 :11x51 - James Franco

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1765 :11x53 - Fergie, Kym Douglas

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1768 :11x56 - Lady Gaga

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1776 :11x63 - Adam Levine

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1777 :11x64 - Kelly Clarkson

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1781 :11x68 - Lea Michele

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1787 :11x74 - Katy Perry

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1791 :11x78 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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1805 :11x92 - Jay Leno, Terry Crews

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1808 :11x95 - Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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1814 :11x101 - Kevin Hart

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1816 :11x103 - Cameron Diaz

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1818 :11x105 - Bradley Cooper

Ellen was joined by Bradley Cooper. Askhat Singh performed, whilst tWitch guest DJ-ed.
Musical Guests: Akshat Singh as Himself |
Interviewees: Bradley Cooper as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1819 :11x106 - Harry Connick Jr., Gabrielle Union

Ellen was joined by Harry Connick Jr., Gabrielle Union and Jamie Anderson.
Interviewees: Harry Connick, Jr. as Himself | Gabrielle Union as Herself | Jamie Anderson (1) as Herself | Rebel Wilson as Herself

1820 :11x107 - Jonah Hill, Lionel Richie

Ellen was joined by Jonah Hill and Lionel Richie who also performed.
Musical Guests: Lionel Richie as Himself |
Interviewees: Cee Lo Green as Himself | Jonah Hill as Himself

1821 :11x108 - David Spade, Kym Douglas

Ellen was joined by David Spade and had beauty tips from Kym Douglas.
Interviewees: David Spade as Himself | Kym Douglas (1) as Herself

1822 :11x109 - Jessica Lange, Lupita Nyong'o, Steve Spangler

Ellen was joined by Jessica Lange, Lupita Nyong'o and science guy Steve Spangler.
Interviewees: Steve Spangler as Himself | Lupita Nyong'o as Herself | Jessica Lange as Herself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1823 :11x110 - Tim Allen

Ellen was joined by Tim Allen.
Interviewees: Tim Allen as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1824 :11x111 - Minnie Driver

Ellen was joined by Minnie Driver.
Interviewees: Minnie Driver as Herself

1825 :11x112 - Jimmy Kimmel, Allison Williams

Ellen was joined by Jimmy Kimmel and Alison Williams. Plus tWitch covered as DJ.
Interviewees: David Wise (1) as Himself | Jimmy Kimmel as Himself | Allison Williams as Herself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1826 :11x113 - Post-Oscar live show

Ellen hosts a special live episode after presenting the Oscars over the weekend.

1827 :11x114 - Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan Bucatinsky, Theresa Caputo

Ellen was joined today by Sarah Jessica Parker and Theresa Caputo.
Interviewees: Sarah Jessica Parker as Herself | Theresa Caputo as Herself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1828 :11x115 - Cheryl Hines, Dan Bucatinsky, Aloe Blacc

Ellen was joined today by Cheryl Hines.
Interviewees: Cheryl Hines as Herself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1838 :11x125 - Emma Watson, Jason Bateman, Brandy Clark

Ellen Degeneres was joined by guest co-host Jason Bateman and actress Emma Watson.
Guest Hosts: Jason Bateman as Himself |
Interviewees: Emma Watson (1) as Herself

1839 :11x126 - Lindsay Lohan, Amy Schumer

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Linday Lohan who talked about her new series. Plus Amy Schumer who also talked about the new season of her show. John-Robert Rimel performed and tWitch appeared as the guest DJ.
Musical Guests: John Robert-rimel as Himself |
Interviewees: Amy Schumer as Herself | Lindsay Lohan as Herself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1840 :11x127 - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cheryl Hines, Beck

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cheryl Hines discussed her role on 'Suburgatory'. Beck performed.
Musical Guests: Beck as Himself |
Interviewees: Jennifer Love Hewitt as Herself | Cheryl Hines as Herself

1841 :11x128 - Simon Baker, Anthony Mackie

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Simon Baker who talked about the latest season of 'The Mentalist'. Sophia Grace and Rosie appeared and Anthony Mackie talked about his part in the new 'Captain America' movie.
Interviewees: Simon Baker as Himself | Anthony Mackie as Himself |
Featuring: Rosie Grace McClelland as Herself | Sophia Grace Brownlee as Herself

1842 :11x129 - Luke Bryan, B.J. Novak, Kym Douglas

Ellen Degeneres was joined by singer Luke Bryan, author B.J. Novak who discussed his new book 'One More Thing: Stories ad Other Stories'. Plus beauty tips from Kym Douglas.
Interviewees: Luke Bryan as Himself | B.J. Novak as Himself |
Featuring: Kym Douglas (1) as Herself

1843 :11x130 - Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dan & Shay

Ellen Degeneres was joined by the cast of 'The Amazing Spider-man 2'. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx. Dan & Shay performed and guest DJ tWitch appeared.
Musical Guests: Dan + Shay as Themselves |
Interviewees: Jamie Foxx as Himself | Emma Stone as Herself | Andrew Garfield as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1844 :11x131 - Greg Kinnear, NeNe Leakes, Aloe Blacc

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Greg Kinnear who discussed starring in "Heaven Is for Real". Plus a contestant from this season of "Dancing With the Stars" NeNe Leakes and a young woman who stars in a viral video of her talking gibberish in several different languages. Aloe Blacc performed and DJ tWitch appeared as the DJ.
Musical Guests: Aloe Blacc as Himself |
Interviewees: Nene Leakes as Herself | Greg Kinnear as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1845 :11x132 - Viola Davis, Kate Mara

Ellen Degeneres was joined by star of "Mad Men" Jon Hamm and star of "Transcendence" Kate Mara.
Interviewees: Viola Davis as Herself | Kate Mara as Herself

1846 :11x133 - Guillermo Diaz, Rob Lowe

Ellen Degeneres was joined by guest co-host Rob Lowe.
Guest Hosts: Rob Lowe as Himself |
Interviewees: Guillermo Diaz as Himself

1847 :11x134 - Zooey Deschanel, Chadwick Boseman, Pharrell Williams

Ellen Degeneres was joined by star of "New Girl" Zooey Deschanel. Plus Chadwick Boseman discusses starring in "Draft Day". Pharrell Williams performed.
Musical Guests: Pharrell Williams as Himself |
Interviewees: Zooey Deschanel as Herself | Chadwick Boseman as Himself

1848 :11x135 - Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Miranda Lambert

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Miranda Lambert who performed.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Hall (2) as Herself | Paul Bettany as Himself | Johnny Depp as Himself |
Musical Guests: Miranda Lambert as Herself

1849 :11x136 - Eva Longoria, Clark Gregg

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Eva Longaria and Clark Gregg. Plus music from Pharrell and guest DJ tWitch.
Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Herself | Clark Gregg as Himself |
Musical Guests: Pharrell Williams as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1850 :11x137 - Kate Walsh, Marlon Wayans, Ellie Goulding

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Kate Walsh, Marlon Wayans and music from Ellie Goulding.
Guest Stars: Kate Walsh as Herself | Marlon Wayans as Himself |
Musical Guests: Ellie Goulding as Herself

1851 :11x138 - Billy Crystal, Katie Lowes, Frank Turner

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Billy Crystal and Katie Lowes. Plus music from Frank Turner and guest DJ tWitch.
Guest Stars: Frank Turner (4) as Himself | Katie Lowes as Herself | Billy Crystal as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1852 :11x139 - Chelsea Handler, Elisabeth Moss, Jason Derulo

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Chelsea Handler and Elisabeth Moss. Plus music from Jason Derulo.
Guest Stars: Chelsea Handler as Herself | Elisabeth Moss as Herself |
Musical Guests: Jason Derulo as Himself

1853 :11x140 - Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Needtobreathe

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Kristen Bell and Tony Hale. Plus music from Needtobreathe and guest DJ tWitch.
Guest Stars: Tony Hale as Himself | Kristen Bell as Herself |
Musical Guests: Needtobreathe as Themselves |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1854 :11x141 - Ice Cube, Drew Carey

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Ice Cube and Drew Carey & Cheryl Burke. Plus Tayt Anderson and guest DJ tWitch.
Guest Stars: Tayt Anderson as Himself | Cheryl Burke as Herself | Ice Cube as Himself |
Featuring: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1855 :11x142 - Ellen Pompeo, Phillip Phillips

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Ellen Pompeo. Plus Marty Cobb and a performance from Phillip Phillips.
Guest Stars: Ellen Pompeo as Herself | Marty Cobb as Himself |
Musical Guests: Phillip Phillips as Himself

1856 :11x143 - Annette Bening, Loni Love

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Annette Bening.
Guest Stars: Annette Bening as Herself

1857 :11x144 - Adam Levine

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Adam Levine.
Guest Stars: Adam Levine as Himself

1858 :11x145 - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Kunal Nayyar

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Plus James Matthews a once homeless pianist and a performance from Shakira.
Guest Stars: Mary-Kate Olsen as Herself | Ashley Olsen as Herself |
Musical Guests: James Matthews (1) as Himself | Shakira as Herself

1859 :11x146 - LL Cool J, Amy Purdy & Derek Hough

Ellen Degeneres was joined by LL Cool J, Amy Purdy & Derek Hough. Plus a performance from Kai Langer.
Guest Stars: Amy Purdy as Herself | LL Cool J as Himself | Derek Hough as Himself |
Musical Guests: Kai Langer as Himself

1860 :11x147 - Robin Roberts, Carla Bruni

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Robin Roberts. Plus a performance from Carla Bruni.
Guest Stars: Robin Roberts as Herself |
Musical Guests: Carla Bruni as Herself

1861 :11x148 - Ryan Seacrest, Dave Franco

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Ryan Seacrest and Dave Franco.
Guest Stars: Ryan Seacrest as Himself | Dave Franco as Himself

1862 :11x149 - Seth Rogen, Christina Hendricks

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Seth Rogen and Christina Hendricks.
Guest Stars: Seth Rogen as Himself | Christina Hendricks as Herself

1863 :11x150 - Beth Behrs, Minnie Driver

Ellen Degeneres was joined by Beth Behrs and Minnie Driver.
Guest Stars: Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ) | Minnie Driver as Herself | Beth Behrs as Herself |
Musical Guests: Ricky Martin (1) as Himself

1864 :11x151 - Megan Fox, Taye Diggs

Ellen was joined by Megan Fox and Taye Diggs.
Guest Stars: Megan Fox (2) as Herself | Taye Diggs as Himself | Stephen "twitch" Boss as Himself (Guest DJ)

1865 :11x152 - Kevin Spacey, Alison Sweeney, Ariana Grande

Ellen was joined by Kevin Spacey, Allison Sweeney and Ariana Grande.
Guest Stars: Ariana Grande as Herself | Alison Sweeney as Herself | Kevin Spacey as Himself

1866 :11x153 - Julia Roberts, Ray LaMontagne

Ellen was joined by Julia Roberts and Ray LaMontagne.
Guest Stars: Julia Roberts as Herself | Ray LaMontagne as Himself

1867 :11x154 - Connie Britton, Ellie Kemper

Ellen was joined by Connie Britton and Ellie Kemper.
Guest Stars: Connie Britton as Herself | Ellie Kemper as Herself

1868 :11x155 - Mila Kunis, Keith Urban

Ellen was joined by Mila Kunis and Keith Urban.
Guest Stars: Keith Urban as Himself | Mila Kunis as Herself

1869 :11x156 - Eric Stonestreet, Ludacris

Ellen was joined by Eric Stonestreet and Ludacris.
Guest Stars: Eric Stonestreet as Himself | Ludacris as Himself

1870 :11x157 - Maya Rudolph, Sean Hayes, Kym Douglas

Ellen was joined by Maya Rudolph and Kym Douglas.
Guest Stars: Sean Hayes (2) as Himself | Kym Douglas (1) as Herself | Maya Rudolph as Herself

1871 :11x158 - Emily Blunt, Ansel Elgort

Ellen was joined by Emily Blunt and Ansel Elgort.
Guest Stars: Emily Blunt as Herself | Ansel Elgort as Himself

1872 :11x159 - Allison Janney, Florida Georgia Line

Ellen was joined by Allison Janney and Florida Georgia Line.
Guest Stars: Allison Janney as Herself |
Musical Guests: Florida Georgia Line as Themselves

1873 :11x160 - Amanda Seyfried, Ed Sheeran

Ellen was joined by Amanda Seyfried and Ed Sheeran.
Guest Stars: Ed Sheeran as Himself | Amanda Seyfried as Herself

1874 :11x161 - Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Nealon, Terry Crews, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sia

Ellen was joined by Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Nealon, Terry Crews and Wendi McLendon-Covey. Plus a performance from Sia and Sophia Grace & Rosie.
Guest Stars: Rosie Grace McClelland as Herself | Sophia Grace Brownlee as Herself | Sia as Herself | Wendi McLendon-Covey as Herself | Terry Crews as Himself | Kevin Nealon as Himself | Drew Barrymore as Herself | Adam Sandler as Himself

1875 :11x162 - Halle Berry, Tim McGraw

Ellen was joined by Halle Berry and Tim McGraw.
Guest Stars: Halle Berry as Herself | Tim McGraw as Himself

1876 :11x163 - Charlize Theron, Seth MacFarlane, Coldplay

Ellen was joined by Charlize Theron & Seth MacFarlane. Plus guest DJ Loni Love and music from Coldplay.
Guest Stars: Seth MacFarlane as Himself | Charlize Theron as Herself | Loni Love as Herself (Guest DJ) |
Musical Guests: Coldplay as Themselves

1877 :11x164 - Jim Parsons, Sasha Alexander

Ellen was joined by Jim Parsons and Sasha Alexander. Plus a performance from Bars & Melody.
Guest Stars: Jim Parsons as Himself | Sasha Alexander as Herself |
Musical Guests: Bars & Melody as Themselves

1878 :11x165 - Diane Keaton, Taylor Kitsch

Ellen was joined by Diane Keaton and Taylor Kitsch. Plus a performance from Jason Mraz.
Guest Stars: Diane Keaton as Herself | Taylor Kitsch as Himself |
Musical Guests: Jason Mraz as Himself

1879 :11x166 - Ellen Page, Katie Lowes, Jheny Aiko

With Ellen Page, Katie Lowes and Jheny Alko.
Guest Stars: Jheny Alko as Herself | Katie Lowes as Herself | Ellen Page as Herself

1880 :11x167 - Leah Remini, dancers from "So You Think You Can Dance", Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic

With Leah Remini, Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic.
Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Herself | Ryan Tedder as Himself | OneRepublic as Themselves

1881 :11x168 - Jeff Bridges

With Jeff Bridges.
Guest Stars: Jeff Bridges as Himself

1882 :11x169 - Wanda Sykes, Matt Bomer, salsa dancers Beberly Devers & Kevin Tellez

With Wanda Sykes, Matt Bomer, Beberly Devers & Kevin Tellez.
Guest Stars: Kevin Tellez as Himself | Beberly Devers as Herself | Matthew Bomer as Himself | Wanda Sykes as Herself

1883 :11x170 - R5

With R5.
Musical Guests: R5 as Themselves

1884 :11x171 - Ed Sheeran

With Ed Sheeran.
Musical Guests: Ed Sheeran as Himself
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