The First 48

Season 15

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Season 15

The First 48 Presents: The Killer Verdict

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306 :15x01 - The House on Madrona Street

An Atlanta woman is found naked and strangled to death in an abandoned house; the investigation into the crime reveals more disturbing facts.

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307 :15x02 - Blood on Bourbon

The New Orleans homicide team uses surveillance footage to gather evidence on a mass shooting on tourists and innocent bystanders in the French Quarter.

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308 :15x03 - Blood Lust

Detective David Quinn tracks a killer with a powerful weapon who is keeping the city of Atlanta gripped with fear.

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309 :15x04 - Secrets and Lies

An investigation into a street-corner execution reveals that the female victim's close friends may have been involved in the crime.

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310 :15x05 - Murder on Maiden Lane

A crew of robbers guns down an Atlanta father; a detective working her first case suspects that she may be pursuing the wrong suspect.

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311 :15x06 - Last Shift

A violent attack in a Tulsa, Okla., barbershop leaves an employee dead and numerous people wounded; the hunt begins for a killer with an AK-47 assault rifle.

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312 :15x07 - M.I.A.

The homicide department in Tulsa, Okla., suspects foul play in the case of a welder who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

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313 :15x08 - Knock Knock

Police must wade through a web of secrets and lies when a man is found dead in his Tulsa, Okla., hotel room.

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314 :15x09 - The Third Man; Cash Money Murder

New Orleans police look for the killer of a hip-hop promoter whilst night of drinking turns deadly in Tulsa.

315 :15x10 - Moonie; Dark Impulse

A New Orleans woman is discovered having been stabbed to death and left in a rubbish bin the day before Thanksgiving whilst an Atlanta man's friend and girlfriend become the main suspects following his fatal stabbing.

316 :15x11 - Bloody Valentine; Storm Warning

A man ends up being shot to death as he visits his son in Tulsa whilst a home invasion in Atlanta leaves a teenager dead.

319 :15x14 - In a Lonely Place

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320 :15x15 - Broken Home

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