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The First 48

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 03/Jun/2004 Gangs of Little Havana/Execution in Coconut Grove
2 1x02 10/Jun/2004 Overkill/Left for Dead
3 1x03 17/Jun/2004 Blood in the Snow/Swope Park Killing
4 1x04 24/Jun/2004 Double Murder on Haskell/Back Alley Revenge
5 1x05 01/Jul/2004 Body in the Park/Ruby Street Shooting
6 1x06 29/Jul/2004 Killing Spree
7 1x07 05/Aug/2004 On Ice/Body in the Canal
8 1x08 12/Aug/2004 Fire in the Rain/Family Feud
9 1x09 19/Aug/2004 Desert Bones/Party's Over
10 1x10 26/Aug/2004 At Death's Door/Wrong Side of the Tracks
11 1x11 02/Sep/2004 Stripper's Revenge/Dead on Arrival
12 1x12 16/Sep/2004 At Close Range/Murder in Motor City
13 1x13 18/Nov/2004 Silent Witness/Halley Street Slayings

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 06/Jan/2005 A Serial Killer Calls
15 2x02 13/Jan/2005 House of Santeria/Murder on the Interstate
16 2x03 20/Jan/2005 Hostile Takeover/Shot in the Back
17 2x04 03/Feb/2005 Hunt for Teeth/Coyote Blue
18 2x05 03/Mar/2005 Deadly Betrayal
19 2x06 10/Apr/2005 Downstream Drifter/Muder in Room 162
20 2x07 14/Apr/2005 Twisted Honor/Vultures
21 2x08 07/Apr/2005 Silence in the Grove/Show Stopper
22 2x09 12/May/2005 Devil's Candy
23 2x10 09/Jun/2005 Fallen/Texas Burning
24 2x11 21/Jul/2005 Murder in the Driveway/Double Shooting in the Beans
25 2x12 04/Aug/2005 Roadside Burning/Blood Ties
26 2x13 11/Aug/2005 Deadly Attraction

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
27 3x01 06/Oct/2005 House of Blood/Last Man Standing
28 3x02 13/Oct/2005 Duct Tape Murder/Custody of the Devil
29 3x03 20/Oct/2005 Fish out of Water/Good Samaritan
30 3x04 03/Nov/2005 Evil Streak/.50 Caliber
31 3x05 01/Dec/2005 Foolproof Alibi/Left Behind
32 3x06 15/Dec/2005 Fifty Dollar Murder/Murder in Liberty City
33 3x07 22/Dec/2005 Torched
34 3x08 29/Dec/2005 Point Blank/Shoot Out
35 3x09 05/Jan/2006 Last Exit/Out Cold
36 3x10 12/Jan/2006 Dead Man Running/Crash
37 3x11 09/Feb/2006 Close Ties/Last Call
38 3x12 02/Mar/2006 Pack of Lies

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
39 4x01 15/Jun/2006 Loved to Death/Unmasked
40 4x02 22/Jun/2006 Inner Demons/Kids with Guns
41 4x03 06/Jul/2006 The Witness/The Trunk
42 4x04 20/Jul/2006 Pre-emptive Strike/Unlucky
43 4x05 27/Jul/2006 Memphis Blues/Knife to the Heart
44 4x06 17/Aug/2006 The Boogie Man/Murder on Flowering Peach
45 4x07 24/Aug/2006 The Run Around/Night Cap
46 4x08 31/Aug/2006 Crossfire/School Ties
47 4x09 14/Sep/2006 Fool for Love/Dumped
48 4x10 21/Sep/2006 The Wrong Man/Five Points Payback
49 4x11 28/Sep/2006 Candy Lady/Best of Friends
50 4x12 05/Oct/2006 Family Affair/The Hustler
51 4x13 12/Oct/2006 Motel Massacre/Pure Innocent
52 4x14 16/Nov/2006 Broken Alibis/A Good Woman
53 4x15 30/Nov/2006 Houdini/Innocence Lost
54 4x16 07/Dec/2006 Wrong Turn/Deadly Dance
55 4x17 14/Dec/2006 Moment of Truth/Cat and Mouse
56 4x18 21/Dec/2006 Get that Money/Senseless
57 4x19 28/Dec/2006 Easy Prey/Widowmaker

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
58 5x01 11/Jan/2007 Family Secrets/Clipped
59 5x02 18/Jan/2007 Fatal Pickup/Bad Neighbor
60 5x03 25/Jan/2007 Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark
61 5x04 01/Feb/2007 Blood Trail/50G Murder
62 5x05 21/Feb/2007 Live to Tell/Field of Lies
63 5x06 01/Mar/2007 Stray Bullet/Payback
64 5x07 08/Mar/2007 The Good Book/Nightmare
65 5x08 15/Mar/2007 To Die For/Highway Revenge
66 5x09 05/Apr/2007 Final Investment/Writing on the Wall
67 5x10 12/Apr/2007 Silenced
68 5x11 19/Apr/2007 Last Dance/Deadly Deal
69 5x12 24/May/2007 Hard Fall
70 5x13 31/May/2007 Reversal of Fortune/Running Scared

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
71 6x01 21/Jun/2007 Missing Witness/Who's Knocking
72 6x02 12/Jul/2007 Blindsided
73 6x03 19/Jul/2007 20 Bucks/Family Friends
74 6x04 26/Jul/2007 Bicycle Bandits/First Shot
75 6x05 02/Aug/2007 Last Birthday
76 6x06 09/Aug/2007 Floated Away/Tagged
77 6x07 16/Aug/2007 Friend or Foe/Code of Silence
78 6x08 23/Aug/2007 Thrown Away/Crimson Trail
79 6x09 30/Aug/2007 About Face/Backyard Murder
80 6x10 13/Sep/2007 Stepping Up/Foul Shot
81 6x11 20/Sep/2007 Double Life
82 6x12 11/Oct/2007 Shooting Spree/Lady in the Fire
83 6x13 18/Oct/2007 Bad Call/Ricochet
84 6x14 25/Oct/2007 Neighborhood Sweetheart/Hail of Gunfire
85 6x15 01/Nov/2007 Misled/Somebody's Daddy
86 6x16 08/Nov/2007 Motel No-Tell/Brotherly Love
87 6x17 29/Nov/2007 The Tender Trap/Bait and Switch
88 6x18 06/Dec/2007 Fit of Rage/Mean Streets

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
89 7x01 10/Jan/2008 Inked in Blood
90 7x02 17/Jan/2008 Double Time
91 7x03 24/Jan/2008 Dead Sleep/Tag Team
92 7x04 31/Jan/2008 Unnecessary Roughness/Stolen Life
93 7x05 07/Feb/2008 Burden of Proof/Backfire
94 7x06 06/Mar/2008 American Dream/Easter Sunday
95 7x07 13/Mar/2008 Better Days/Wildflower
96 7x08 20/Mar/2008 Last Ride/Trailer Trap
97 7x09 27/Mar/2008 Lured In/Disaster
98 7x10 03/Apr/2008 Dropped Call/Derailed
99 7x11 10/Apr/2008 Shell Shocked/Cradle to Grave
100 7x12 15/May/2008 Ashes and Snow
101 7x13 22/May/2008 Deal Breaker/Gunplay
102 7x14 29/May/2008 Frenzy/Hard Truth
103 7x15 01/Jul/2008 Last Fare
104 7x16 08/Jul/2008 Last Night Out/Death Do Us Part
105 7x17 15/Jul/2008 Lester Street
106 7x18 15/Jul/2008 Breaking the Silence/Letters of Intent
107 7x19 22/Jul/2008 Bail Out/Seeing Red
108 7x20 22/Jul/2008 Blackout
109 7x21 29/Jul/2008 The Last Yard/Root of All Evil
110 7x22 05/Aug/2008 Moving Out/Among Thieves
111 7x23 19/Aug/2008 Unwelcome Guest/Wrecked
112 7x24 26/Aug/2008 Collateral/Driven to Kill
113 7x25 02/Sep/2008 In Cold Blood/Red Handed
114 7x26 09/Sep/2008 River's Edge
115 7x27 16/Sep/2008 Snapped/Fallen Angel
116 7x28 23/Sep/2008 Smoke/Touch of Evil
117 7x29 09/Dec/2008 Coma/Disappeared

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
118 8x01 01/Jan/2009 Gone
119 8x02 08/Jan/2009 Return to Sender/Death Camp
120 8x03 15/Jan/2009 Crashing the Gate/6000 Motives
121 8x04 15/Jan/2009 Obstruction/Flight Risk
122 8x05 22/Jan/2009 Blood Money/Fifteen
123 8x06 29/Jan/2009 Out of the Past/Feud
124 8x07 05/Feb/2009 Devil Inside/Rattlesnake
125 8x08 19/Feb/2009 Blame Game/Chasing Shadows
126 8x09 05/Mar/2009 Live Bait/Drama at the Classic
127 8x10 19/Mar/2009 Out of Sight/Missing Piece
128 8x11 26/Mar/2009 Shattered Dreams/Left to Die
129 8x12 16/Apr/2009 Up in Flames/Drive-By
130 8x13 23/Apr/2009 One Heart

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
131 9x01 16/Jun/2009 Last Wish
132 9x02 23/Jun/2009 Signs of Violence/Live by the Gun
133 9x03 23/Jun/2009 Cold as Ice
134 9x04 30/Jun/2009 Road Hazard/Cold
135 9x05 07/Jul/2009 In Broad Daylight/Fight Club
136 9x06 21/Jul/2009 Ditched
137 9x07 28/Jul/2009 Caught Up
138 9x08 11/Aug/2009 Torn/Gun Crazy
139 9x09 01/Sep/2009 Johnny Black/Stranger Than Fiction
140 9x10 08/Sep/2009 Heart of Gold/Last Breath
141 9x11 15/Sep/2009 Blind Rage/Those Closest To Us

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
142 10x01 14/Jan/2010 Twist of Fate
143 10x02 21/Jan/2010 Body of Evidence
144 10x03 28/Jan/2010 Lost Highway/Out for Murda
145 10x04 04/Feb/2010 10 Pounds
146 10x05 11/Feb/2010 Cut Down/9-1-1
147 10x06 04/Mar/2010 Smoke Screen/The Last Goodbye
148 10x07 11/Mar/2010 Straight Menace
149 10x08 25/Mar/2010 Alias/Dual
150 10x09 01/Apr/2010 Eye for an Eye/Dead End
151 10x10 08/Apr/2010 Hale Storm
152 10x11 15/Apr/2010 In Harm's Way/Jealous Rage
153 10x12 22/Apr/2010 The Stranger/Prince of Darkness
154 10x13 06/May/2010 Mixed Up/Blind Alley
155 10x14 13/May/2010 Division/Loose Ends
156 10x15 27/May/2010 Schoolyard Revenge
157 10x16 10/Jun/2010 Girl Fight/Blink of an Eye
158 10x17 08/Jul/2010 John Doe/Night of the Dead
159 10x18 15/Jul/2010 Deadly Gamble/Inside Job
160 10x19 22/Jul/2010 No Escape/Trail of Evidence
161 10x20 29/Jul/2010 Critical Condition/Love Thy Neighbor
162 10x21 05/Aug/2010 Bad Connection/Heartbreak
163 10x22 05/Aug/2010 Life Snatched
164 10x23 12/Aug/2010 The Good Son/Jacked Up
165 10x24 19/Aug/2010 Silent Rage/Tainted Love

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
166 11x01 30/Sep/2010 Carjacked/Roll of the Dice
167 11x02 07/Oct/2010 Marked for Death
168 11x03 14/Oct/2010 Winter Games
169 11x04 21/Oct/2010 Off the Tracks
170 11x05 28/Oct/2010 Underworld
171 11x06 04/Nov/2010 One of Ours
172 11x07 11/Nov/2010 Gimme Shelter/Misstep
173 11x08 18/Nov/2010 What Lies Beneath/Back for Blood
174 11x09 02/Dec/2010 Left To Burn/Trigger Happy
175 11x10 09/Dec/2010 Thicker Than Water
176 11x11 16/Dec/2010 Rules of the Game/Outgunned
177 11x12 06/Jan/2011 Insider/Paradise Lost/Bad Debt
178 11x13 13/Jan/2011 Waterworld
179 11x14 20/Jan/2011 The Slip/Pure Victim
180 11x15 27/Jan/2011 Terribly Wrong/Setting the Score
181 11x16 03/Feb/2011 Final Call/Fatal Fury
182 11x17 10/Feb/2011 Dying Declaration/One Last Score
183 11x18 17/Feb/2011 Street Law/Standing Up
184 11x19 03/Mar/2011 Brother's Blood/Trapped
185 11x20 17/Mar/2011 Southwick/Devil's Doorway
186 11x21 24/Mar/2011 Beatdown/Pistol Whipped
187 11x22 31/Mar/2011 Bad Company
188 11x23 07/Apr/2011 Night Out/One Gram
189 11x24 12/May/2011 Fear Factor/Fall Guy
190 11x25 19/May/2011 Mother and Child
191 11x26 26/May/2011 The Ring/Last Drive
192 11x27 02/Jun/2011 Without a Trace/Street Justice
193 11x28 09/Jun/2011 Cold and Callous
194 11x29 16/Jun/2011 Snake Eyes/No Way Out
195 11x30 30/Jun/2011 Brother's Bread/Into the Woods
196 11x31 07/Jul/2011 Stolen Lives/Family Bonds
197 11x32 14/Jul/2011 Burning Rage/Fallen Soldiers
198 11x33 18/Aug/2011 Last Words/Nowhere to Hide
199 11x34 25/Aug/2011 Hit List/Hand in Hand
200 11x35 01/Sep/2011 No Return/Dangerous Game
201 11x36 08/Sep/2011 Love Her Madly/Off Track
202 11x37 13/Oct/2011 Blood Alley/Bad Deal
203 11x38 20/Oct/2011 The Chase/One Shot
204 11x39 27/Oct/2011 Caught in the Middle
205 11x40 08/Dec/2011 Pointless/Set Up
206 11x41 15/Dec/2011 Love Kills/Justified

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
207 12x03 05/Jan/2012 Ultimate Price
208 12x04 19/Jan/2012 Hot Lot/Blind Faith
209 12x05 08/Mar/2012 Missing
210 12x06 15/Mar/2012 Deadly Encounter/Car Trouble
211 12x07 22/Mar/2012 Down in Overtown/Breaking Point
212 12x08 29/Mar/2012 Tiny Dancers/Right Hand Man
213 12x09 05/Apr/2012 Under One Roof/Off Target
214 12x10 12/Apr/2012 Bad Attitude/Collateral Damage
215 12x11 19/Apr/2012 Cold Light of Day
216 12x12 26/Apr/2012 Far from Home/Object of Desire
217 12x13 03/May/2012 Unarmed/Bad Feeling
218 12x14 10/May/2012 Brutal Business
219 12x15 07/Jun/2012 A Simple Plan/The Rip-Off
220 12x16 14/Jun/2012 Less Than Zero/Friends For Life
221 12x17 28/Jun/2012 House of Pain/Into the Night
222 12x18 28/Jun/2012 Night Shift/Mobbed
223 12x19 12/Jul/2012 Shattered
224 12x20 19/Jul/2012 Massacre in Little Haiti/Exposed
225 12x21 16/Aug/2012 Deadly Ride/Wrong Place, Wrong Time
226 12x22 30/Aug/2012 Father and Son/Dangerous Attraction
227 12x23 06/Sep/2012 Murder in Pleasant Grove
228 12x24 13/Sep/2012 Innocent Bystander/Partners in Crime
229 12x25 20/Sep/2012 Blood Red/Deadly Moves
230 12x26 04/Oct/2012 Blood on the Streets
231 12x27 11/Oct/2012 Schoolgirls/Out of the Shadows
232 12x28 15/Nov/2012 Fatal Call
233 12x29 29/Nov/2012 Killer Debt/House of Rage
234 12x30 06/Dec/2012 Nightmare in Greedy Grove/Good Man Down
235 12x31 13/Dec/2012 The House Next Door/The Showdown
236 12x32 20/Dec/2012 Strapped/The Killer Next Door

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
237 13x01 07/Mar/2013 Birthday Girl
238 13x02 14/Mar/2013 Deadly Obsession / The Killer You Know
239 13x03 21/Mar/2013 Hot Ride / Debt Collector
240 13x04 28/Mar/2013 Desperate Moves
241 13x05 04/Apr/2013 Wild Ride
242 13x06 11/Apr/2013 Easy Money/Ambushed
243 13x07 18/Apr/2013 Uncommon Valor
244 13x08 25/Apr/2013 Into the Graveyard
245 13x09 02/May/2013 The Girl Who Knew Too Much / The Guardian
246 13x10 09/May/2013 The Cover Up / Bad Seed
247 13x11 30/May/2013 Best Laid Plans / Burned Alive
248 13x12 06/Jun/2013 New Year's Terror / Deadly Friends
249 13x13 08/Aug/2013 Blood Feud
250 13x14 15/Aug/2013 Bad Reputation / Deadly Party
251 13x15 12/Sep/2013 Last Stop: Paradise / Bad Blood
252 13x16 03/Oct/2013 When a Stranger Calls / Sweet 16
253 13x17 10/Oct/2013 Deadly Morning
254 13x18 17/Oct/2013 Brother's Keeper / Fighting Words
255 13x19 24/Oct/2013 A Date With Death / Paid in Blood
256 13x20 14/Nov/2013 Kiss of Death
257 13x21 29/Nov/2013 Dead End Drive / The Fixer
258 13x22 29/Nov/2013 Bound and Burned
259 13x23 13/Dec/2013 Game Over / Long Walk Home
260 13x24 13/Dec/2013 For a Quick Buck / Bloody Sunday
261 13x25 20/Dec/2013 Murder Rap
262 13x26 20/Dec/2013 Jacked / Fallen Idol
263 13x27 27/Dec/2013 Calling for a Killer / Boiling Point
264 13x28 27/Dec/2013 Teardrops / Almost Home
265 13x29 28/Feb/2014 Heartless
266 13x30 07/Mar/2014 Run and Gun / Lonesome Highway
267 13x31 10/Apr/2014 The Rookie / Cornered
268 13x32 17/Apr/2014 The Graveyard Shift
269 13x33 24/Apr/2014 Abandoned in the Bayou
270 13x34 01/May/2014 Million Dollar Question
271 13x35 08/May/2014 Trust No One / Risky Business
272 13x36 29/May/2014 Killer Connection / Bloody Birthday

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 14x00 Unaired Secrets and Lies
273 14x01 19/Jun/2014 Safe House
274 14x02 26/Jun/2014 Deadly Secret/ Behind Closed Doors
275 14x03 03/Jul/2014 What Lies Beneath/ Pistol Whipped
276 14x04 03/Jul/2014 Cold Embrace
277 14x05 10/Jul/2014 Cold Betrayal
278 14x06 17/Jul/2014 Graveyard Love
279 14x07 24/Jul/2014 Gun Fight / The Ring
280 14x08 31/Jul/2014 Who's Knocking; Payback
281 14x09 07/Aug/2014 Crossing the Line/The Landlord
282 14x10 14/Aug/2014 Bad Medicine
283 14x11 21/Aug/2014 The Case That Haunts Me: A 10th Aniversary Special
284 14x12 18/Sep/2014 Senior Year
285 14x13 25/Sep/2014 Shattered Glass
286 14x14 02/Oct/2014 Broad Daylight
287 14x15 09/Oct/2014 Family Ties/ A Good Neighbor
288 14x16 16/Oct/2014 Murder in Treme
289 14x17 23/Oct/2014 Red Brick / Last Kiss
290 14x18 17/Nov/2014 Dark Waters
291 14x19 01/Jan/2015 Dead Wrong
292 14x20 08/Jan/2015 Ringside Seat
293 14x21 22/Jan/2015 Lying in Wait / With This Ring
294 14x22 29/Jan/2015 The Passenger / Death Call
295 14x23 05/Feb/2015 Rocky Road / Something She Said
296 14x24 09/Feb/2015 Stray Shot
297 14x25 12/Feb/2015 Fast Friends / The Thin Line
298 14x26 26/Feb/2015 Stray Shot
299 14x27 09/Mar/2015 Cranked
300 14x28 16/Mar/2015 Neighborhood Watch / Eye in the Skye
301 14x29 02/Apr/2015 Bad Love
302 14x30 09/Apr/2015 Soldier Down / Blood Vendetta
303 14x31 30/Apr/2015 Night Run
304 14x32 14/May/2015 Closing Time / Family Matters
305 14x33 21/May/2015 Last Run / Mean Mugging

S04 - #103/Aug/2006Miami City ViceN/A
S07 - #207/Oct/2008After the First 48: Murder on the Interstate10
S07 - #314/Oct/2008After the First 48: Fool for Love/CrashN/A
S08 - #412/Feb/2009After the First 48: Blindsided/Killing SpreeN/A
S08 - #526/Feb/2009After the First 48: Silenced/Downstream DrifterN/A
S09 - #614/Jul/2009After the First 48: BlackoutN/A
S09 - #718/Aug/2009After the First 48: Ashes and Snow/Backyard MurderN/A
S10 - #818/Feb/2010After the First 48: Bait and Switch8
S10 - #918/Mar/2010Forensic Evidence8
S10 - #1029/Apr/2010After the First 48: Burden of Proof/Last Ride8
S10 - #1103/Jun/2010After the First 48: Disappeared/Red Handed5
S10 - #1215/Jul/2010After the First 48: The BoogeymanN/A
S10 - #1326/Aug/2010After the First 48: Bail Out4.5
S11 - #1407/Oct/2010After the First 48: Letters of Intent/Family FriendN/A
S11 - #1514/Oct/2010After the First 48: The Good BookN/A
S11 - #1621/Oct/2010After the First 48: Last FareN/A
S11 - #1728/Oct/2010After the First 48: Innocent LostN/A
S11 - #1804/Nov/2010After the First 48: Gun Play/No-Tell MotelN/A
S11 - #1911/Nov/2010After the First 48: Drama at The Classic/50G MurderN/A
S11 - #2018/Nov/2010After the First 48: Return to Sender/Left BehindN/A
S11 - #2114/Apr/2011After the First 48: Signs of ViolenceN/A
S11 - #2223/Jun/2011After the First 48: Last Yard8
S11 - #2311/Aug/2011After the First 48: Lester Street7
S11 - #2403/Nov/2011After the First 48: Torn8
S11 - #2510/Nov/2011After the First 48: Final Investment8
S11 - #2622/Dec/2011After the First 48: Hale Storm8
S11 - #2729/Dec/2011After the First 48: Bad CompanyN/A
S12 - #2812/Jan/2012After the First 48: Loose Ends8
S12 - #2926/Jan/2012After the First 48: Fifteen8
S12 - #3008/Mar/2012The Killer SpeaksN/A
S12 - #3112/Apr/2012After the First 48: Shattered Dreams8
S12 - #3219/Apr/2012After the First 48: Better Days/Inked In Blood8
S12 - #3326/Apr/2012After the First 48: In Harm's WayN/A
S12 - #3403/May/2012After the First 48: Cold as Ice8
S12 - #3510/May/2012After the First 48: Torched/Girl Fight8
S12 - #3617/May/2012After the First 48: Tag Team/Heart of Gold8
S12 - #3705/Jul/2012After the First 48: Rules of the Game7
S12 - #3826/Jul/2012After the First 48: Last Call/Road Hazard7
S12 - #3902/Aug/2012After the First 48: Cold and Callous/Wrong Man7
S12 - #4009/Aug/2012After the First 48: Stolen Lives/Crimson Trail7
S12 - #4127/Sep/2012After the First 48: Devil Inside/Flight Risk8
S12 - #4218/Oct/2012After the First 48: Bad Attitude8
S12 - #4325/Oct/2012After the First 48: Caught Up/Chasing Shadows8
S12 - #4401/Nov/2012After the First 48: No Return7
S12 - #4514/Feb/2013After the First 48: Into the Woods7
S12 - #4621/Feb/2013After the First 48: John Doe8
S12 - #4728/Feb/2013After the First 48: The Witness8

    Season 14 »
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Crime
Status: Returning Series
Network: A&E; ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 03, 2004
Episode Order: 30
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