The Real Housewives Of Orange County

  Season 11 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 21/Mar/2006 Meet the Wives
02 01x02 28/Mar/2006 Is It Hunting Season, Yet?
03 01x03 04/Apr/2006 Upgrading Has Nothing to do With You Honey
04 01x04 11/Apr/2006 Talk, Talk, Talk
05 01x05 18/Apr/2006 Cut the P and Lem out of Problem and you get ROB
06 01x06 25/Apr/2006 Shocking News
07 01x07 02/May/2006 The Finale
08 01x08 09/May/2006 Reunion

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
09 02x01 16/Jan/2007 The Housewives are Back!
10 02x02 23/Jan/2007 Be Nice to the New Girl
11 02x03 30/Jan/2007 Watch Out Bitches!
12 02x04 06/Feb/2007 Relationships Are Better Than Your Head
13 02x05 13/Feb/2007 Stranger In Your House
14 02x06 20/Feb/2007 Studio, Jewelry, and Babies
15 02x07 27/Feb/2007 Jo Jo the Housewife
16 02x08 06/Mar/2007 Birthday Sex
17 02x09 13/Mar/2007 Finale
18 02x10 20/Mar/2007 Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
19 03x01 06/Nov/2007 Behind The Orange Curtain
20 03x02 13/Nov/2007 My Baby is All Grown Up
21 03x03 20/Nov/2007 Girls Gone Wild
22 03x04 27/Nov/2007 Pantry Raid!
23 03x05 04/Dec/2007 Rebels Without a Cause
24 03x06 11/Dec/2007 The Boys of Summer
25 03x07 18/Dec/2007 Moving Violations
26 03x08 01/Jan/2008 Family Vacation
27 03x09 08/Jan/2008 Frienemies
28 03x10 15/Jan/2008 Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
29 03x11 22/Jan/2008 Here Comes The Bride
30 03x12 29/Jan/2008 Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
31 04x01 25/Nov/2008 Are They for Real
32 04x02 02/Dec/2008 Hold on to Your Daddies
33 04x03 09/Dec/2008 Love Tanks
34 04x04 16/Dec/2008 You Just Don't Get It
35 04x05 23/Dec/2008 120 in the Shade
36 04x06 30/Dec/2008 Cut!
37 04x07 06/Jan/2009 And They're Off...
38 04x08 13/Jan/2009 Naked Wasted
39 04x09 20/Jan/2009 Why Are You Being So Mean To Me?
40 04x10 27/Jan/2009 The Girls Want To Come Out And Play
42 04x12 10/Feb/2009 Are We There Yet?
43 04x13 17/Feb/2009 Bling Bling
44 04x14 24/Feb/2009 Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special
46 04x15 11/Jun/2009 Real Housewives of Orange County: The Lost Footage

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
47 05x01 05/Nov/2009 When the Times Get Tough, the Tough Go Shopping
48 05x02 12/Nov/2009 Friends, Enemies and Husbands
48 05x03 19/Nov/2009 It Ends in Coto de Caza
48 05x04 03/Dec/2009 It's All About Choices
52 05x05 10/Dec/2009 Friends, Facelifts and Florida
53 05x06 17/Dec/2009 All Girls Weekend
54 05x07 07/Jan/2010 Love and War
55 05x08 14/Jan/2010 Let Bygones Be Bygones
56 05x09 21/Jan/2010 No Boundaries
57 05x10 28/Jan/2010 I Can't Stop
58 05x11 04/Feb/2010 Nothing Is as It Seems
59 05x12 11/Feb/2010 You Can Dish It But You Can't Take It
60 05x13 18/Feb/2010 Let's Bow Our Heads and Pray
62 05x15 04/Mar/2010 Is This All There Is?
63 05x16 10/Mar/2010 Reunion Special, Part 1
64 05x17 11/Mar/2010 Reunion Special, Part 2

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
65 06x01 06/Mar/2011 Amped Blondes and Evil Eyes
66 06x02 13/Mar/2011 Shameless in Seattle
67 06x03 20/Mar/2011 A New Lease on Life
68 06x04 27/Mar/2011 Body Shots
69 06x05 03/Apr/2011 No Hate
70 06x06 10/Apr/2011 What a Difference a Year Makes
71 06x07 17/Apr/2011 Riches to Rags
72 06x08 24/Apr/2011 Kiss and Tell
74 06x10 08/May/2011 It's Not a Competition
75 06x11 15/May/2011 Cutting Loose
76 06x12 22/May/2011 Fashion Victim
77 06x13 05/Jun/2011 Girl Fight
78 06x14 12/Jun/2011 Reunion, Part 1
79 06x15 13/Jun/2011 Reunion, Part 2

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
81 07x01 07/Feb/2012 Stranger Things Have Happened
82 07x02 14/Feb/2012 Southern Hospitality
83 07x03 21/Feb/2012 The Honeymoon Is Over
84 07x04 28/Feb/2012 Who's Laughing Now
85 07x05 06/Mar/2012 He Said What
86 07x06 13/Mar/2012 The Party's Over
87 07x07 20/Mar/2012 Under the Knife
88 07x08 03/Apr/2012 Dirty Housewives
89 07x09 10/Apr/2012 Bowling for Champs
89 07x11 24/Apr/2012 What's New, Pussycat?
90 07x12 01/May/2012 Bombs Away
91 07x13 08/May/2012 Whine & Cheese
92 07x14 15/May/2012 Happily Never After
93 07x15 22/May/2012 Scream Therapy
94 07x16 29/May/2012 Rumble in the Jungle
96 07x18 12/Jun/2012 Will He or Won't He?
97 07x19 19/Jun/2012 Finale Part I: Let Them Eat Cake
98 07x20 26/Jun/2012 Finale Part II: Are You in or Out?
99 07x21 10/Jul/2012 Reunion, Part 1
100 07x22 16/Jul/2012 100th Episode: Reunion, Part 2
101 07x23 24/Jul/2012 Lost Footage

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
00 08x00 27/Aug/2013 First Look (2)
102 08x01 01/Apr/2013 Bullies and Babies
103 08x02 08/Apr/2013 Evil Eyes and Evil Faces
104 08x03 15/Apr/2013 Making Up Is Hard to Do
105 08x04 22/Apr/2013 It's My Party and I'll Scream if I Want to
106 08x05 29/Apr/2013 The Party Is Done!
107 08x06 06/May/2013 A Star Is Reborn?
109 08x08 20/May/2013 Hot in Orange County
110 08x09 27/May/2013 Speech Therapy
112 08x11 10/Jun/2013 Dirty Dancing in Mexico
113 08x12 17/Jun/2013 Chicks and Salsa
114 08x13 01/Jul/2013 Wedding Dress Stress
115 08x14 08/Jul/2013 The Cold War
116 08x15 15/Jul/2013 Hold Your Tongue
117 08x16 22/Jul/2013 Crossroads
118 08x17 29/Jul/2013 An Immodest Proposal
119 08x18 05/Aug/2013 Cold Shoulders
120 08x19 12/Aug/2013 Reunion, Part 1
121 08x20 19/Aug/2013 Reunion, Part 2
122 08x21 26/Aug/2013 Reunion, Part 3

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
123 09x01 14/Apr/2014 Hawaii 5 Uh-Oh
124 09x02 21/Apr/2014 Meet & Potatoes
125 09x03 28/Apr/2014 Fakes-giving, Fake Friends
126 09x04 05/May/2014 Pretty Ugly
127 09x05 12/May/2014 I Couldn't Chair Less
128 09x06 26/May/2014 Showdown at the Hoedown
130 09x08 09/Jun/2014 Not So Silent Night
132 09x10 23/Jun/2014 Skunk in the Barnyard
133 09x11 30/Jun/2014 Making Woo-Hoo-Py
134 09x12 07/Jul/2014 La-Bomb-A
135 09x13 14/Jul/2014 Point `Break'
136 09x14 21/Jul/2014 Fully Loaded
137 09x15 28/Jul/2014 Valentines And Birthday Whines
138 09x16 04/Aug/2014 Bali Highs and Lows
139 09x17 11/Aug/2014 Eat, Pray, Run
140 09x18 18/Aug/2014 All Apologies
141 09x19 25/Aug/2014 Reunion Part One
143 09x21 08/Sep/2014 Secrets Revealed

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
00 10x00 30/Mar/2016 Uncensored
144 10x01 08/Jun/2015 Under Construction
145 10x02 15/Jun/2015 Take a Swing
146 10x03 22/Jun/2015 Whine Country
147 10x04 29/Jun/2015 Charity Case
148 10x05 06/Jul/2015 Game Changer
149 10x06 13/Jul/2015 Full Circle
150 10x07 20/Jul/2015 Bowling in Heels
151 10x08 27/Jul/2015 Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies
152 10x09 03/Aug/2015 Swimming With Sharks
153 10x10 10/Aug/2015 Girl Code
154 10x11 17/Aug/2015 A Psychic Surprise
156 10x13 31/Aug/2015 Sex, Lies & Leeches
157 10x14 07/Sep/2015 A Storm Is Coming
158 10x15 14/Sep/2015 Fire Signs
159 10x16 21/Sep/2015 Suspicious Minds
161 10x18 05/Oct/2015 Satan Loves Confusion
162 10x19 12/Oct/2015 Baptism by Fire
163 10x20 19/Oct/2015 Reunion Part One
164 10x21 26/Oct/2015 Reunion Part Two
165 10x22 01/Nov/2015 Reunion Part Three
166 10x23 12/Nov/2015 Brooks Tells All
167 10x24 12/Nov/2015 Secrets Revealed

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
168 11x01 20/Jun/2016 When the Ship Hits the Fan
169 11x02 27/Jun/2016 Making Friends but Not Amends
170 11x03 11/Jul/2016 Lies in the Air, Sand in My Hair
171 11x04 18/Jul/2016 Frozen Assets
172 11x05 25/Jul/2016 Boogie Fights

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 01/Mar/2006 The Presentation Reel
S02 - #2 10/Jan/2007 Season 2 Sneak Peek
S08 - #3 12/Apr/2013 First Look
S08 - #4 24/Jun/2013 100th Episode SPECIAL
S08 - #5 01/Sep/2013 Secrets Revealed
S09 - #6 26/Apr/2014 First Look (2)
S09 - #7 01/May/2014 First Look (3)
S09 - #8 08/May/2014 First Look (4)
S09 - #9 15/May/2014 First Look (5)
S09 - #10 27/May/2014 First Look (6)
S09 - #11 31/May/2014 First Look (7)
S09 - #12 07/Jun/2014 First Look (8)
S09 - #13 14/Jun/2014 First Look (9)
S09 - #14 21/Jun/2014 First Look (10)
S09 - #15 05/Sep/2014 First Look (21)
S10 - #16 18/Jun/2015 Orange County Social: Under Construction
S10 - #17 22/Jun/2015 Orange County Social: Take a Swing
S10 - #18 28/Jun/2015 First Look (1)
S10 - #19 11/Jul/2015 First Look (2)
S10 - #20 09/Aug/2015 First Look (3)
S10 - #21 17/Aug/2015 Orange County Social: Girl Code
S10 - #22 24/Aug/2015 Orange County Social: A Psychic Surprise
S10 - #23 28/Aug/2015 The Moment: Real Housewives Awards
S11 - #24 29/May/2016 Sneak Peek (1)
S11 - #25 18/Jun/2016 Season 11 First Look (1)
S11 - #26 24/Jun/2016 Season 11 First Look (2)
S11 - #27 27/Jun/2016 Social Edition: When the Ship Hits the Fan
S11 - #28 08/Jul/2016 Season 11 First Look (3)
S11 - #29 11/Jul/2016 Social Edition: Making Friends but Not Amends
S11 - #30 18/Jul/2016 Social Edition: Lies in the Air, Sand in My Hair

  Season 11 »
Network: Bravo ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Celebrities, Family, Lifestyle, Romance/Dating
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 21, 2006
Episodes Order: 23
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