Season 6

54 :06x01 - A Murder & an Open Marriage

A murderer kills Ellen Sherman in her home whilst her husband is away. The investigation uncovers a life of wife swapping, and the case goes cold until a forensic scientist and a teenager manage to crack the case.

55 :06x02 - Road to Nowhere

A tax fuel auditor disappears, and the investigation soon involves the disappearance of a long-haul trucker from 13 years ago.

56 :06x03 - Discreet House Cleaning

A young woman about to get married with a new job is discovered dead in her home.

57 :06x04 - Sex, Drugs, and Murder

Thirty-eight-year-old Danny Coleman's burnt remains are found 50 miles from home, and the effort to hunt down his killers will take nearly twenty years.

58 :06x05 - Blood Brotherhood

A couple of fraternity brothers are inseparable until after college when their once close friendship results in a murder.