Season 8

90 :08x01 - New Year's Evil

After 23-year-old Ashley Kline is found murdered in a Pennsylvania wildlife preserve, investigators must piece together the last few moments of her life to determine who killed her.

91 :08x02 - Silent Night

After Jaime Lyn Larson is found murdered in her Portland, Ore., apartment on Christmas day, investigators learn the terrifying truth about her killer.

92 :08x03 - Ashes to Ashes

When 8-year-old girl is discovered strangled to death In Ocean Shores a local woman is instrumental in helping detectives catch the killer.

93 :08x04 - Vicious Voyeur

In North Carolina, a young woman's killer manages to keep the police guessing until he finally slips up.

94 :08x05 - Drive With Danger

Following a night out, a young woman ends up in a shallow grave, and her killer manages to evade police for several decades.

95 :08x06 - Knives and Lies

When a popular teenage boy is discovered stabbed to death in his Salt Lake City home, detectives leave no stone unturned as they attempt to find the person responsible.

96 :08x07 - Last Curtain Call

A former actor is shot in Yuma and the police investigation has leads across the Southwest until they finally get their man.

97 :08x08 - Murder Down Memory Lane

After a young girl describes her mother's killer as being a ninja, police attempt to work out the truth behind the child's description as they put the murderer behind bars.

98 :08x09 - Housebound Homicide

The police manage to track down the killer of a disabled Denver woman and they attempt to establish whether or not she was killed for money or if there was a more personal motive for her death.

99 :08x10 - Kill Now, Pay Later

The police make an arrest in the contract killing of a California businessman and they then soon realize that it's just the start of the story.

100 :08x11 - End of the Line

After a college freshman is found raped and murdered, a rookie police officer manages to catch her killer.

101 :08x12 - Final Lesson

A man in Santa Monica who killed an art teacher evades capture for years as police use every trick in the book to try and catch him.

102 :08x13 - Stone Cold Fusion

The lead advocate for the science of cold fusion ends up being beaten to death and investigators come up with a wide range of suspects, from corporate executives to burglars.