A Crime to Remember

A Crime to Remember

Styles may change but murder lasts forever. In A Crime to Remember, the series looks back into the past and reveals the intricacies of real-life murders of the 50's and 60's. Each story is told by someone who knew the victim and reporters comment on how the murder and investigation impacted society at the time. With each episode learn what the "bad old days" were like and re-live the past.

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Prev: 3x08 -- Bye, Bye Betty (Dec/29/2015)

Betty Williams disappears one night in Odessa, Texas in 1961.



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I was totally captivated by this series, until I was invited to film for the Season 2, second episode, The Shot Doctor. I researched this murder for 10 years, knew all of the characters and published an annotated transcript of the trial, along with a novel, Zora Hurston and the Strange Case of Ruby McCollum. My intent was to tell the true story, and discount rumors that Ruby McCollum, the murderess, was not allowed to testify at her trial. I thought I had put that notion to rest until I saw the final edit of this episode. Read more

Review posted on Friday, November 21st 2014 at 6:21 pm

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