Alias Smith and Jones

Alias Smith and Jones

Into the West came many men. Some were good men and some were bad men. Some were good men with some bad in them. And some were bad men with some good in them. This is the story of two pretty good bad men: Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry.

Together these gentlemen substantially altered the course of America's frontier. They did a lot to change railroad schedules, too. And in all the trains and banks they robbed they never shot anyone. This made our two latter-day Robin Hoods very popular with everyone but the railroads and the banks. Because, unlike Robin Hood, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry robbed from the rich and kept the money for themselves. It was a good life.

But times were changing. Safes were getting better, posses were getting bigger, sheriffs were getting smarter. And modern communications made it only a matter of time until they would be captured and maybe even killed.

When Heyes and Curry are handed an amnesty paper by a little old lady they decide to seek some advice. In the end they are granted a provisional amnesty provided they can stay out of trouble for twelve months.

So for the following year the West's two most wanted men would lead model lives. Lives of temperance, moderation, tranquility. Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry would cease to exist. In their places would ride two men of peace ... Alias Smith and Jones.

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Final: 3x12 -- Only Three to a Bed (Jan/13/1973)

Available Episodes

What's in It for Mia..
Feb 24, 1972
Season 2 episode 22

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Feb 17, 1972
Season 2 episode 21

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Feb 10, 1972
Season 2 episode 20

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Feb 03, 1972
Season 2 episode 19

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Jan 27, 1972
Season 2 episode 18

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Jan 20, 1972
Season 2 episode 17

The McCreedy Bust: G..
Jan 13, 1972
Season 2 episode 16

Pete DuelPete Duel
As Hannibal Heyes / Joshua Smith (episodes 1-33)
Roger Davis (1)Roger Davis (1)
As Hannibal Heyes / Joshua Smith (episodes 34-50)
Ben Murphy (1)Ben Murphy (1)
As Jedediah "Kid" Curry / Thaddeus Jones


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2x17: The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap recap: Hannibal and Kid Curry board a train just as it leaves the station. A well-dressed man, Winford Fletcher, sees them and quickly hides his face with his newspaper. Meanwhile, the two ex-outlaws notice a poker game and one of the players, banker Chester E. Powers, invites them to join them. It's a low-stakes game and Hannibal and Kid Curry eagerly accept the invitation. Meanwhile, Fletcher takes a revolver out of his case and puts it in his coat... read more.

2x6: Something to Get Hung About recap: Heyes and Curry have been hired by Hank Henderson to ask his errant wife, Sarah Henderson to return to him. She appears to have gone off with the very likeable Jim Stokely, and even Heyes at his eloquent best initially fails to make her change her mind, and return to her husband... read more.

2x5: The Posse That Wouldn't Quit recap: Heyes and Kid Curry have been tracked across the country for three days of non stop riding by a posse which will not quit... read more.

2x4: Smiler with a Gun recap: Heyes and the Kid come across Danny Bilson, a man who is as quick on the draw as the Kid. He is also a smooth talker, and very good at cards. While playing cards with Danny, an old miner called Seth offers the three men a deal. He has a gold mine in the Sangre de Cristo mountains but is too frail to work it on his own, so he offers to cut the other three men in on a share if they will help him. It will mean a lot of work but will be worth about thirty thousand dollars... read more.

2x3: Jailbreak at Junction City recap: Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry arrive at Big Bend, hoping for a job which doesn't eventuate and finding themselves flat broke... read more.

Creator: Glen A. Larson
Executive Producer: Roy Huggins
Producer: Glen A. Larson, Jo Swerling, Jr.
Associate Producer: Steve Heilpern, Nicholas E. Baehr
Music Supervisor: Hal Mooney
Set Decorator: Bert Allen, Perry Murdock, Joseph J. Stone
Director of Photography: Gene Polito

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Recurring Guests

Dennis Fimple as Kyle (7 eps)
Walt Davis as Minister (6 eps)
Ford Rainey as Warren Epps (5 eps)
Bill Fletcher as Logan (5 eps)
Jon Lormer as Second Desk Clerk (5 eps)
J.D. Cannon as Harry Briscoe (5 eps)
Mills Watson as Blake (4 eps)
Steve Gravers as Parson (4 eps)
Slim Pickens as Mike (4 eps)
John Russell as Marshall (4 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 21, 1971
Ended: January 13, 1973
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