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All in the Family was both a controversial and groundbreaking show, which debuted as a mid season replacement on CBS January 12, 1971. It became a most influential show in television history and made a impact, changing American TV standards forever. All in the Family was a pioneer in changing TV satire into a more realistic, frank and hard hitting piece of entertainment.

This comedy revolves around Archie Bunker, a hard nosed, bigoted blue-collared working man and his family. He makes no bones about his racial, religious and political views. His wife Edith is a ditsy, subservient woman whom he refers to as 'dingbat,' provides a perfect balance to Archie's harsh demeanor, by being sweet and affectionate to all. Their daughter Gloria and her college-student husband Mike also reside there. The verbal sparring usually comes from Mike, or 'Meathead' as Archie calls him. Their neighbors, The Jefferson's and their liberal son Lionel, also provide their share of angst with Archie.

George Jefferson is the black version of Archie, and soon had a spin-off show called The Jeffersons. After the season nine, Gloria and Mike had left the show, heading off to California. The show continued on as Archie Bunker's Place, focusing now on Archie's bar and included a new character, Edith's niece Stephanie. One more spin-off would occur in the show Gloria, in which she and Mike are now divorced and she, along with son Joey, have moved away and begun working for a veterinarian.

Episode Info

Final: 9x27 -- Too Good Edith (Apr/08/1979)

Archie is hurt and outraged when Edith tries to hide a serious illness from him after trying to prepare a St. Patricks day party at the bar.
Carroll OCarroll O'Connor
As Archie Bunker
Jean StapletonJean Stapleton
As Edith Bunker
Rob ReinerRob Reiner
As Michael Stivic (S01-S08)
Sally StruthersSally Struthers
As Gloria Stivic (S01-S08)
Danielle BriseboisDanielle Brisebois
As Stephanie Mills (S09)

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1x13: The First and Last Supper recap: Archie comes home from work to discover Edith has accepted an invitation to dinner at the Jeffersons. He is upset and tells Edith that he has a chance to go to see the Mets tonight. Archie also refuses to eat dinner with a black family and tells Edith to call them up and decline. She refuses and tells him to do it instead. He calls and tells the Jeffersons that Edith sprained her ankle and can't make it tonight. Lionel comes over to see if he can help her out but notices that Edith is faking a limp. This causes Lionel to question Archie, leading up to asking him if he refuses to eat with his family because they are black. Lionel suggests that they bring the food over to the Bunkers home. Now Archie is really stuck. Meanwhile, there is a petition going around to make sure no more "coloreds" are let into the neighborhood. Archie forgets he has a copy of the petition laying around by his chair. When the Jeffersons arrive someone is missing, George, who refuses to eat in any "honky" home. Instead Henry, George's brother takes his place---as George. A heated argument ensues once Henry reads the petition he finds while sitting in Archie's chair. It is then that he finds out that George is really Henry, and the real George is at the Mets baseball game... read more.

1x12: Success Story recap: Eddie Fraiser, a self made millionaire is coming to town and wants to stop in and see his old Army buddy Archie. He invites all his old Army mates to have a reunion right there in his home. During the stay, Eddie calls his long lost son, who refuses to speak with him. Eddie tells his son that he even called up some old friends as an excuse to come to New York, which Mike overhears. The party goes on with Mike being the only one who knows of his true pain... read more.

1x11: Gloria Discovers Women's Lib recap: Gloria devours some books about women's lib and attempts to convince her family that they all should be seen as equals. When Mike refuses to take her seriously, Gloria moves out. But Mike's main concern is not whether his wife is returning or that he is being alone with Archie and Edith; it's something much more important, his grades. He explains to her that even after reading that he had gotten 2 A's and a B, that it meant nothing without having her there to share in his joy... read more.

1x10: Archie is Worried About His Job recap: A layoff at work has Archie up all night worrying, and awaiting a phone call from the night watchman as to who is being cut. The whole family end up waiting with him, including Mike, who has ordered a pizza, and a stop over from a neighbor just coming home from a date. On top of his worries, a drunken man keeps calling asking for Mary Lou. A policeman stops by after seeing the lights on, which Archie is actually relieved to see thinking he can catch this drunken caller by giving him their address. After he arrives, they find out the drunken man is the cop's Sergeant. Finally the nigh watchman shows up and tells Archie that his area at the plant was being hit, but they are keeping the foreman, which is Archie's job. He now acts relieved, but pretends that he was worried only for the other guys such as Black Elmo and Little Emanuel... read more.

1x9: Edith Has Jury Duty recap: Archie is upset after Edith is called to sit in on jury duty. She though, is enthrawed by the excitment of the duties and feels an importance she doesn't get too often. During dinner, she refuses to talk about the case having been told not to by the judge. Mike figures out it must be the Red Delaney case. Archie though isn't impressed, but instead is upset not having Edith to wait on him hand and foot. The jury get sequestered by the judge after Edith's vote of "not guilty". While watching the news on TV, Archie hears of the case and figures it is probably Edith who is holding things up. Edith though, is having a ball with people waiting on her and a chance to stay in a swank hotel. Edith arrives home just as news is telling about the jury aquitting Red Delaney, and how it was Edith that swayed the vote, including an interview by a reporter on the news... read more.
Recurring Guests

Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson (30 eps)
Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner (23 eps)
Isabel Sanford as Loiuse Jefferson (20 eps)
Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik (15 eps)
Jason Wingreen as Harry (15 eps)
Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo (14 eps)
Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson (11 eps)
Bob Hastings as Tommy Kelsey (10 eps)
Vincent Gardenia as Jim Bowman (9 eps)
Mel Stewart as Henry Jefferson (8 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 12, 1971
Ended: September 16, 1979
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• Mi Familia (Used In Colombia)
• Tudo em Família (Used In Brazil)
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