Aloha Paradise

Aloha Paradise

''ALOHA, PARADISE,'' a series that entered the 1981 ABC lineup with a special two-hour premiere, is ''The Love Boat'' beached in Hawaii. Instead of a floating luxury liner captained by Gavin McLeod, we get a lush resort hotel managed by Debbie Reynolds playing Sidney Chase. Each episode featured several subplots, churned out by different writers and pasted together with a host of second-echelon stars. Another series from Goldberg-Spelling factory.
The hotel's regular staff includes Curtis Shea, a nice-guy assistant manager (Bill Daily), Fran Linhart, an attractive social director (Patricia Klous), Richard Bean, a handsome beach boy (Stephen Shortridge) and a warm-hearted native bartender named Evelyn (Mokihana). Needless to say, guests and staff are under the unfailingly perky supervision of Sydney Chase.
Miss Reynolds is funny and vivacious. In the opening scene of ''Aloha, Paradise,'' she can be seen jogging energetically by herself along a beach. By fadeout, she is joined by most of her staff, obviously overwhelmed with the boss's moxie. By sheer dint and positive thinking, Miss Reynolds tried to get some mileage out a very tired formula.
Theme Song: "Welcome To Paradise" Music: Charles Fox , Lyrics: Carol Bayer Sager.

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Final: 1x08 -- Catching Up/ Wambling Out to Yon/ Black Day at Bad Rock (Apr/29/1981)

A former football player (Grier) has a secret fantasy; a naval officer (Barry) helps a girl with her baseball skills. A naval officer (Gene Barry) must face the fact that his daughter is no longer daddy's little girl and a mysterious man (Red Buttons) helps a depressed ex-football star (Rosie Grier).
A little man (Buttons) with great expectations helps an ex-football player (Grier)realize his dream in "Wambling Out To Yon"; a father (Barry) suffers growing pains when his little leaguer (Martha Nix)blossoms into a pretty young woman in "Catching Up"; Evelyn referees a skirmish that pits Fran against Richard in "Black Day at Bad Rock".

A Naval Commander feels pangs when he meets his daughter he has not seen for two years and realises she has grown into a young woman. What hurts more is that the pretty lass is more interested in chatting up boys than spend time playing baseball with her ageing father. Meanwhile, a mysterious but friendly stranger tries to cheer a depressed ex-football player who has been moping around Paradise Valley since he arrived. Elsewhere, Fran and Richard get involved in a raucous duel of words....
Bill DailyBill Daily
As Curtis Shea
Charles FleischerCharles Fleischer
As Everett, the gardener
Debbie ReynoldsDebbie Reynolds
As Sydney Chase
As Evelyn Pahinui
Pat KlousPat Klous
As Fran Linhart
Stephen ShortridgeStephen Shortridge
As Richard Bean

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1x1: Alex and Annie / Honeymoon Blues / Everything Else recap: "Aloha Paradise" is basically The Love Boat" "docked at "Fantasy Island," minus Mr. Roarke, Tattoo and their magical powers. Our setting is a cozy Hawaiian beachfront resort called
Paradise Village- Plenty of false skies, aerial footage of our 50th state, pans across luscious smorgasbords of tropical foods and shapely models in bikinis.
Debbie Reynolds plays Sydney Chase, who runs Paradise Village with an iron fist, jogs chunkily along the beach every morning in cute sweatsuit and colorful visor and gets involved in her guests' personal lives.
As on "The Love Boat," there's an assortment of assistants to direct traffic and play cupid'— Sydney's bumbling file clerk Curtis (Bill Daily), her perky social director Frank (Pat Klous), he-guy lifeguard Richard (Stephen Shortridge) and economy-sized bartender Evelyn (Mokihana).
The guest stars inckude Van Johnson, Lorne Greene, Jayne Meadows, Louis Jourdan, Dana
Wynter, Dean Jones and Connie Stevens.
Lorne and Jayne surprise their newlywed daughter and son-in-law by joining them on their honeymoon in Paradise Village, oblivions that the youngsters aren't interested in catching rays or playing bridge And so on. Occasionally the show stretches the yarns but in search of laughs. Wednesday night you are asked to believe that a pair of cooing honeymooners have not already consummated their marriage, and are further prevented by the arrival of the bride's overbearing parents (Jayne Meadows Allen and Lorne Green); that an obnox­ious child (Louanne) finds a "super mom" (Connie Stevens) for her single father (Dean Jones) and that a middle- aged couple (Louis Jourdan and Dana Wynter) celebrate their 25th anniversary by pretending to be strangers, hop­ing to find passion again. Into this island paradise barges Sydney's overbearing and long-lost brother, played by an overblown Van Johnson... read more.

Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling
Producer: Michael Norell, Lew Gallo

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Pat Crowley as Unknown (2 eps)
Dori Brenner as Unknown (2 eps)

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