Season 2

12 :02x01 - Episode One

Shocking photos of a student from an elite private high school are posted on social media; the school's headmistress tries to maintain the school's reputation.

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13 :02x02 - Episode Two

Hours after Anne places a 911 call seeking help for her son, Taylor, she begins the byzantine process of getting authorities to pay attention to the alleged crime. Meanwhile, Leslie works to position The Leyland School ahead of the forming investigation; Terri has an intervention with son Kevin; and Eric's true self is revealed

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14 :02x03 - Episode Three

Kevin is identified as a participant in the events that occurred at the party; Anne feels defensive; new evidence raises questions about what really happened.

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15 :02x04 - Episode Four

A revelation causes the members of the basketball team having to face some invasive DNA testing. Eric ends up making a painful confession.

16 :02x05 - Episode Five

Taylor attempts to defend his actions to the police. Anne finds it hard to deal with a discovery about her son.

17 :02x06 - Episode Six

Leslie decides not to take the school lawyer's advice and welcomes Eric back to Leyland. Anne decides to take the school to court over what happened with her son.

18 :02x07 - Episode Seven

Taylor finds it hard to stop feeling like a victim. Anne's medical records end up being posted on the Internet. Leslie attempts to protect the school from litigation by offering Evy's father a settlement.

19 :02x08 - Episode Eight

A loss at Leyland High School is felt by all. Leslie's job is on the line whilst Curt believes that his estranged wife has taken their son.

20 :02x09 - Episode Nine

When a Leyland student ends up being murdered on campus, members of the community think again about the choices they have made.

21 :02x10 - Episode Ten

A surprising discovery is made by Sebastian. Steph and Dan attempt to deal with the consequences following Becca's arrest. Chris makes a decision.