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Stan Smith, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Name | Stan
Age | 42 (last stated) (b. 1967)

The patriarch of the Smith home, Stan is a stout Catholic & Republican who believes in guns, freedom and the U.S.A.

He's selfish and arrogant usually only thinking of his needs but does love his family despite his openly showing them his feelings.
He's apparently quite the prude but has been known to show his wild side on occasion.

His relationship with his mother, Betty, is far too close and his relationship with his father, Jack, is just the opposite. Jack was sent to prison after trying to frame Stan for a jewel heist.

Francine Smith (née Ling), voiced by Wendy Schaal

Name | Francine
Age | 40 (last stated) (b. September 26, 1971)

Dumb, blonde & typical housewife. The adopted daughter of MaMa and BahBah Ling, Francine may seem boring but she's got a interesting past. Having slept with Adam Ant, all the members of the band Dexy's Midnight Runners and apparently one member of ZZ Top. She's also slept with enough people to have the largest sex garden in America.
She once obsessed about a school teacher to the point where she claimed they were lovers & was found in his closet cutting herself. He was arrested and killed himself in prison after that she worked as a stripper, stand-up comedian and actress.

Her dream was to kill George Clooney which she almost pulled off on her 40th birthday.
Roger, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Name | Roger
Age | 1601

Roger is a sadistic, oversexed, manipulative, alcoholic, drug-taking, occasional homicidal Grey alien.
He's generally only out for himself but has on occasion shown affection for the Smiths but it usually is only for his own gain.

He's fire-proof and cannot sink. He can survive the vacuum of space and having his limbs & skin removed. He produces highly noxious gas when after eating okra & secrets viscous fluids when he's nervous or going through his reproductive cycle (although the series has apparently stopped the constant fluid leakage).

Roger has had a full life in the decades he's lived on Earth. To mention a few, he invented Disco & the drug Ecstasy. He helped the U.S. Hockey team win the gold medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics against Russia. He tried out for the soap opera Ryan's Hope and gave Jerry Lewis the idea for The March of Dimes Telethon.
Hayley Dreamsmasher Fischer (née Smith), voiced by Rachael MacFarlane

Name | Hayley
Age | 18 (last stated age. She's possibly 20)

Hayley is the eldest child and everything that Stan believes in, she believes the opposite. She's a pot smoker and drinker, occasionally drinking to excess, also believing she has a pot addiction.

Her on again off again boyfriend, Jeff Fischer eventually became her husband. She seems happy with him despite the fact their sex life has run its course.
She was briefly the mother of an orphan Jeff brought home but after it was revealed the child was the Anti-Christ, they got rid of the child.
Steven Anita Smith, voiced by Scott Grimes

Name | Steve
Age | 14

Steve is a typical American geek. Loves Star Trek, Lord of the Rings & computer games.
He is seen hanging out with his friends Snot, Barry & Toshi although Snot is his best friend.

Steve is far from a ladies man but that does not stop him trying and almost succeeding in getting dates. He did have a relationship with Debbie Hyman but it ultimately ended when Steve confessed he stole Etan Cohen's Bar Mitzvah money & allowed Snot to take the fall.

He is often the disappointment of his father but decided that he would no longer try to live up to Stan's expectations of him.
Klaus Heissler, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Name | Klaus
Age | Unknown (possibly late30s/early40s)

was an East German Olympic skier. The CIA switched his brain with the body of a goldfish to keep him from winning the gold medal at the 1986 Winter Games.

He rarely gets respect from the family and is often verbally abused, but there has been occasions where the Smiths have shown appreciation for him.
Jeff Fischer, voiced by Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer started out as Haley's on again off again boyfriend but at the start of season 6, 100 AD, Hayley and Jeff got married.

He is an avid marijuana smoker due to an apparent medical condition that causes him to have an overactive libido unless he smokes.
He's oblivious to the fact Roger is an alien but apparently believes Roger is just someone living in the Smith's attic.
He also believes Roger is Dr. Penguin, whose office is also in the attic, although when Roger wanted to walk around the house naked, he convinced Jeff he was his imaginary friend.
When Jeff finally figured out Roger was an alien, Stan knowing Jeff would blab the truth was faced with the decision to kill one of them.

Before Stan could pull the trigger, Roger suggested he would simply go home but after tricked Jeff and forced him to board his people's ship so, (as of the end of Season 8) he is currently is space attempting to find Earth with the help of the ghost of Sinbad.
Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: tbs ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 06, 2005
Episode Order: 20
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