Season 12 Finale - Recap

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The results are in for the season finale of ‘American Idol’. The Top 2: Kree Harrison and Candice Glover have done everything they could to secure votes. The night kicks off with the Top 10 singing on stage. Ryan Seacrest comes out and welcomes the crowd. He says tonight they have The Band Perry, Psy and Mariah Carey to take the stage.

The Band Perry comes out and sings their hit single “Done”. Janelle Arthur joins them on stage.

After showing a video of how the boys of the season were “sabotaged”, the Top 5 guys come out and sing on stage. Frankie Valley comes out sings with them.

Mariah Carey performs on the stage. She sings a medley of her hit songs.

Amber Holcomb comes out and sings “Next To Me”. Emeli Sande comes out on stage and sings with her.

After giving cars away to Candice’s grandmother and Kree’s best friend, Psy comes out and performs “Gentleman”.

Keith Urban comes out on stage and sings his hit single.

Candice Glover comes out and sings “Inseparable”. Jennifer Hudson comes out and sings on the stage with her.

Angie Miller comes out and sings “Titanium”. Adam Lambert joins her on stage. Afterwards, Jessie J comes out and sings “Domino”. Angie sings with her. Afterwards, Jessie J says she is going on tour. She tells Angie she is going to fly her to the UK to perform Angie’s new single.

After showing a video of the contestants giving their opinion on the judges, Kree Harrison, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson come out and perform Keith’s song, “Where The Blacktop Ends”.

After showing a video of Randy’s Goodbye to American Idol, Aretha Franklin comes to the idol stage via Satellite and sings with the Top 5 girls.

Kree and Candice win a Ford Escape and a video is shown of all the great moments of the season. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull come out on stage and sing their new single “Live It Up”.

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison come out and sing a duet together. Afterwards, the moment has arrived where the winner of American Idol season 12 will be crowned. The winner is…Candice Glover! She sings her winning single “I Am Beautiful”.