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October 05, 2007 - Recap

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In tonight’s installment, Anderson reports on how Olympic star Marion Jones confessed to using performing enhancing drugs and how she plead guilty in Federal Court to perjury earlier in the day. Cooper then interviews the investigative journalist who has been following her case about why Jones chose to tell the truth now and who could be the next sports star to be implicated. In a special “Keeping Them Honest,” Randi Kaye investigates why athletes lie about taking performance enhancing drugs and how tests could be behind the times or could against various league policies.

CNN Journalist Joe Johns then reports on the latest in Carol Ann Gotbaum’s death in a Phoenix Airport and how she reacted to missing her flight to a rehab center. A witness then recounts how the airport police treated Gotbaum when they arrested her. Cooper then discusses with a Forensic Scientist the possibility that Gotbaum might have choked herself or died of natural causes.

Journalist Matthew Chance then discusses the latest on the Government crackdown in Burma and how numerous Monks other citizens are able to take refuge in Thailand. Chance then discuss the latest on how the Government Officials are reacting to International News Coverage regarding how they treat the citizens of the country.

Cooper then interviews Michael Ware, who is in France, covering the World Rugby Championships that are taking place in France. Ware then gives a crash-course introduction on how Rugby is played and how he played the sport when he was younger.