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October 10, 2007 - Recap

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In breaking news, Anderson reports on the latest in a high school shooting in Cleveland where a student shot two students and two teachers before taking his own life. Several students and their parents are briefly interviewed with what went on following the shooting. The reporters live on the scene mentioned that a student supposedly saw the shooter get prepared for his shooting spree but didn’t tell anybody, that he was suspended earlier in the week and that the police and school administration is investigating why the shooter decided to open fire at school.

Also reported on is if it is a possibility whether being ridiculed caused the student to open fire on his fellow classmates and teachers. Cooper then plays a portion of the 911 tapes following the shooting and reads a brief statement that parents where surprised such violence would happen at that particular school.

Cooper then briefly shows a clip of his interview with Evan Ramsey, a school shooter who is serving a prison sentience, about why he chose to open fire at his school 10 years ago and how long it took for him to plan what he did. Ramsey then mentions he based why he shot his classmates on a video game. Following this, Cooper interviews a Northwestern professor about why students following school shootings are reluctant to come forward with information.

In Raw Politics, Tom Foreman reports the latest news in the political world. Tonight’s installment includes harsh words from Former President Jimmy Carter regarding President Bush’s treatment of detainees while Democratic Candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards claim Senator Clinton lied about having a clear time table regarding troop pull-outs in Iraq.

With recent news about the suspicious story regarding pirates killing the crew of a chartered fishing boat, the two men who charted the boat are facing federal murder charges. It is through interviews do U.S. Attorneys state they have found conflicting reports in the suspects’ stories of how they met and how the crew was murdered.

Lastly, Cooper plays a new song by R.E.M. that will be on the soundtrack of CNN’s upcoming Planet in Peril documentary. After the song is played, he interviews R.E.M front man Michael Stipe about why environmental conservation awareness is important to him and why it should be important to individuals around the world.