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December 04, 2007 - Recap

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In tonight’s installment, a special “Keeping Them Honest” highlights a heated immigration discussion that occurred between Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani during the CNN/YouTube debate. John King then begins his report on how Romney had illegal immigrants working at his mansion from a landscaping company but since the debate has terminated his contract with the company. Correspondent Candy Crowley then investigates whether this will have a lasting blow on his campaign or if he can bounce back soon.

Following this story, Anderson investigates recent news stories involving Iran’s nuclear program and how much information President Bush had on it when he was saying the country was a worldwide threat. In a new intelligence report, highlights show that President Bush’s national security adviser has made comments that while he was making the plea Iran was actively working on their nuclear program and possibly going to war with them. The adviser goes on to say Bush knew that the security agencies where in the process of reconsidering the threat since reports have shown Iran stopped working nuclear weapons four years ago.

Then in “Raw Politics,” Tom Foreman discusses how President Bush is still discussing the threat of Iran using its nuclear weapons around the world. Anderson subsequently discusses with former Presidential Advisor David Gergen how President Bush was using the same tactics to invade Iraq to attempt an invasion in Iran and how intelligence reports can play a key factor in what plans are made to deal with terror threats.

CNN Correspondent John Zarella later reports on the mysterious death of Seth Tobias, a frequent contributor to CNBC. After being found by his wife floating in his pool, journalists began investigating Tobias’ life and uncovered some shocking information that he and his wife frequented a local gay club. It was also reported that following the call to 911, Tobias’ wife refused to let the police responding to the call into their house and that there is a possibility that his wife might have drugged him.

Lastly, Anderson and CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers look at the severe storm that is hitting the states of Washington and Oregon and how their Governors are declaring a state of emergency. It is also discussed how by the end of the week the storm will be making its way down to California where heavy rains will fall across the state.