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January 01, 2008 - Recap

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The opening news item that Anderson reports on is the upcoming caucus in Iowa. He is then joined by Political analysts Gloria Borger, Candy Crowley, and Chief National Correspondent John King to highlight what the different candidates are doing in last ditch efforts to sway caucus goers to vote for them and, in the case of the Democrats, who they suggest the voters should support if they don’t receive enough votes.

Then, to discuss what the various political advertisements and attacks are helping the candidates’ campaigns, Anderson is joined by Tom Foreman to see why the candidates are choosing to attack their opponents on specific parts of their campaigns instead of every policy they support. Candy Crowley then returns in “Raw Politics” to investigate why the lesser known candidates are still campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire since they don’t have the name recognition and large campaign contributions that the bigger name candidates have.

In the week that followed the zoo mauling in San Francisco, a New York Post article has reported that the other victims appear to be under suspicion of taunting the tiger before she attacked the young men. Anderson then interviews wildlife expert Jack Hanna about the latest turn of events.

Anderson is then joined by CNN Matthew Chance and Peter Bergen to report on the latest in former Prime Minster Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and how several members of her family and supporters are claiming that the Pakistani Government is covering up the truth about her death.

Lastly, in “the Shot of the Day,” Anderson highlighted what it was like to work with Kathy Griffin when CNN celebrated the New Year in Time Square while Gary Tuchman reports on the latest news involving events in the Middle East.