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February 01, 2008 - Recap

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In tonight’s installment, Anderson and his colleagues discuss how the candidates are preparing for the Super Tuesday and how Senator Obama is continuing his attack on Senator Clinton’s health care plan that he started in Thursday night’s debate.

Also discussed is whether the Los Angeles Times recent endorsement will help and if Senator Obama will be able to gain ground with the country’s Latino voters while he and Senator Clinton are courting a potential endorsement of John Edwards.

CNN Correspondents then highlight how the Republican candidates are bickering back and forth over which candidate is the most conservative. Also shown is an exclusive interview CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien recently had with Michelle Obama.

In a special “Keeping Them Honest,” CNN Correspondent Joe Johns investigates while Exxon Mobil announced record-breaking earnings for the past year, if they are gouging customers with how the economy is struggling in recent months.