Animal Battlegrounds

Animal Battlegrounds

Conflict drives every wild animals life. Animal Battlegrounds focuses on the importance of terrain and how it becomes a key factor in the life-and-death struggles of the animal kingdom. Each episode takes in a new environment, profiling the wide range of hunters who attempt to claim it as their own.

Viewers can watch and learn the mysterious ways in which nature defines its own battleground. From the open oceans where tactics include, electric senses and sound stunning, to the grasslands where ambush and stealth, visibility and distraction displays are employed, to the city dwellers who rely on cover from buildings and people, Animal Battlegrounds is a unique insight into how animals utilize their environment to ensure their survival.

The series looks at how many different animals live in and defend their territory. These animals include: Meerkats, Bears, Chimpanzees, Wolves, Eagles, Dolphins and even Frogs! (Source: Animal Planet)

Episode Info

Final: 1x13 -- Jungles (Sep/18/2007)

Examining the world's jungles and the three-dimensional battleground they offer for predator and prey.

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