Animal Cops: Detroit

Animal Cops: Detroit

This Animal Precinct spin-off follows the dramatic cases of the Michigan Humane Society's investigators.

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Final: 3x13 -- Hungry to Happy (Dec/12/2005)

Property with five extremely underweight dogs; injured dogs seized; puppy thrown from car and infected with worms; cats must be captured from a closet and basement after their elderly owner moves to get assisted living.
Debby MacDonald (1)Debby MacDonald (1)
As MHS Investigator/Senior Investigator
Jennifer CharionJennifer Charion
As MHS Investigator (S01)
Kevin Jones (2)Kevin Jones (2)
As MHS Investigator (S01)
Mark RamosMark Ramos
As MHS Investigator
Max SharpeMax Sharpe
As MHS Office Coordinator/Dispatcher
Mike Dowe, Jr. (1)Mike Dowe, Jr. (1)
As MHS Field Agent/Investigator
Shawn HaristonShawn Hariston
As MHS Investigator

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3x6: Cat Catching recap: An MHS team, including the investigators, heads to a house full of cats. The cats have never been socialized, so they are very aggressive. Another problem is the ammonia smell, created from cat urine; the team has to take regular breaks for fresh air. In total, 49 cats are captured! Unfortunately, only a kitten is found suitable for adoption, although she still has ear, nose and throat problems, as well as digestive issues. She is later adopted, while the rest are sadly put to sleep... read more.

2x10: Hoarder House recap: Investigators MacDonald and Ramos investigate a report of multiple animals being abandoned in a house. The owner is there, but she is being evicted. They go in and find birds being kept in tiny, crowded cages. Many have plucked their feathers out due to stress. They also find an emaciated rabbit with long nails. When MacDonald sees the animals' horrible living conditions, she decides to seize them immediately, and luckily the owner agrees to sign them over. In total they take 4 dogs, around 10 cats, over 40 birds, 2 rabbits, a squirrel, and a duck! Unforunately, many of the birds are too sick, leaving no choice but to euthanize them. The surviving birds and other animals will be found new homes, and there is a warrant out for their former owner's arrest... read more.

1x13: Fowl Play recap: Debby MacDonald and Mark Ramos respond to a call about an owner that has temporarily gone away, leaving pets in terrible conditions. They find a dead dog, and the other animals are alive but in nasty conditions. The water is green, and the food is rotting. They even find a jaw bone! They then feed the animals and count them. Altogether they find two rabbits, seven chickens, a turkey, two hen, two pheasants, a goose, two roosters, four quails, and a dog. Unfortunately they can't legally take them.
MacDonald and Jennifer Charion later return, and the owner returns as well. He claims that the dead dog ate rat poison. Unfortunately, the body is too decomposed to prove otherwise. He signs the birds over, but the dog is his brother's, so they leave it behind. The birds are adopted, and no action is taken against the previous owner because it turned out that he did set up care for the animals but was let down... read more.

1x11: Heat Wave recap: During a heat wave, a man brings in two dogs and six puppies that are suffering from heat strokes. His story doesn't match up, so it is investigated. At his home, a pitbull and other puppies are found, and one is dead. A woman claims that they are her 16-year-old son's, but it is against the law for someone under 18 to own a dog. The woman signs them over, but the pitbull must be put to sleep because it is too dangerous. It is decided to not press charges, and the puppies are adopted... read more.

Music: Ernie Wood
Production Coordinator: Jill Shawyer

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Recurring Guests

Margaret Baylor as Magistrate (2 eps)
Cory Bothuel as Rescue Driver (2 eps)

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