Animal House Outdoors

Animal House Outdoors

The history behind this mayhem started with three individuals living totally different lifestyles.

Lets start with Chip City. This kid starts off life in a quiet suburban town in NH instantly developing an obsession for skate boarding, music, video, photography and the outdoors. As early as he can remember he shared the outdoors with his dad. At age 15 Chip and his Father pick up and move to a small town in Upstate NY. Heading to the country where there are no hand rails, curbs or corners to hang out on, Chip decides to re-enter the woods. Camera in hand he hooks up with Mr. Serious (Chad Olschewske) and capturing hunts becomes the new past-time.

Yep, Mr. Serious and Chip hit the woods and streets wanting to push the limits of their talent (or lack there of). One night on a mission to terrorize their friends and catch the hysterical reactions on video, Chip is introduced to Meb Crungle (Marc Balistreri) during an evil set up on his vehicle. With cameras rolling and lord Crungle being a surprisingly good sport, these three out of control delinquents quickly develop a very tight bond.

The next chapter of this story continues with these three jokers renting a four bedroom house. Within months they've completely destroyed it with their out of control parties. Holes in every wall, camo gear scattered in every room, video and audio equipment being abused .Oh, and don’t forget the lawn!! Decorated with burnt and charred bushes, broken glass, empty booze bottles and beer cans and obscure remnants from the previous night's fiasco. The place wasn't fit for animals to live in. But all parties must inevitably end.

Although Chip left the insanity for two years to pursue an education in broadcast and audio, these three still made it a priority each hunting season to be in the woods together. Now back together full time each one of these crazed lunatics bring something unique to the table. Mr. Serious now has a passion for taxidermy, enjoys competition archery with his father and for some reason he always tries to keep the other two clowns in line when needed. And Meb Crungle, well he’s now become a super whiz on the computer which translates both in his editing style and as a DJ along side Chip City. Somehow he still finds time to physically train and enjoy some mixed martial arts and boxing which for some reason makes him think he’s the bad @ss of the crew - but whatever. And Chip City, he marches to the beat of his own drum, never compromising his creative talents he continues to use video, music and photography to channel his view on life. The story, however, really starts now. Right here, with three unpredictable individuals taking everything they’ve learned along the way and now going back to their roots. Back to the ANIMAL HOUSE. (Source: Animal House Outdoors)

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