Animal Precinct

Animal Precinct

Animal Precinct follows the ASPCA as they track down mistreated animals.

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Final: 7x01 -- Baby Blue (Jul/18/2008)

Investigators are angered by a neglected puppies abusive owner. The ASPCA help rescue frogs off the menu of a NY restaurant. A dog hoarder has trouble telling the difference between what is love and an obsession.
Annemarie LucasAnnemarie Lucas
As Supervisory Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement
Mark MacDonald (1)Mark MacDonald (1)
As Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement
Paul RomanoPaul Romano
As Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement
Diane DiGiacomoDiane DiGiacomo
As Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement
Timothy StackTimothy Stack
As Special Investigator for Humane Law Enforcement
Henry  RuizHenry Ruiz
As Special Agent H
Adam GankiewiczAdam Gankiewicz
As Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement
Tina SalaksTina Salaks
As Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement
Joann SandanoJoann Sandano
As Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement
Joe PentangeloJoe Pentangelo
As Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement

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4x9: Saved from Starvation recap: Special Agent H receives a call about a woman who died, leaving an animal behind in her apartment. It has been there for a month! Agent H can't locate the super, so another tenant agrees to let him go onto the fire escape and check on the dog. As he looks into the window, a woman across the street yells to him that she is a relative of the woman who lived there. He gets her permission to enter and then takes the dog out. It is very matted and apparently can't see because of it. The relative talks to Agent H and explains that the super refused to let her take the dog. After the relative signs the dog over, Agent H takes the dog to the ASPCA. It is found that one of the dog's eyes has a cataract, and the other is practically blind, possibly due to the matting. Agent H finally contacts the super and finds that he didn't have keys to the apartment and that he thought a friend of the deceased woman was feeding the dog. Because of this, no action is taken against the super... read more.

4x8: New Recruit recap: Special Investigator Digiacomo and new recruit Special Agent Kristi Adams investigate a report of emaciated dogs in a basement. It turns out that the owner never comes by to feed them and instead gets his 12 year-old step-son to do it. They find one emaciated dog named Max, and when taken to the basement, they discover another dog that is dead with its head stuck in a broken pipe. Digiacomo thinks it may have been searching for water. They then take the dogs to the hospital. A necropsy shows that there was no fat on the dead dog and that it starved to death. However, Max recovers, and the owner is arrested... read more.

4x2: Neighborhood Justice recap: Special Agents H and De La Torre respond to a call about crack addicts killing a stray dog. They find the corpse, and it appears that Poncho the dog was beaten to death. A witness describes the killer and tells the agents where he lives. They then take the body for a necropsy. An x-ray reveals a broken bone in Poncho's face, so Special Agent H and Special Agent Sandano search the abandoned building where the suspect allegedly lives. The building is empty, so the agents decide to search the area in their car. A pedestrian then informs them of the suspect's hangout spot, but they don't find him there, either. Special Agent H and Special Agent MacDonald later return to the location of the killing, finding the suspect. The witness confirms the man's identity, but since the agents haven't yet received the full medical report showing the cause of death, they can't arrest him. However, when they do get it back, it states that Poncho was bludgeoned to death, so they arrest the suspect... read more.

3x15: Rooftop Rescue recap: Special Agent Ryan and Special Investigator Romano receive a report of a dog without food, water or shelter, and it also reportedly has a broken leg and bad case of mange. The owner of Popcorn the dog admits to knowing about the leg injury and leaving it untreated. They take him to be checked out by vets. X-rays show that the leg is dislocated, and since it has been so long, surgery must be performed to fix it. As for the mange, none could be found, although Popcorn was infested with fleas. It is determined that the dog's problems were due to neglect, so the owner is arrested. Because Popcorn's joint has remodeled naturally and allows movement to an extent in the leg, it is decided not to perform the surgery. Popcorn is later adopted... read more.

3x13: Body of Evidence (aka Mystery Solved) recap: DiGiacomo and Special Agent M respond to a call about an emaciated dog that is near death. They find the dog in a backyard of an apartment building, as well as another with an open wound. After talking to a resident, they are told that the dogs belong to the building's super. They are also told that there is a third dog, but it hasn't been seen in a while. Since the yard is surrounded by a fence, the two agents decide to go the back way. To their shock, they find the third dog dead. The super claims that it died from rat poison. They then look at the dog with the wound, and it appears to be burns. The agents take the corpse, the dog with the burns, and a puppy owned by the super. They also talk to the super's friend, who was also responsible for the dogs. The stories of the super and his friend contradict one another. Tests later show that the dog didn't die of poison, but most likely starvation, so DiGiacomo and Special Agent M later arrest the super and his friend. Unfortunately, Duke, the dog with the burns, is deaf and aggressive, so he is put to sleep. However, the puppy is a different case, behaving perfectly, so he will be adopted... read more.