Are You Smarter Than a Canadian 5th Grader?

Are You Smarter Than a Canadian 5th Grader?

“Are You Smarter Than A Canadian 5th Grader?” is an exciting game show that takes adults back to the ‘classroom’. Contestants compete for a large sum of money, by trying to correctly answer questions taken from grade school class materials. Joining the contestant in the ‘classroom’ are 5 grade five students from across Canada. The contestant can turn to their classmates for help, which impacts game play through the answers that they give and comment on proceedings of the show itself.

The contestant is presented with 10 subject cards, which the Contestant may answer in the order of their choice. Each correct answer moves the contestant up higher in the ladder of dollar values. If a Contestant answers all 10 questions correctly, they are given the chance to answer the 11th question and win the grand prize of One Million dollars! If they answer incorrectly or “drop –out” they must say “I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A CANADIAN 5TH GRADER.” (Source:

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