Walter Nebicher, a young computer whiz police officer, develops a holographic crimefighter he calls Automan, and the two assist the Los Angeles Police Department in solving the disappearance of key personnel from various corporations.

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Final: 1x13 -- Club Ten (Apr/09/1984)

The Club Ten resort is a center of diamond smuggling. One of the gang, Felipe, has double-crossed his cohorts and they are after him. Golf pro Ted and henchman Randy catch him, and when he refuses to divulge the whereabouts of the diamonds he stole, they capture his companion, Laura Ferguson, in the act of making a call for help.
Desi Arnaz, Jr.Desi Arnaz, Jr.
As Walter Nebicher
Chuck WagnerChuck Wagner
As Automan
Heather McNairHeather McNair
As Roxanne Caldwell
Gerald S. OGerald S. O'Loughlin
As Police Capt. E. G. Boyd
Robert LansingRobert Lansing
As Lt. Jack Curtis

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1x13: Club Ten recap: The Club Ten resort is a center of diamond smuggling. One of the gang, Felipe, has double-crossed his cohorts and they are after him. Golf pro Ted and henchman Randy catch him, and when he refuses to divulge the whereabouts of the diamonds he stole, they capture his companion, Laura Ferguson, in the act of making a call for help.
The call is received by Roxanne. She contacts Walter, who was specified in the call. At Laura's apartment, they interrupt a burglar stealing the tape containing her message. Walter gets it back; the burglar escapes. He is Roger Crandall, the gang's ringleader, and he returns to Club Ten to tell Geri, the Recreation Director, of his failure to get the message tape. They have only 72 hours to recover the diamonds, or their lives are in danger. At headquarters, Roxanne insists on helping her friend, and Capt. Boyd sends Walter along as backup. Crandall recognizes them at the hotel, and decides to let them lead him to the stones.
Laura and Felipe are being held in a villa on the island. Roxanne, Walter and Automan search her bungalow for clues. Walter goes out to ask around about her, and ambushes a man who has been tailing he and Roxanne. It is Renaud, a local policeman, who tells him of Crandall's operation. In the villa, Felipe is caught trying to escape and is killed.
Walter decides to draw out the smugglers by pretending to have the diamonds and spending money freely to prove it. Automan gets a loan from an automated teller, and they go on a spree. The ploy pays off when Roxanne is kidnapped by golf pro Ted and used as báit in a trap to make Laura reveal the location of the jewels. Walter catches Ted rummaging through his bungalow, gives chase, and is knocked out by Randy. He wakes up in a sand trap next to Felipe's corpse, holding the murder weapon. Renaud puts him in jail in "protective custody."
Meanwhile, Boyd receives an angry teletype from Renaud concerning Walter's invasion of his jurisdiction, and he sends Jack to bring Walter back. In jail, Walter puts in a distress call to Automan, who rezzes up and merges with Walter, walking through the wall to safety. They avoid a police chase and return to Laura's bungalow, where they find Jack and decode the message she left on her typewriter ribbon. At that moment, Laura breaks and reveals the diamonds are in the dining hall aquarium. Walter nabs Geri at the aquarium, only to find Crandall behind him. Crandall turns on Geri, but Jack arrives to turn the tables again. Randy makes off with Roxanne and Laura, but Automan and Walter pursue in the Autocar and bring him in.
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1x12: Death By Design recap: Jack and old colleague Nate Hester are tracking professional killer Erik LeBlanc. Nate follows LeBlanc into a building, where he kills fashion mogul Joseph Sylvana, then shoots Nate on the way out and escapes. Walter and Roxanne are kissing on his couch when Automan interrupts after watching a Nasty Eddie picture.
The next day, new police reporter Tom Sholes blames Jack for letting the murderer escape. Capt. Boyd meets firm resistance when he tries to take Jack off the case. Walter runs a computer profile on LeBlanc. He traces a receipt the killer left behind.
Jack talks to Sylvana's partner Tracy Morgan. She says she will fight mobster Simon Rafferty's attempts to take over her business. Automan uses his computer contacts to track down LeBlanc, and he and Walter chase the killer down in the Autocar.
Assistant D.A. Noah Jeffries arouses Jack's iré when he lets LeBlanc go for insufficient evidence. In a squad room, Jack punches LeBlanc. Mobsters Oster and Gill visit Tracy and threaten her. The D.A. bars Jack from the case, so Walter uses his computer to create reports of a vigilante knocking off crooks, in the hope of scaring LeBlanc. Rafferty's boss William Ambrose threatens him with death to get sorae results with Tracy.
At a fashion show, Automan prevents a kidnap attempt of Tracy by Gill and another thug and roughs them up. Sholes thinks Jack is the vigilante cop, so Walter creates Automan as "Mad Dog", to take the heat off Jack. Gill and Oster are worried. Word is out that the vigilante's next victim is LeBlanc.
That night "Mad Dog" and Walter nab Oster and stage a murder of a bookie to scare him into taking them to Rafferty. Meanwhile, Tracy's police escort is no good as LeBlanc kidnaps her from her own doorstep.
Oster delivers Automan and Walter to Rafferty after Automan sticks a gun in his face. They want the goods on LeBlanc, who arrives soon with Tracy. Automan sticks his cannon in LeBlanc's face and he breaks, fingering Rafferty, then goes for Walter's gun. Rafferty takes Tracy hostage. Automan and Walter corral the other crooks, then track down Rafferty's car and run him off the road with fake explosions from the Autochopper. At headquarters, Sholes congratulates all on their work, though he still suspects Automan is "Mad Dog.".. read more.

1x11: Zippers recap: A burglar, Gary Baxley, hits the upper middle class home of Dennis Stanton and eludes a police chase, returning to Zippers, a male exotic dance club, where he dances as the "Cat Burglar." His partner is Stanley, the parking attendant. They make wax impressions of the patrons' house keys, and then hit the houses when the owners are out.
Jack investigates the next day at the Stanton home. Among the stolen items, Stanton is most concerned with a missing ring. He is a close friend of the Mayor's, so Walter stays up all night searching for clues to the rash of similar burglaries, discovering that several victims had been to Zippers. Capt. Boyd rejects this as evidence, banning Walter from Zippers, but Automan goes to the club to investigate, posing as Auto, the Electrician. He's a big hit with the ladies. Walter follows Automan with Roxanne as cover, and observes Stanley and Gary duplicating keys at the lot. Later that night, Walter and Automan chase down Gary and Stanley and recover all of Stanton's goods save the ring, which upsets him greatly.
He returns home to find mobster Carlos, who wants the ring for the microfilm inside. He decides to cut Stanton out and get the ring from the burglars when they are released on bail, sending his henchmen Buck and Victor to dispose of him, which they do.
Walter refuses to believe Stanton's death was an accident, and investigates his company by computer for evidence. He and Automan infiltrate the company's computer system at great risk, and discover that the company is engaged in work for the federal government1s witness protection program. Stanton stole a list of witnesses on the microfilm, people whose lives will be in danger if Carlos gets the film. Jack and Roxanne find Stanley already dead at the hands of Buck and Victor. Automan and Walter go to Gary's house in search of the ring, to be caught by Buck and Victor. Walter poses as Gary to get to Carlos, and plan that backfires when the real Gary is found by Victor.
They all meet at Zippers, where Gary turns the ring over after revealing Walter and Automan are cops. A fight ensues. Automan is losing power, so Walter takes off with the microfilm, charging into the busy club. Everyone gangs up on Walter, but Automan recharges at the light board, and helps him dispatch the villains... read more.

1x10: Murder, Take One recap: Gossip columnist Ray Gilette gets into an argument with former star Veronica Everly outside a Hollywood hotspot. She threatens him and he returns home to be murdered. Next day, Gilette's assistant Sheila Dunham reveals the threat her boss received to Jack, who questions Veronica. Meanwhile, Automan has discovered Gillette’s notes showing producer Michael Hagedorn financing a movie with drug profits, providing a motive for murder. Automan is a big fan of Veronica’s, and receives an invitation to visit her at the studio when he asks for an autograph.
Hagedorn meets with lawyer Philip Eames and bodyguard Oscar Selby, who murdered Gilette. He must complete his film in a short time or forfeit $20 million, which he needs to complete a heroin deal. Automan arrives at the studio to visit Veronica and happens onto the set of Hagedorn's movie, where he wins a major role when Hagedorn's girlfriend/star Kitty Hopkins fires her leading man. Walter's surveillance of Hagedorn's house is interrupted when Selby rousts him out and they fight. Walter narrowly escapes.
Walter fetches Automan from the set to run a computer check on Hagedorn. He finds evidence of money laundering by Eames. Automan keeps the movie role. Jack questions Hagedorn, who reveals nothing. He is rewarded by being lured to an alley that night where his car is smashed by a two truck and he is taken prisoner by Selby, who works him over on Hagedorn's orders.
Cursor rezzes up a phone truck and Automan bugs Hagedorn's phone to track down Jack's whereabouts, also overhearing details of the drug deal being planned. He gives Walter four digits of the number. Automan returns to the movie with orders to stall shooting as much as possible, a task he performs admirably. While on the set, he observes Kitty and Eames are lovers, plotting to double cross Hagedorn. Jack attempts to escape, but is knocked out in a fight.
Walter and Boyd rescue Jack when Walter deduces his location. Selby implicates Hagedorn when cornered, and Jack reveals the address of the drug deal, and he and Boyd make the bust. On the set, Cursor rezzes up a thunderstorm, creating havoc. As Kitty and Eames demand Hagedorn's money, Walter breaks in. Hagedorn runs, and when he falls from a catwalk, Cursor rezzes up a haystack and saves his life.
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1x9: Murder MTV recap: Sweet Kicks is a band on the rise. Sid Cole is manager and lead singer Monica's dad. At the shooting of the group's music video, an explosion rocks the stage. Jack Curtis is on the case to find the bomber. Walter gives Automan a look at the charred explosive device. He determines it was activated by the music.
At his office that night, Sid receives a call from a synthesized voice, demanding $50,000 or.he'11 reveal a skeleton in Sid's closet. Sid goes to his mob friend Frank Ladrone, who provides two bodyguards for the group. Meanwhile, a shorthanded Capt. Boyd assigns Walter to protect the group too.
Walter introduces himself and is a hit with the girls, only to be outdone by Automan, who sneaks in dressed like a rock star. Monica is smitten by him. As they leave the studio, Automan and Walter save the girls from being run down by a car. Sid denies any knowledge of why the mishaps might be happening. Ladrone's men Tony Lupus and Cari Cañe arrive. Walter has Automan check them out. Sid makes them promise no bloodshed. After Walter's profile is completed, Boyd orders Jack to shadow the mobsters.
Before a party for Sweet Kicks that night, Monica confronts her dad about the problems. He tells her he's being blackmailed by a man who saw him kill a cop who had tried to frame the group on a drug rap. At the party, Jack is watching Lupus and Cane from his car, Walter from the house. Automan is with the girls and plays guitar fabulously when their guitarist cancels.
Jack .follows as Lupus and Cañe leave. Walter and Automan pursue in the Autocar. Thinking Jack's the extortionist; they lead him into the hills, run him off the road, and beat him.
Sid receives a second call setting up a rendezvous to deliver the $50,000. Lupus and Cane have an offer — 20% of Sweet Kicks1 action — to knock off the extortionist. Sid bites. They follow him to the rendezvous sight but the plan backfires when the extortionist kills both.
Automan and Monica's love scene is shattered by the arrival of a new threat from the angry extortionist. Monica goes hysterically to Sid, who asks Ladrone for more help. Not willing to risk more resources, Ladrone refuses to help.
The extortionist is a member of the group's sound crew, Sam Clementine. He kidnaps Monica from in front of the studio. Walter is unable to pursue when Automan's power runs out and he derezzes. Sid finally confides his story to Jack. Walter can't find Automan in the computer system. Clementine puts in a ransom call and sets up a meeting, doubling his price. Walter and Jack accompany Sid to the meeting. Walter leaves directions in the system for the still absent Automan.
At the rendezvous, Clementine confesses that he killed the cop, clearing Sid. Jack comes out shooting, Walter struggles with Clementine, and when the villain gains the upper hand, Automan roars to the rescue in the Autocar. He electronically sniffs out Monica in Clementine's van, and destroys the bomb left as Insurance. At a wrap party for the video, Automan and Monica are together as good friends.
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 15, 1983
Ended: April 09, 1984
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