Season 4

49 :04x01 - Black Ink for Life!

After leaving Black Ink closed for a month, Ceaser is back in Harlem. In North Carolina, Dutchess still has to pay for unexpected renovations before her tattoo shop can open. Kathie warns O’Sh*t about child support payments.

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50 :04x02 - Green Eyes, Moist Lips

Ceaser's arrest sends shock waves through Black Ink. Puma is opening up a brand new tattoo shop to give Black Ink a run for its money. All hell breaks loose when Ted hires a new tattoo artist behind Ceaser's back.

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51 :04x03 - Sixty Bad/Forty Good

A new tattoo artist is given the traditional Black Ink welcome. The girls head to Miami Beach for Sky's butt-lift surgery. What transpires after a night at the club threatens to tear Ceaser and Dutchess apart.

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52 :04x04 - The Dutchess and the Frog

Sky goes under the knife to get the body she's been wanting since she was a teenager. Ceaser declares war when he finds out that Puma has opened a rival shop. Donna spills the beans about her night of passion with Dutchess.

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54 :04x06 - Shots Fired

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55 :04x07 - The Butt Party

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