Drawing Dead - Recap

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Danny and Maria enter the crime scene of a murdered man. Ted Kramer received a close range gunshot to the head. There was no robbery and no sign of a struggle. Danny believes it was a professional hit and wonders who would want him dead.

While in a squad car, Linda tells Jamie that he drives too slow. The two share insults until they are called to respond to shots being fired. They arrive at the scene to find two other officers being fired at by two men. Jamie is able to sneak up behind the men and helps to arrest them. One boy has already fled the scene and was chased by another officer. As Jamie calls it in, he hears a gunshot and runs over to investigate. Jamie finds that the cop that chased the kid shot him because he had a gun. A large angry mob gathers and says that the child was unarmed but the cop insists that he had a gun.

Frank watches news reports of riots taking place because of the child, Marcus Green, that was shot. A local shop owner complains about everyone in the neighborhood being treated like criminals by the cops. Frank tells his team to take care of the riot and promises to stand up for the officer who did the shooting. He just hopes that the officer did the right thing.

Arthur Phillips informs Danny and Maria about a new partner that Ted was trying to bring in. His proposition was rejected though and Kramer didn't take it well. The art dealer that Ted was trying to bring in was Teri Damiri, a man known for hanging out with movie stars.

Frank meets with Mayor Carter Poole to discuss the incident of Marcus' death. He's following procedures and is going to question every credible witness. Carter denies playing the race card and tells Frank that they are better than that. Carter was shot by a black kid from the projects six months ago and is now in a wheelchair. He wishes the police had done something then but he won't allow the police to use unnecessary force. Carter is going to hold a press conference on the shooting and wants Frank to come with him. The internal affairs report will be complete in 72 hours and if officer Montero is found guilty, Carter will do everything he can to make sure that he pays.

Danny and Maria meet with Teri Damiri at his art gallery. They question him about Ted and Teri says that Ted had a few deals that his partners didn't know about. Teri offered to step in to help out his friend but his offer was rejected. He doesn't know who would have shot Ted, only that there are a lot of bad guys out there.

Montero and his lawyer meet with Erin to ask that he is given a fair shot. Montero's lawyer worries that Montero will be thrown under the bus so that the police can keep the peace. Erin asks for his version of events but he can't answer where the boy's weapon went. Montero says it was self defense and didn't want to hurt Marcus.

At the press conference, Frank guarantees that the case is being investigated and the results will be revealed soon. Carter asks everyone to remain calm in the wake of these events. He says that the use of excessive force in minority neighborhoods will not be tolerated.

Maria shows Danny the evidence that Ted was a gambler. They visit a friend of Danny's who will know if Ted was murdered because he owed money.

Erin has discovered that Marcus was previously arrested for carrying a handgun when he was twelve. This doesn't mean he had a gun the day that he was shot but it does mean that they will have more work to do.

Danny and Maria visit a bar where Gary Heller, Danny's bookie friend, works. The man reveals that Kramer likes to spend a lot of money playing poker. He says that Damiri was also involved but he was usually the one who set up the games and keep some of the money for himself. Gary warns Danny that Damiri is working with the Russian mob and says he is done talking. He gives one more piece of information though, that Ted owed Damiri over $1,000,000.

The police raid a poker game and arrest Damiri. He protests that it's a victimless crime but Danny tells him to say that to Ted. The next day, Danny and Maria question Damiri about what happens when someone can't make good on their debts. Damiri warns them that in his books is evidence of rich and important people who have played at his games. He threatens that if Danny knows what is good for him he will back off. His lawyer, Bruce Cutler, enters and asks if Damiri is being charged. He isn't being charged so he's free to go.

Danny visits Gary again and insists on talking. He needs Gary to confirm that Damiri has a book of names that he keeps as insurance. Gary warns him that someone in his own family is in that book. Danny returns home and questions his grandfather Henry about Damiri. Henry admits that his name is in the book because he was looking for a bigger poker game than playing with his friends. Danny warns that this could effect Frank but Henry tells him he doesn't need to be lectured by him.

At dinner, the Reagan family argues about what happened to Marcus. Danny makes some side remarks to Henry's gambling but Henry just says it's best not to place judgement. After dinner, Danny asks Frank if family always comes first. He asks if this is about what happened about dinner and says family always comes first.

Erin tells Frank what she has found about what happened to Marcus. She says that Montero's future depends on finding out the truth and she isn't sure she can get there on her own.

Frank pays a visit to the local store owner that was on the news after Marcus died. She says she already talked to the cops but Frank assumes she isn't a fan of the police. Baker enters the store and hands Frank a blank note, as part of their plan. Frank pretends to read it and asks if she picked up a gun. He warns her of the consequences of lying about seeing the gun and what would happen if she was to hide it in order to incriminate Montero. She changes her story and hands Frank the gun that she found next to Marcus.

Danny meets with Gary again. He warns Gary that one of the men arrested at the poker game has said that Gary was the one who told him about the game. This will make him an accessory in the crime. Although Danny says he can help him if he gets Damiri's book. He agrees to retrieve the book and says he owes Danny one.

Maria tells Danny that she has learned of Ted's 45 minute phone call to Arthur on the day that he died. Arthur had previously stated that he hadn't heard from Ted in weeks. He's now in interrogation waiting for them. Arthur admits that Ted's debt would be erased if Damiri was made a partner. Once the proposition was rejected, Damiri's partners were tired of waiting for the money and were going to collect the debt in blood.

Frank confronts Carter and asks him to support the decision not to indict Montero. He states that Carter is the only one who can stop riots from happening. The people support him and if he tells the people the truth they will believe him. Carter decides to hold a news conference to announce his decision.

Montero thanks Erin for being the only one who was willing to find out what happened. He has decided to take a leave of absence. He needs to find a way to live with the guilt of Marcus' death.

Danny and Maria show up at Damiri's and find a body on the ground. It's Damiri and he has been shot in the head. Maria spots another body in a nearby room. It's Gary and he lies on the ground with Damiri's book shoved into his mouth. The pages are ripped out though and Maria thinks that the Russians are halfway to Russia by now.

Henry admits to Frank that he did something stupid that could have soiled their family's good name. He tells him about the poker game that he took part in. He didn't know at the time but the Russians were involved and his name is now in Damiri's book. Henry joined the game because he wanted to know what it was like going against real players for real money. Even though he won a lot of money he won't be doing it again.

Danny enters a church and sits down. Monsignor Doonan is surprised to see him on a Monday and asks if everything is okay. He sits down next to Danny, who proceeds to confess his sins.