Bad Blood - Recap

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Frank looks at a file while Moore explains about the lawsuit that Raymond, a police dog, is facing. It looks like Raymond snapped and assaulted an eight year old boy. The boy's father, Preston Morris, is an attorney and went straight to the media after filing the suit. Raymond has a good history of policing but Frank will let legal handle the work.

Henry says a speech at the wake of Vic McGuire. Colleen McGuire thanks him for the speech and asks him not to be a stranger. Henry interrupts a conversation between Colleen's kids, Brendan and Meara. He tries to comfort them but there is something else bothering them. Meara says that she suspects that Colleen had something to do with Vic's death.

Danny and Maria arrive at a murder scene. A man was stabbed outside of a bar playing a soccer game between Venezuela and Chile. His wallet wasn't stolen so Maria reads his identity as Gabriel Vega. He lives nearby and Danny finds multiple cigarettes around the scene. He asks another officer to round up security footage from local businesses. Danny suspects that he may have been cheering for the wrong soccer team. Danny enters the bar with police and shuts the game off. He orders Venezuela fans to the benches and Chile fans to the bar.

Danny and Maria return to the station with no suspects. There were many people at the bar but no one with any reason to be considered a suspect. An officer hands Danny the security tapes he requested.

Henry visits Meara and asks how she's feeling. Brendan doesn't believe Meara but he didn't see what she saw. Meara saw Colleen reading Vic's life insurance and even searching for euthanasia. Last week Colleen received a shipment from outside the country. Meara wants Frank to prove that Colleen is innocent. Colleen arrives home and interrupts their conversation.

Frank meets with Raymond's partner, Donohue. She states that Raymond never bites unless he's told to and loves kids. She thinks the boy provoked him or the lawsuit is false. Donohue doesn't know how he got out of the kennel because it's still locked. She thinks that Raymond deserves a good retirement. Frank asks to see Raymond and finds him lying down quietly. He opens the cage and Raymond obeys his orders perfectly. Donohue thinks Frank knows something about this and he agrees. Frank takes the dog on the training course and tells Donohue that Raymond is innocent.

Danny and Maria watch surveillance footage when she finds a man that she recognizes as Tic-Tac. She says that he is capable of anything. They arrive in the area where Tic-Tac lives and they move in to flush him out. He tries to make a run for it and grabs a tire iron. Danny tells him to put the weapon down but Maria tackles him through a window. It's only then that she reveals to Danny that Tic-Tac is her brother, Jave. They bring him in to the station and Danny asks what the story is between them. Maria says they used to best friends until Jave turned to drugs. Gormley tells them to talk to Jave and he'll be nearby.

Henry recruits Roy to help him put together a shredded note from Colleen's house. He doesn't think that Colleen did it but he wants to make sure. Henry admits that he used to like Colleen and that's why he had her reassigned so many years ago. The computer shows that the shredded paper is a receipt for a bottle of drugs used to euthanize humans.

Danny and Maria confront Jave about the murder of Gabriel Vega. He was seen on surveillance footage moments after her was killed but Jave says he didn't kill anyone. Maria accuses him of being high but Jave says he's been clean for three months. He's working at a computer company now but Maria still won't give him a break. Jave says he bummed a smoke from Vega but ran away when a man started stabbing him. They leave the cell but Maria thinks he is guilty. Danny and Gormley agree that Jave isn't the man they are looking for. Gormley orders them to get a statement and cut Jave loose.

Moore isn't happy that Frank talked to the dog handler after he said he would stay out of the matter. Frank thinks it's a shakedown and knows they have the truth. Moore asks about his past and a talk named Gretta that died from following Frank's orders. He knows how these things are supposed to go. Settling out of court will involve Raymond being put down but Frank can't allow that.

Maria meets with Gabriel's father Arturo, who says his son was a good man that had no enemies. Danny suggests that maybe Gabriel wasn't a target and the real target was Jave. Every crime Jave was involved with is connected to Benny Russo. He gets paranoid whenever his employees stop their work in the drug trade. They are upset that Jave didn't mention any of this and head to Jave's house. They find him lying on the floor with a needle in his arm.

Danny tells Erin about Benny Russo and wants a warrant from her bosses. She points out that he has no evidence and can't get him a warrant. Erin tells him to come back when he has some real evidence.

Maria visits Jave and assures him that Danny is working on getting a warrant to go after Russo. He apologizes about not telling her Russo was after him. He thought it would just be one more thing to hate him for. Gabriel helped him and he just ran away. Danny arrives to tell them that they couldn't get the warrant. The only thing they can do is to use Jave as bait. Jave agrees and says he can set up a meeting with Russo. He says that helping is the least he could do.

Frank finds Preston Morris who thinks that he wants to settle. He says the conversation is over but Frank has done his research. Frank says that Morris has a history of going after rich targets and settling for less. Morris says there could be no other dog but Frank suggests his mother's rescue dog who they can't get rid of. Frank threatens to tell everyone Morris' lies and asks if he really wants to drag his son through testifying for lies.

Henry confronts Colleen with the evidence of the euthanasia medicine. She says that it was a decision they made together but he died before she ever opened the bottle. Henry asks if they are still friends and Colleen says they always have been. She thanks him for caring so much for her family. He offers to go to dinner with her whenever she's ready.

Russo meets Jave at the selected location. He says he wants to talk and gets close. Danny tells the team to wait but Maria wants them to move in. Russo goes for a handshake and his bodyguard grabs him. He's shoved into a van and they drive away. Danny tries to follow but has trouble finding them. Maria receives news from the station about where they are heading.

Jave is taken to a warehouse and Russo threatens to throw him in a wood chipper. Danny and Maria arrive just in time to stop the men. Jave hugs Maria after she rescues him.

Frank visits Donohue at the K-9 training center. He explains that the lawsuit against Raymond was dropped and he wants them back on the job as soon as possible. Back at home, Frank reveals to Henry that he had a crush on Colleen when he was younger. At the Reagan family Thanksgiving, each member lists what they are thankful for.