Ties That Bind - Recap

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Danny and Mickey reunite again after Mickey returns from Florida. Mickey and Connie decided to move back after her mother got sick. Linda is looking forward to finally getting to know them. Danny looks out the window to see Mickey's car and spots a suspicious man in a truck across the street. He excuses himself to take the garbage out and the truck drives away.

At the hospital, Frank and Moore meet with Officer Powell, who was injured on the job. The officer was shot but he'll be fine. Frank says he will get a medal and asks him to rest up. On their way out, Officer Wallace stops them and wishes they had done better. He feels like he let his partner down because he didn't want to pat down the suspect earlier. There are new laws that state someone who is searched could be sued. Frank says they are the ones who messed up not Wallace.

At the station, Gormley calls Danny into his office to meet with Lieutenant Sutton. Sutton was the one taking photos outside of Danny's house because Mickey they suspect Mickey is a member of the Vasquez Family. Danny doesn't believe it's true but Sutton shows a photo of Mickey with other members of the Vasquez Family at a golf tournament.

Moore and Dino try to convince Frank to tell the press about the negative consequences of stop and frisk being banned. Frank wants to let the judge decide the laws while they uphold them. Moore has never seen Frank give up like this but Frank says he hasn't given up.

Sutton explains to Danny that the Vasquez Family is expanding and building relationships with organized crime in the area. Mickey is the go between for the two groups. If this is true Danny believes that Mickey deserves whatever is coming to him. Sutton is hoping that Danny can help but he doesn't think Mickey will open up to him about the mob. Danny doesn't want to help but Sutton says he 's just asking for help. That could change though because Sutton doesn't have to ask.

Danny tells Erin the news about Mickey. She's surprised but not blown away. Mickey and Danny got into a lot of trouble when they were younger. Erin thinks that Danny has a blind spot for Mickey. She says she would make sure her friends were no good before going after them.

Maria tails Mickey through the city to an office building. She rides up in the elevator with him and calls Danny to say he's on the 16th floor. He finds that this floor belongs to Gator Empire Inc. Danny returns to Sutton and explains that he followed Mickey to a shell corporation that belongs to the Vasquez Family. He agrees to help take him down as long as they offer him witness protection. Danny asks Sutton to punch him in the face and he happily agrees.

At a bar, Danny tells Mickey that he got his black eye because he owes $12,000 to his bookie. He complains that he's in need of money and Mickey volunteers to help. Danny refuses but Mickey has another idea. He knows a man who may be able to hire him for some work.

Frank arrives at Mayor Poole's office and explains Wallace's dilemma with stop and frisk. Poole doesn't want to reopen it but Frank says their crime statistics are heading in the wrong direction. He asks Poole to inform the public that 'see something, say something' needs to go beyond backpacks. If a citizen sees something the police would have a better reason to stop a criminal. Poole says he will think about it but Frank doesn't think he wants to go near the topic.

Danny and Mickey go on a double date with their wives to a restaurant. When the women go to the bathroom, Danny asks Mickey about his friend who may have a job for him. Mickey says it's not the type of guy Danny should get involved with and offers him the money he owes. Danny still wants the job even if it's illegal. Mickey agrees to set up a meeting.

In preparation for the meeting, Sutton asks Danny to wear a wire to the meeting. The police will be right outside if he should happen to need help. Danny arrives at the church and walks up to Mickey. They place their phones on a pew in the church and Mickey moves to pat down Danny. He asks why he would pat him down if he trusts him but Mickey insists he has to. Mickey doesn't find anything and they walk further into the church.

Danny returns to the station and admits to Sutton that he didn't bring the wire inside. Mickey said enough to incriminate himself and Danny recorded all of it using a second cell phone in his ankle holster. Sutton congratulates him on a good job but Danny still doesn't feel good about doing this to a friend.

At the Reagan house, Henry suggests to Frank and Jamie that they just ignore the stop and frisk ban. Frank and Jamie agree that the ban makes their jobs much harder but cops had been going too far before the ban took place. Jamie says that a lot of cops had also been getting lazy and started frisking because it was easy. Frank takes the blame for that since he led the men who encouraged this.

Danny confronts Mickey about the recording he made and says he's under arrest. Mickey resists though and the two get in a fist fight. Danny eventually gets Mickey to give up and brings him in. At the station, Danny asks how Mickey got involved with the Vasquez Family. They hired him because he was good at making deals and by the time he realized who they were it was too late. Danny asks him to testify against his old bosses and enter witness protection with his family. Mickey doesn't want to do this though and stops talking when his lawyer enters the room. Danny puts handcuffs on him and some other officers lead him out. Sutton calls Danny over to talk to him. Bail on Mickey is $1,000,000 but that's a good thing because the Vasquez Family has put a hit out on Mickey. Danny wants Mickey well protected by police or else he will feel responsible.

Frank takes Poole out for a ride along. They park near three young men and Frank points out that just from looking he knows one of them is carrying a loaded weapon and selling drugs. Poole says the man should be arrested but Frank explains how he could be sued if he's wrong. A call from a citizen would allow the cops to search him but until then no cop will go near him for fear of being sued.

Danny tells Henry how bad he feels about what he did to Mickey. Henry tries to reason that he was just doing his job and it's not his fault that Mickey is a criminal. Sutton calls Danny and says that the Vasquez Family posted bail for Mickey. Danny thinks the Vasquez Family wants to kill Mickey and heads over to his house. He convinces Connie that they are in danger and she reveals that she doesn't know where he is. She received a coded text from Mickey that Danny decodes to say that he's being taken under a bridge.

Danny arrives near the bridge just as Mickey is being unloaded from a truck by three men. They lead him to the river edge and point guns at him. Danny gets in a firefight with the men and takes them out. He rescues Mickey just as other police arrive at the scene. Mickey knows he must testify and start a new life with Connie and his children. He wants to say thank you but knows it isn't enough.

In front of all the police officers, Fran tells them that they must make sure they carry out the law. If there's anything they aren't happy about they should leave it in their locker when they start work. Frank reminds them that stop and frisk isn't their only tool and they aren't to stop using it completely. He needs them to do their job and he promises to always have their back.

At the Reagan family dinner, Henry admits he always thought Mickey would get in trouble with law. Everyone else says that they thought the same would happen to Danny. The family discusses what makes someone good or bad and Frank jokes that they used to keep a jar of money for Danny in case he needed bail.