Under Fire - Recap

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Jenny calls Beckett looking for Kevin. Beckett is at the scene of a fire and asks Jenny to remain calm because something has happened.

Twelve hours earlier, Castle and Kevin investigate a crime scene at a burned out building. Kevin receives a call from Jenny testing out their phone system. Jenny is three days past her due date and is ready to go at any time. Mark Kimball, a safety investigator, warns them to exit the building as quick as they can because of structural damage. Parish explains that the death was due to a gunshot. Delia Burton, fire investigator, says the fire was an arson. Castle thinks the killer set the fire to cover it up but Delia isn't sure. If it was planned out the body would have been closer to the start of the fire. Beckett suggests the victim surprised the arsonist. The building begins to creak and Castle runs out after Delia suggests they leave.

Castle and Beckett meet with Mr. Turino, the owner of the building. They question why there was no security at the building and Castle points out the high insurance he needed to take out to get a loan. A total loss claim would mean he could solve all of his money problems. Beckett thinks he's in the mob because of his relations and former convictions. He says he's out of that life now and was hoping to flip that building and retire.

In the burned out building, Delia cuts open some carpet to find an 'X' on the ground.

In the morgue, Parish explains that no news has surfaced about the victim. He was dead before the fire started and it looks like he wasn't homeless. He had great medical coverage and Parish hopes to track a plate in his leg to find out who he was. Delia arrives and claims to know the man. It's her partner, fire investigator Blake McCann.

Beckett confirms the victim is Blake and informs Delia. She doesn't know of anyone that would hurt him but shows Castle and Beckett a photo of the 'X' she found under the carpet. Delia says it's the signature of a serial arsonist that Blake has been hunting for years.

Beckett and Castle discuss the arsonist known as the Phantom. Castle notices a name that was written in Blake's notes, Adam Ferguson. Beckett investigates Adam and finds that Blake called him the day before he died.

Javier and Kevin enter Blake's home and find it trashed. They think the arsonist came to search for any evidence that could be used against him. The place has been tossed so the arsonist must not have found what he was looking for. Javier suggests they search Blake's car that is probably still near the crime scene.

Beckett interrogates Adam about the phone call he had with Blake. Adam is a known arsonist himself but was being paid by Blake to help him in his case. Adam says the arsonist was very knowledgeable about fires and would always find the weak point. The hunt began after Adam gave him a few hints for how to catch the arsonist. Adam says the arsonist would have watched the fire because that's what he lives for. After the interrogation, Beckett receives a call from Javier. He's at Blake's car with Kevin and they found some files. They find paperwork for another building that it looks like the arsonist was going to target. Beckett asks them to investigate the building.

Kevin and Javier walk through the abandoned building and come across a door with a new lock on it. They break in and discover a lab with arson supplies. The building isn't the next target it's a workshop. An alarm goes off and Kevin yells to get out when he realizes it's a bomb. They run out as the bomb blows up.

Castle takes a look on the internet to see other videos uploaded of the fire. Beckett points out that one video started recording before the fire even started. Tory Ellis does a search for the video online and finds the website it was originally posted to. It was posted about an hour after the fire was put out. The founder of the website is Milo Pavlik, a man who has previous charges of arson.

Beckett and Castle enter Milo's apartment and confront him about the video. He claims that the video was given to him by a regular contributor. Beckett asks for a list of his members but he knows they need a warrant. He receives multiple texts about a fire at an abandoned building. Beckett and Castle rush off when they realized it's the building Javier and Kevin were in.

At the scene, the building is completely engulfed in flames. Beckett asks the fire chief to get her men out but there's nothing he can do until it's under more control. He says if they were in there they are probably already gone. Castle suggests that maybe they weren't inside, even though their car is outside. Beckett receives a call from Jenny who couldn't get in touch with Kevin.

Victoria Gates tells her team that they don't know what happened to Javier and Kevin but they need to catch the arson. Delia gives each man a copy of the information they have on the arsons. Gates states that they need to bring the arsonist to justice.

Javier wakes up in the basement of the building and finds Kevin nearby. His legs are stuck under debris that is too heavy for Javier to lift. Javier uses a pole to wedge the debris and try to free Kevin.

Outside the building, the fire chief orders everyone to take a defensive position or they could lose the whole block.

Javier frees Kevin and they see that their escape is blocked so there's nothing they can do but wait for help. Their phones are broken and have no service. They can't yell loud enough to be heard so they bang on the pipes in the hopes that someone hears them. Kevin notices a rotary phone lying in the rubble with wires nearby.

Jenny arrives at the scene and refuses to leave without Kevin. Her contractions are now five minutes apart so Parish calls a medic over. Beckett is frustrated that there's nothing she can do. She receives a phone call from Kevin. His voice is full of static but they are okay for now. Javier explains to the fire chief where they are but his plans don't show basement. Castle calls Gates and says they need to find another way to leave the basement. He believes that the arsonist hid the basement in the plans so that he could escape during the explosion. Castle says they need to find the arsonist since he's the only one who knows the escape route. Tory tells Gates that she found something. She has found the username of their suspected arsonist.

Gates brings Milo in for questioning and asks the man's true identity. She threatens him with accessory to murder and he finally admits that the arsonist sets fires to put old buildings out of their misery.

Kevin is on the line with Beckett still and she assures him they will make it out. He doesn't think the chances look too good and asks Beckett to do something for him. She brings the phone to Jenny and allows him to talk to her. He apologizes that he won't be able to be there for her. They decide to name the baby Javier if it's a boy and Sara Grace, after her grandmother, if it's a girl. The phone cuts out after he tells her he loves her. Javier jokes that Kevin is going to name an Irish boy Javier. Kevin refuses to give up and wants to search for the exit. He struggles to keep Javier awake.

Delia tells Beckett that they may have caught a break. She thinks that the arsonist knew which buildings were dying because he was able to go inside them. Delia looks at the building inspections and finds one thing in common, the building inspector was Mark Kimball. Castle says they need to find him but Beckett thinks he's already there.

Beckett approaches Kimball while he's filming the fire. They surround him and Beckett threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell them the secret exit.

Javier and Kevin lie on the ground as firefighters break through a wall to reach them. The fire chief asks the firefighters about their status but there's no response. The fire fighters emerge with Kevin and Javier, who are okay. Castle brings Kevin over to Jenny who has just given birth. She introduces him to Sara Grace.