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How many times has the series been canceled and then revived Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1998
• 1999
• 2000
• 2001
On what network does the show air Medium msd85• ABC
As of 2012, how many episodes of Family Guy have aired Medium msd85• 178
• 179
• 180
• 181
How many episodes were in the tenth season Medium msd85• 13
• 14
• 15
• 16
How many episodes were in the ninth season Medium msd85• 17
• 18
• 19
• 20
How many episodes were in the eighth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the seventh season Medium msd85• 15
• 16
• 17
• 18
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 17
• 18
• 19
• 20
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 27
• 28
• 29
• 30
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 7
• 8
• 9
• 10
As of 2012, how many seasons has Family Guy aired Medium msd85• 9
• 10
• 11
• 12
What animal does Chris have in his closet Easy Anonymous• An elephant
• A cat
• An evil monkey
• A sheep
What's the name of Peter's boss who's trying to harass him in the episode "Peter-assment" Medium Microsd• Annie
• Rachel
• Angela
• Anna
Ollie Williams is Channel 5's weather forecast reporter. Hard Microsd• True.
• False.
Which of these characters is in love with Meg Griffin Easy Microsd• Herbert
• Neil Goldman
• Kevin Swanson
• Jake Tucker
In which episode do we find out why Joe is paralyzed Medium Microsd• "Ocean's Three and a Half"
• "Blind Ambition"
• "A Hero Sits Next Door"
• "Play It Again, Brian"
What's the name of Joe's son Medium Microsd• Mike
• Kevin
• Chris
• Neil
Joe was paralysed from birth. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Quagmire is in love with Lois. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Who voices Peter Griffin Easy Microsd• Charles Durning
• Seth MacFarlane
• Mike Henry
• Seth Green
Who voices Chris Griffin Medium Microsd• Seth MacFarlane
• Charles Durning
• Seth Green
• Mike Henry
What was Chris referred to as when he was born Medium Microsd• Elephant Child
• Evil Monkey
• Wunderkind
What is Chris's middle name Hard Microsd• Gilligan
• Cross
• George
• Green
What age did Stewie reach in the episode "Chitty Chitty Death Bang" Medium Microsd• 6 months
• 1 year
• 2 years
• 10 months
The show was initially cancelled in it's fifth season but brought back in 2007. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
The high school in Qahog is called "James Woods Regional High School". Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
Who's Peter's biological father Medium Microsd• Mickey McFinnigan
• Carter Pewterschmidt
• Mort Goldman
• Herbert
What was Peter's mother's name Medium Microsd• Muriell
• Thelma
• Loretta
• Lois
Which one of these character does not wear glasses Easy Microsd• Mort Goldman
• Meg Griffin
• Adam West
• Peter Griffin
Which character is married to Loretta Easy Microsd• Quagmire
• Joe
• Cleveland
• Peter
Who does Stewie want to kill Easy Microsd• Peter
• Chris
• Meg
• Lois
What kind of animal is Brian Griffin Easy Microsd• Cat
• Dog
• Horse
• Snake
Adam West is the mayor of Quahog. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Which character was once part of the circus freak show Medium Microsd• Brian
• Lois
• Chris
• Quagmire
What color are the pants that Peter is always wearing Easy Microsd• Brown
• Dark green
• Black
• Dark blue
What is the name of Stewie's child psychologist Hard Microsd• Dr. Morin
• Dr. Brody
• Dr. Kaplan
• Dr. Sanders
How many years have Peter and Lois been married for Medium Microsd• 14
• 19
• 17
• 16
Joe is a police officer, what rank is he Medium Microsd• Lieutenant
• Captain
• Sergeant
• Colonel
What was the name of Peter's black relative acting in "Black To The Future" Hard Microsd• Francis Griffin
• Rufus Griffin
• Chris Griffin
• Ronald Griffin
What was Brian Griffin's mother's name Medium Microsd• Bisquick
• Biscuit
• Briana
• Ebony
What religion does Francis Griffin follow Easy Microsd• Catholic
• Protestant
• Baptist
• Orthodox
Where did Joe Swanson live before he moved next door to Peter Medium Microsd• Newport
• East Quahog
• Boston
• Providence
What is the name of Stewie's teddy bear Easy Microsd• Bobby
• Rupert
• Jackie
• Hulk
Who's the creator of Family Guy Easy Microsd• Seth Green
• Alex Borstein
• Seth MacFarlane
• Mike Henry
Who voices Cleveland Medium Microsd• Joseph Swanson
• Seth Rogen
• Will Smith
• Mike Henry
Who voices Lois Griffin Medium Microsd• Jennifer Tilly
• Lori Alan
• Alex Borstein
• Tara Strong
What is the name of Tom Tucker's son Medium Microsd• John
• Jack
• Jake
• Jim
What is the name of Mort's wife Medium Microsd• Midge
• Margaret
• Murtle
• Murielle
What is the name of Brian's therapist Hard Microsd• Brian Kaplan
• Bruce Kaplan
• Bill Kaplan
• Bob Kaplan
What was the name of the nudist boy that Meg used to like Hard Microsd• Jon
• Joey
• Jeff
• Jim
What is Brian's drink of choice Medium Microsd• Beer
• Manhattan
• Whiskey Sour
• Martini
What is Stewie's middle name Medium Microsd• Rupert
• Gilligan
• Chris
• George
Where does Brian's gay cousin work Medium Microsd• Club Med
• Hollywood, he's an actor
• A bar
• The gym
Who is the Griffin's family doctor Medium Microsd• Dr. House
• Dr. Lisa
• Dr. Hartman
• Dr. Popsicle
Who is the female news anchor for Quahog Easy Microsd• Gloria Ironbox
• Connie Demico
• Diane Simmons
• Bonnie Swanson
Nail has kissed Meg. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
What is Mort Goldman's occupation Easy Microsd• Pharmacist
• Airline pilot
• Custodian
• News presenter
What is Mrs. Goldman's first name Hard Microsd• Alma
• Ophelia
• Muriel
• Greta
Who is banned from the video store Medium Microsd• Joe
• Quagmire
• Peter
• Cleveland
Who dated Kate Moss Medium Microsd• Chirs
• Stewie
• Peter
• Joe
Whose wife had an affair with Quagmire Easy Microsd• Peter
• Joe
• Cleveland
• Pewterschmidt
Which two family members have considered liposuction Easy Microsd• Lois and Meg
• Peter and Lois
• Peter and Chris
• Brian and Stewie
What is Quagmire's profession Easy Microsd• Custodian
• Airline pilot
• Toy Factory Worker
• Doctor
How did Peter originally meet Brian Easy Microsd• Brian carried Peter home from the Drunken Clam.
• Brian was cleaning Peter's windshield for money.
• The former neighbors left Brian behind when they moved.
• There is no one named Brian on Family Guy.
What's the name of Peter's oldest son Easy Microsd• Ted
• Mike
• Chris
• Ken
What town does Peter Griffin and his family live in Easy Microsd• Providence
• Quahog
• Nantucket
• Boston
What was the name of the teacher Chris had a crush on Easy Microsd• Mrs. Locklear
• Mrs. Lockhart
• Mrs. Locket
• Mrs. Locker
Who did Peter's mom date after she left Peter's dad, Francis Medium Microsd• Tom Tucker
• Adam West
• Ollie Williams
• Quagmire
What is Quagmire's first name Easy Microsd• John
• Ron
• Lawrence
• Glenn
What was the name of the nudist that Meg liked Medium Microsd• Ron
• Mike
• Jeff
• Ted
Which character has a sister named Carol Medium Microsd• Quagmire
• Cleveland
• Bonnie
• Lois
Lois runs against Peter in elections for which position Medium Microsd• Mayor of Quahog
• School Board President
• Theatre Club President
• PTA President
What instrument does Lois play and teach Easy Microsd• Flute
• Guitar
• Oboa
• Piano
Why is Peter always fighting Ernie, the giant chicken Easy Microsd• Peter ran him over
• Peter flirted with Ernie's wife
• Ernie gave Peter an expired coupon
• Peter ate Ernie's chicks
How old was Peter when he had his first fart Hard Microsd• 21
• 33
• 30
• 38
When Peter and Lois start their own food business, who does Peter not allow into the restaurant Easy Microsd• Brian
• Joe
• Cleveland
• Mort
What was the occupation of the Griffin's neighbour, Cleveland Brown Medium Microsd• Car salesman
• Bank clerk
• Pilot
• Deli owner
What is the first name of Lois' father Medium Microsd• Clinton
• Curtis
• Carter
• Christopher
What is the name of the BBC show which prompts Stewie to run off to England Medium Microsd• Hoobs
• Teletubbies
• Jolly Farm Revue
• Tweenies
What is the name of the little girl Bonnie Swanson finally gives birth to in season 7 Easy Microsd• Susie
• Lilly
• Eva
• Concuella
What is Peter's middle name Hard Microsd• Lancelot
• Löwenbräu
• Lowenstein
• Lawrence
Who wrote the article about Meg in a teen magazine in the episode "Dial Meg for Murder" Medium Microsd• Stewie
• Joe
• Brian
• Peter
What was the name of the prosoner Meg fell in love with in the episode "Dial Meg for Murder" Easy Microsd• Kip
• Matt
• Luke
• Ted
What is the name of Lois's father's corporation Easy Microsd• Pewterschmidt toys
• Pewterschmidt Industries
• Pewterschmidt insurance
• Pewterschmidt software
Peter gets an amnesia after he hits his head in a quarrel on the Family Feud show. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
What show were the Griffins family on in the episode "Big Man on Hippocampus" Hard Microsd• Family dudes
• Family quiz
• Family feud
• Family stars
Brian dies at the end of episode "Dog Gone". Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What was the name of the house maid Lois hired in the episode "Dog Gone" Hard Microsd• Estella
• Concuella
• Virginia
• Anna
Lois found out she was partly Jewish in the episode "Family Goy". Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
How old was Rita, the woman Brian used to date in the episode "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag" Hard Microsd• 42
• 46
• 50
• 39
What did Stewie find out about Miley Cyrus when he went to attend her concert Medium Microsd• She was a hermaphrodite.
• She hated children.
• She was an android.
• She was dumb.
The Evil Monkey that used to live in Chris's closet was not evil at all. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What name did Quagmire give to his daughter in the episode "Quagmire's Baby" Medium Microsd• Ana Maria
• Ana Lee
• Ana Santana
• Ana
What was the name of Stewie's clone in the episode "Quagmire's Baby" Medium Microsd• Gay Stewie
• Stupid Stewie
• Bitch Stewie
• Less-intelligent Stewie
Did Stewie ever clone himself Easy Microsd• Yes.
• No.
What is the name of the pub peter griffin goes to Easy ChrizoMunko777• The Drink'in Beer Man
• The Drunken Clam
• Moe's Bar
• Mars to Beer
Which group is not mentioned during the PSA at the end of "The Son Also Draws" Easy KYLEd• Mexicans
• Greeks
• Swedes
• Canadians
How much money does the indian casino bring in from "The Son Also Draws" Easy KYLEd• 1 Million a Week
• 3 Million a week
• 6 Million a Week
• 9 Million a Week
What was the rule number that states "All scouts must sit in the semi-circle" Hard KYLEd• 76a
• 299 Paragraph A
• 142-B
• 1407-E
How many times did Lois see that “crappy Julia Roberts movie” Hard KYLEd• 8
• 13
• 47
• 38
Which TV sitcom has both been parodied and had an actor from it appear on Family Guy Medium daza• Prison Break
• The Simpsons
• South Park
• Two And a Half Men
Which celebrity hasn't died on Family Guy Easy KYLEd• Joan Cusack
• Matthew McConaughey
• Martha Stewart
• Colin Farrell
What's the Giant Chicken's name and his wife's Medium KYLEd• Sam & Irene
• Ernie & Nicole
• Sid & Nancy
• Frank & Betty
What's the Greased Up Deaf Guy's name Hard KYLEd• Roger
• Billy
• Jay
• Paul
What's a “dog trait” Brian hasn't done Medium KYLEd• Dragging himself on the carpet
• Biting the mailman
• Sniffing another dog's butt
• Playing fetch
Why did Peter say Meg shouldn't be punished for knocking out cable Medium KYLEd• She's just a girl
• She just had her period
• She's drunk
• She got her arm shot off in Vietnam
What's the very first show Family Guy parodied Easy KYLEd• Happy Days
• The Brady Bunch
• Good Times
• Beverly Hills, 90210
Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 31, 1999
Episode Order: 21
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