It's Back - Recap

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The episode begins with Adam lying in his bed. Hanna sees a call from Adam while walking down the street, but doesn’t pick it and she makes sure he is anywhere around eight times. She comes back home and counts eight potato chips before putting them in her mouth. She then chews eight times as well. Shoshanna tells Ray and Marnie that she is really worried about how Jessa is doing and wonders where she is, but they feel Jessa must be doing just fine.

Shoshanna then shocks Marnie by revealing that Charlie has managed to sell an app for a huge sum of money and now has a company with a bunch of employees. Marnie leaves in a hurry, just then Shoshanna runs into her friend Riddika. Riddika invites the two to her party and leaves, but Ray doesn’t want to go because at his age, it’s creepy for him to go to a college party. Shoshanna is keen on going and they have an argument about the issue. At an AA meeting, Adam describes how he became an alcoholic and about the relationship he had with Hanna.

After the meeting, a woman from the group is all praises for Adam and says she wants him to date her daughter, Natalya. Marnie lands up at Charlie’s office, but he doesn’t seem too excited to see her. Adam calls Natalya and she agrees to go out on a date with him. Charlie explains to Marnie that his app prevents people from calling those they shouldn’t be calling, be it an unrequited love or someone who fired you. Charlie says Marnie was the inspiration and that he started on the app after they first broke up.

Charlie then comes out and directly asks her if she is there to borrow money. Hanna meets her parents, who are in town, and they notice she has formed some weird quirks. Adam meets Natalya at a restaurant. Hanna’s mother notices she is constantly counting to 8 on her fingers and asks her about it, but Hanna completely denies doing anything of the sort. Her parents remind her she has OCD and has had it since childhood. Natalya tells Adam she works for a private eye, and explains to him what her job entails.

They have a pleasant conversation and Adam admits to her that she is very easy to talk to. Hanna’s OCD seems to be getting the better of her because she walks into the bathroom and convinces herself in front of a mirror that she is doing a great job fighting it. She makes sure she says this to herself exactly eight times. Shoshanna is at Riddika’s party and is doing all the talking, with Riddika doing all the listening. Shoshanna eventually realizes Riddika’s bored of all her talking, so she walks out of the party.

On her way out, the doorman of Riddika’s building flirts with her and they end up making out in the mailroom. Marnie returns home and tells Ray how Charlie has really made it big and has moved on. She is bothered by the fact that their breakup hasn’t affected him at all. She feels it’s really unfair that a mess like Charlie made it big, but someone like her has to keep struggling. Ray says she should begin working towards following her dreams if she too wants to be a success. Ray asks her what’s that one dream she really wants to pursue, but is surprised when she says she wants to be a singer.

He then listens to a bit of her singing and likes it. Hanna’s parents have brought her to a therapist and she isn’t at all happy being there. She tells him of her quirks and says that she was on medication earlier, but then stopped taking them because they made her really tired. She mentions her book deal and the therapist says that is something that can be quite stressful. She asks him if he has written a book and he says he has, it was about a bionic dog and sold 2.5 Million copies.

She says she will do anything he says, if he tells her parents she is fine. He in turn asks her if she is fine. Next, Hanna is shown travelling back home with her parents who look really concerned. She says she hates it when they look so concerned for her. The episode ends at this point.