On All Fours - Recap

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The episode begins and Natalya brings Adam to her house, after a movie, and tells him she is ready to have sex now. They climb on to the bed and begin making out. Before they are about to have sex, Natalya tells him the things she likes and doesn’t like during sex. Hanna arrives at David’s office and they discuss the book she is writing for him. He says what she has written, so far, isn’t very impressive and he wants something that has more sexual content in it. She says she had sex with a teenager last month and could write about that. David says that’s a great idea and mentions that’s the kind of stuff he wants. He suggests she make up stuff, if she has to, and they can turn it into a novel.

Shoshanna is feeling guilty for having cheated on Ray, so she is being really nice to him. Hanna is at home working on the novel. Instead of getting up, she drags herself on the floor to get to a pillow, and injures her butt in the process. Natalya asks Adam to come along with her to a party because lots of girls are bringing their boyfriends. Charlie also invites Marnie to a party that’s going to happen at his office and she seems happy that he did. Hanna tends to the injury on her butt and then uses a cotton swab to scratch inside her ear, but she digs in too deep and ends up hurting herself. She in tears calls up her parents and tells them that she probably needs to go to a hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor gets the swab out and looks at the injury. He says it’s probably an abrasion but, if it doesn’t clear up in a few days, she should see a specialist. Ray and Shoshanna arrive for Charlie’s party and Shoshanna is really excited to be there. Ray doesn’t seem too excited and goes to get a beer. Shoshanna tells Charlie how amazingly good looking he is and how he could have sex with any girl in the party that he wanted, including her. She then immediately regrets what she just said. Adam and Natalya too arrive at her friend’s party.

Marnie asks Ray how good her voice is, because she is planning something special for the party. Ray is too preoccupied with the fact that Shoshanna is flirting with another guy at the party, but he assures Marnie that her voice is really great. Adam is standing by himself outside the bar, where the party is, because Natalya is busy drinking and mingling with her friends. Just then, he runs into Hanna, who is walking down that path. Hanna seems happy to see him and strikes up a conversation, but he clearly is uncomfortable. She tells him about her trip to the hospital and he immediately sounds concerned and asks her to be careful. She is touched that he still cares, but he mentions his girlfriend and quickly goes inside.

He then sits beside Natalya at the bar and orders a drink. Natalya feels it isn’t a good idea, because he is a recovering alcoholic, but he insists he wants to have a good time with her. Hanna waits in silence for some time outside the bar and then walks away. Adam and Natalya have a few drinks, and then have fun on the dance floor. At Charlie’s party, the guests start laughing at Marnie the moment she begins her performance and Charlie is really embarrassed too. Shoshanna is trying her best to avoid Ray and he simply can’t understand why. Charlie takes Marnie to his office and tells her she was awful and says he is worried something is wrong with her.

She asks him not to pity her and says her life is going just fine and he kisses her. They then begin having sex in his office. Ray asks Shoshanna why she has been avoiding him and acting all weird and, instead of telling him the truth, she apologizes to him for holding the doorman’s hand. Ray finds that funny and hugs her and tells her how much he loves her. Natalya is at Adam’s house and, while they are having a conversation, he suddenly asks her to get down on all fours and crawl to his bedroom.

She is surprised, but does as she is told. He then has sex with her from behind, which she clearly doesn’t like, and then ejaculates all over her breasts. She tells him she didn’t like the whole thing and he asks her if she is done with him. Hanna is in her bathroom, scratching inside her other ear with a cotton swab. The episode ends at this point.