Together - Recap

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The episode begins and Hanna is at home by herself. She is looking up random stuff on the internet, and her OCD seems to be getting worse. David calls up Hanna, and asks her about the progress she has made on the book. She tries to makes excuses, by saying she injured her eardrums, but David is in no mood to listen. He warns Hanna that he will sue her, if she doesn’t turn up today at his office with at least a few pages of the book. Hanna assures him she will and, after hanging up, begins saying to herself that she will write a whole book in a day.

Charlie is pleasuring Marnie, and she is really enjoying it. Ray and Shoshanna are having sex, but Shoshanna clearly isn’t in the mood. Ray notices this, and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that he has no ambition, and that is wearing her down. Clarisse and Adam are also having sex. She is busy giving him instructions throughout, about how she wants it. Hanna is under a lot of pressure. She calls up her father for money, so she can return the advance she was paid for the book. Her father says she can’t keep leaning on him all her life, and refuses to lend her any money.

Marnie finds out that Charlie doesn’t really want to date her, and is only interested in casual sex. She storms out of the café, where they were having brunch. Charlie stops her and she admits, with tears in her eyes, that she loves him. She says she wants to settle down with him, and have his kids. Charlie says that’s all he ever wanted to hear from her. He says that he loves her too, and could never get over her. They smile and kiss each other.

Ray has a chat with his boss and says he is quitting, because he wants to pursue his PhD. He says his girlfriend is worried about his lack of motivation, which is why he has made this decision. His boss changes his mind by telling Ray that he is opening up a new coffee shop, and wants him to be in charge. Marnie knocks on Hanna’s door, and Hanna immediately hides behind her bed. Marnie uses a spare key to enter the apartment and look around. She sees Hanna’s laptop, and discovers that Hanna hasn’t made any progress with the book. She doesn’t find Hanna, so she leaves.

Hanna decides to cut her own hair, but makes a mess of it. She calls Laird, her downstairs neighbor, to help finish the job. He is happy to oblige and, after he is done cutting her hair, Hanna tells him how no one cares about her anymore. She lies down, because she isn’t feeling too well. Laird, who is concerned, holds her and asks her if she is okay. Hanna tells him to back off, because she thinks he is trying to molest her. Laird feels insulted and tells her she is the most self-involved person he has ever met. Hanna sees that he is really hurt, and confesses that she never considered him to be a real person. She apologizes to him. Ray tells Shoshanna about the offer his boss has given him, but she still finds an excuse to break up with him.

Hanna calls Jessa, but finds her voicemail. She leaves a message telling Jessa about the mess her life has become. Adam gets a video call from Hanna. He notices that her OCD is back. She admits to him that she is really scared and lonely. Adam tells her he is coming over and, while she is still on the call, he runs all the way to her house. Shoshanna hooks up with a random guy at a bar. Marnie and Charlie are walking down a street, and seem really happy in each other’s company. Adam makes it to Hanna’s apartment, and tells her to open the door. She says she is scared and refuses. He kicks open the door and goes in. He picks up Hanna in his arms and they kiss. The episode ends at this point.