Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime - Recap

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A wounded Alfred staggers across the land fill after the garbage truck he fell into dumps him off. Tabitha and two of her men are closing in.

At the manor, Lucius comes out of the basement chamber and says that he's fixed the hard drive. There's no sign of Bruce of Alfred. The window is open and the drapes blow in the breeze.

The monks drag Bruce to the penthouse and Theo is waiting. Bruce refuses to sign over Wayne Enterprises, and Theo explains that his true name is Dumas and his family were dishonored and degraded by the Waynes. The family's patron saint spoke of how nine men of Gotham, including the mortal son of their enemy, would be slain by righteous hands. Theo tells Bruce that he's the last son, just as Father Creel comes in. He anoints Bruce's forehead and tells him to be glad because he is the redeemer of his family. Creel says that the Waynes have wallowed in corruption and vice for seven generations, and that night at midnight the Dumas will be avenged.

At the land fill, Alfred finds a refrigerator and hides inside. Tabitha and her men go by just as a truck dumps more junk on the refrigerator.

Jim dreams of watching Barbara fall and hears singing. He wakes up to find Edward and Oswald singing. Once their done, Oswald asks Jim how he's feeling and explains that Edward is a friend. Jim prepares to go, but Oswald notes that he's a fugitive from the law and suggests that they ally against Theo.

At the penthouse, Tabitha comes in and finds Theo looking out on Gotham. She admits that she hasn't found Alfred, and Theo is disgusted with her sloppy attitude. Tabitha pours herself a drink and Theo tells her to grow up. She says that her brother is a sad little man, and Theo warns her not to go there. Silver comes in and tells Theo that she's fighting off a cold and is going to go bed, and asks if she can miss the ceremony. Theo doesn't believe her and wonders if she's cut out for the task ahead of them. Silver insists that she is, and that Bruce means nothing to her. Theo figures that she can't watch Bruce die, and Silver denies it. Her uncle says that he's going to give her a test: make Bruce fall in love with her and kiss her before he dies. Silver points out that Bruce knows the truth about her, and Theo points out that's what makes it a test. Tabitha tells Theo to cut her some slack, and Silver asks if there's another way. Theo insists that family interests come first and there are other girls he can turn to if she fails. Silver says that she understands, and Tabitha warns her that if she fails then Theo will throw her out on the street or kill her.

Silver goes to Bruce's cell and tells him that she's sorry for what's happened and how she lied to him. She claims that Theo forced her to, and tells Bruce that he's a good person. Silver asks if he would like some company, and Bruce tells her to go. He says that he has no feelings for her, and Silver apologizes again and starts to go. Bruce reconsiders and says that she can stay if she likes.

At the land fill, Alfred climbs out of the debris and staggers out to the street. He tries finally gets a driver to pull over, pulls the man out, and apologizes. Two officers arrive and taser him unconscious.

At the station, Leslie discovers that Barnes has put out a warrant on Jim. She insists that he's innocent, but Barnes points out that Jim escaped custody with Oswald and left two dead cops behind. The captain wonders how long Jim has been working with Oswald, and Leslie insists that Jim isn't. Edward is listening as Barnes warns Leslie that if she knows where Jim is then she's an accomplice after the fact. The captain warns her that she doesn't know Jim as well as she thinks. Once Barnes leave, Edward gives Leslie an address to see her lover.

Silver asks Bruce to talk to her about anything he wants. He says that owls are his favorite animal, and Silver talks about how she once swam with a dolphin. Bruce starts to warm up to her.

Leslie goes to the address and Gabe lets her in. Oswald and his men are arming themselves and Jim is there as well. He says that he has to get her out of town, and Oswald explains that they're taking Theo down. Jim insists that Theo has to be stopped, but Leslie asks him to come with her. He refuses to let Theo win, and Leslie tells him that he's pregnant.

Silver talks about her ninth birthday being her favorite memory. Bruce asks if her parents are really dead, and Silver admits that they are. He offers his condolences, and then talks about how he and his parents went camping. Silver says that she can't let Bruce die, and says that if they can get past the guard then she knows a back exit. She tells Bruce that she is a Dumas and has some pull, and orders the guard in. She has him hand over his gun, shoots him in the knee, and then leads Bruce out.

The two teenagers run out the back but find Theo and the monks waiting for them. More monks grab them, and Theo asks Silver what she was thinking. They then drag Bruce and Silver back to the cell.

Lucius visits Barnes and Harvey at the station, and explains that Alfred and Bruce have been missing for at least 12 hours. Barnes ignores procedures and puts out missing-person reports on them, Lucius figures that Theo abducted them, but admits that he has no evidence. Barnes tells Harvey that they need proof of a crime before they can do anything. just as a call comes in. They go the cell where Alfred is unconscious, and wake him up. He explains that the officers tasered him, and Barnes points out that the rightful occupants chased Alfred out of the Galavan penthouse. He warns that they need solid proof and tells Lucius that they'll get a backdoor warrant on Galavan Tower. Edward is nearby and overhears them as Barnes releases Alfred. Alfred tells Harvey that he needs bandages and a couple of guns. Harvey agrees and offers to go with him to confront Theo. Lucius admits that he's an amateur and a hindrance, and Alfred figures that they need Jim. Edward chuckles and finally tells them that Jim is at his home.

Jim and Leslie prepare to leave town, and Oswald says goodbye to them on the street. They go to their car, just as another car pulls up. It's Alfred, Lucius, and Harvey, and Jim tells Leslie to wait there. He goes over and talks to the newcomers, and Leslie realizes what Jim's decision is. She takes the wheel as Jim comes back and says that Theo has Bruce. Leslie starts to have him make a promise, then tells him to do what he thinks is best and call her when it's over before driving way.

In their cell, Bruce wipes away Silver's tears. She thanks him and Bruce admits that he's not afraid. Silver says that she loves him, and asks if he loves her. Bruce tells her that he doesn't because he figures that she's playing him. He doesn't want her to think that she tricked him after he's dead, and tells silver that he pities her. Bruce asks why she does what she does, and Silver insists that Theo made her. If she doesn't make Bruce love her then Theo will kick her out of the family. Bruce assures her that she isn't a loser, and says that she can change. Silver says that there's no hope for her after everything that she's done.

Jim prepares to lead the others and says that they will arrest Theo. Oswald disagrees--violently--but Jim says that Gotham needs to know who Theo really is. Lucius points out that they have no plan and wonders how they're going to get in, and Selina appears at the window. She says that she knows a way in, and Alfred wonders how they can trust her. Jim trusts her and tells her to grab a gun, and Oswald insists that they don't need a backup plan because failure is not an option.

Silver tells Bruce to stop covering up his fear. Bruce says that he mostly feels alive and happy... because he's going to see his parents. Theo comes in and says that it's time. Bruce asks for one moment and then says goodbye to Silver and tells her that he loves and forgives her. He kisses her on the cheek, and walks out. Theo congratulates silver and they follow Bruce.

Jim and his team walk down the streets to Galavan Tower.

Creel and his monks are waiting to sacrifice Bruce.

Selina comes up in the parking garage and takes out the monk on guard. She then opens the door and lets the others in, and they head up several dozen flights of stairs.

The monks tie Bruce to a post and Theo gives the dagger to Silver. Creel steps forward and orders silence, and then tells Bruce to prepare himself. Bruce says that he's a deluded old fool who will pay, and Creel calls on his ancestors to witness the fulfillment of prophecy. Silver steps forward and yells at them to stop, just as Jim and the others barge in. Theo and Tabitha leave with Silver, while the monks charge forward.

Lucius tells Barnes that he has Jim's current location.

Once the monks are down, Jim tells Creel to put down the knife. He leaps forward and Harvey guns him down. Selina and Alfred free Bruce, and Jim realizes that Theo is gone.

In the apartment, Theo grabs two parachutes and prepares to leave via the window... and says that Silver isn't coming. He advances on his niece and reaches for her throat… and Tabitha knocks him unconscious from behind. When he wakes up, his sister and niece are preparing to jump. Tabitha says that Theo has lost and it's time that she look out for number one. She shoves Silver out the window and then jumps after her. Theo runs to the window and screams at his sister, and Jim comes in and puts Theo under arrest. He tosses Theo a pair of handcuffs and tells him to put him on, and Theo is relieved that a man of principle has him. He assures Jim him that he won't be convicted, and Jim puts his gun to his head and remembers that the last time Theo was exonerated in court.

Barnes comes in with a search warrant. Theo drops to his knees, and Barnes tells Jim to surrender. Jim insists that he's does nothing wrong, and warns Barnes that he's making a mistake. As Jim drops to his knees. Oswald clubs Barnes unconscious from behind and promises that he will kill Jim to get to Theo. He reminds Jim that Theo nearly killed Barbara and Leslie, and tells him to think of the greater good. Oswald asks Jim if he's sure that Theo will be convicted.

Alfred and Selina take Bruce out, and Bruce insists that he had an escape plan worked out.

Jim and Oswald drive Theo to the docks. Theo warns that Jim will regret it, but Jim says that he won't. Oswald gets a baseball bat and starts beating Theo. Theo begs Jim to kill him, and Jim stops Oswald and says that it's enough. He then shoots Theo dead. Oswald smiles and gets an umbrella as Jim walks away.

Later, Jim goes to see Leslie and tells her that it's over. He asks if she'll marry him,.

A driver from the Gotham morgue takes Theo's corpse to the secret lab at Indian Hill. The orderlies take it to a room containing tanks of other dead and mortally injured individuals. The head doctor, Ethel Peabody, tells them to show some respect because Dr. Strange has high hopes for Theo. She opens the bag to reveal that Theo has an open umbrella crammed into his mouth.

Night in Gotham, and a man flees through the alleyways. H comes to a dead end and tries to hide. The man following him walks over, a tank on his back hooked up to the gun in his hands. He finds the fleeing man and fires, freezing him on the spot.