Impractical Jokers

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 15/Dec/2011 Butterfly Crime Scene (Pilot)
02 01x02 15/Dec/2011 Butterfly Crime Scene
03 01x03 22/Dec/2011 Unmotivational Speaker
04 01x04 29/Dec/2011 Boardwalk of Shame
05 01x05 05/Jan/2012 Drawing a Blank
06 01x06 12/Jan/2012 Panty Raid
07 01x07 19/Jan/2012 Out of TP
08 01x08 26/Jan/2012 Who Arted
09 01x09 02/Feb/2012 Joker's Choice
10 01x10 16/Feb/2012 A Loser Presents
11 01x11 29/Mar/2012 Starfart Macchiato
12 01x12 29/Mar/2012 What Did I Eat?
13 01x13 05/Apr/2012 Bellydancer
14 01x14 12/Apr/2012 Charity Case
15 01x15 19/Apr/2012 Theater del Absurado
16 01x16 26/Apr/2012 Pick a Loser
17 01x17 03/May/2012 Super Cuts

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
18 02x01 06/Sep/2012 Elephant in the Room
19 02x02 13/Sep/2012 The Stoop Sessions: Part 1
19 02x03 20/Sep/2012 Art Attack
21 02x04 27/Sep/2012 The Stoop Sessions: Part 2
22 02x05 13/Dec/2012 Birds and the Bees
23 02x06 13/Dec/2012 Strip High Five
24 02x07 20/Dec/2012 Sound EffeXXX
25 02x08 27/Dec/2012 Do Something To My Face
26 02x09 03/Jan/2013 Psychotic Not-line
27 02x10 10/Jan/2013 The Truth Hurts
28 02x11 17/Jan/2013 Get Out of Dodge
29 02x12 24/Jan/2013 Love Expert
30 02x13 07/Feb/2013 Out of Fashion
31 02x14 14/Feb/2013 Scaredy Cat
32 02x15 21/Feb/2013 Joker vs. Joker
33 02x16 01/Aug/2013 Down in the Dump
35 02x18 15/Aug/2013 Sweat the Small Things
36 02x19 22/Aug/2013 Film Fail
37 02x20 29/Aug/2013 Not Safe For Work
39 02x22 12/Sep/2013 Everything's Just Rosie
40 02x23 24/Oct/2013 Enter the Dragons
41 02x24 31/Oct/2013 Dog Days Of Bummer
43 02x26 14/Nov/2013 All the Wrong Moves
44 02x27 05/Dec/2013 Cyber Buddies
45 02x28 12/Dec/2013 Trouble Shoot

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
46 03x01 02/Jan/2014 Look Out Below
48 03x03 16/Jan/2014 Field of Screams
49 03x04 23/Jan/2014 Nationals Disaster
50 03x05 30/Jan/2014 Bonus Footage
51 03x06 06/Feb/2014 Toasted
52 03x07 13/Feb/2014 Scarytales
53 03x08 20/Feb/2014 Inside the Vault
54 03x09 27/Mar/2014 Bigger in Texas
55 03x10 01/Apr/2014 Snow Way Out
56 03x11 10/Apr/2014 Takes the Cake
57 03x12 17/Apr/2014 Anniversary Edition
58 03x13 15/May/2014 Jokers Playhouse
59 03x14 22/May/2014 Make Womb for Daddy
60 03x15 29/May/2014 Puncture Perfect
61 03x16 12/Jun/2014 Junk in the Trunk
63 03x17 19/Jun/2014 The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable
64 03x18 24/Jun/2014 Baggage Shame
65 03x19 10/Jul/2014 Quantum Mock-anics
66 03x20 17/Jul/2014 Clash of the Jokers
67 03x21 24/Jul/2014 Tooth & Consequences
68 03x22 31/Jul/2014 Fe-mail
69 03x23 07/Aug/2014 The Lost Boy
70 03x24 14/Aug/2014 Up Loser's Creek
71 03x25 25/Sep/2014 In Poor Taste Buds
72 03x26 02/Oct/2014 The Permanent Punishment
74 03x28 16/Oct/2014 A Legendary Fail
76 03x30 28/Oct/2014 Just Say No
77 03x31 30/Oct/2014 Brother-in-Loss

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
78 04x01 29/Jan/2015 Welcome to Miami
79 04x02 05/Feb/2015 Below the Belt
80 04x03 12/Feb/2015 Uncool and the Gang
82 04x05 26/Feb/2015 Elevating the Game
83 04x06 05/Mar/2015 The Blunder Years
84 04x07 12/Mar/2015 Deal With the Devils
85 04x08 26/Mar/2015 Damned If You Do
86 04x09 02/Apr/2015 The Dream Crusher
87 04x10 09/Apr/2015 Joke & Dagger
88 04x11 16/Apr/2015 Pseudo-Sumo
89 04x12 23/Apr/2015 Car Sick
90 04x13 07/May/2015 Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
92 04x15 23/Jul/2015 Kill the Centaur
93 04x16 30/Jul/2015 Captain Fatbelly
94 04x17 06/Aug/2015 Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number One
95 04x18 13/Aug/2015 Blind Justice
96 04x19 20/Aug/2015 Tied and Feathered
97 04x20 27/Aug/2015 Smushed
98 04x21 31/Aug/2015 Anatomy of a Challenge
99 04x22 01/Sep/2015 Impractical Jokers: Unseen Scenes
100 04x23 02/Sep/2015 100th Episode: Fan-tastic Countdown
101 04x24 03/Sep/2015 100th Episode: Punishment Special
102 04x25 10/Sep/2015 The Big Uneasy
103 04x26 24/Sep/2015 Hopeless and Changeless
105 04x28 15/Oct/2015 The Taunted House
106 04x29 22/Oct/2015 Doomed

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
107 05x01 11/Feb/2016 HellCopter
108 05x02 18/Feb/2016 You're Cut Off
109 05x03 25/Feb/2016 Ruffled Feathers
110 05x04 03/Mar/2016 Stare Master
111 05x05 10/Mar/2016 Bidder Loser
112 05x06 13/Mar/2016 NCAA March Madness Showdown
113 05x07 24/Mar/2016 The Good, the Bad and the Punished
114 05x08 31/Mar/2016 Putting the P in Pool
115 05x09 07/Apr/2016 Statue of Limitations
116 05x10 14/Apr/2016 Brother of the Sisterhood
117 05x11 21/Apr/2016 Dark Side of the Moon
118 05x12 28/Apr/2016 Whose Phone is Ringing?
119 05x13 05/May/2016 Centaur of Attention
120 05x14 12/May/2016 Brow Beaten
121 05x15 21/Jul/2016 The Coward

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S03 - #1 08/May/2014 Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes
S03 - #2 15/Jun/2014 Happy Father's Day!
S04 - #3 26/Mar/2015 Practically Live!
S04 - #4 30/Apr/2015 Impractical Jokers Punishments: Funny 'Cause It Hurts
S05 - #5 14/Jul/2016 British Invasion

  Season 5 »
Network: truTV ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Comedy, Family
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: December 15, 2011
Episodes Order: 29
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